My favourite red lipstick and tips to apply it.

No one can forget the famous Marilyn Monroe with her full painted pout.Lady gave such a seductive touch to red and it has continued till day.In Bollywood I think Aishwarya Rai Bachchan , Diya Mirza and Priyanka chopra are few female actresses which stand out in red.Rekha also wear it even at 56 .She has proved that red lipstick are time less(.I wonder if I can carry it at that age.) Ooh ya !! how can I forget to mention about Angelina Jolie with her red pout and Madona too.
In 90s red lips got  little diminished but this year it has become quiet popular.Few years back I was pretty apprehensive in trying out red before as i thought it looked tarty but I find it quiet elegant and dressy now.
I am always care full while applying red because it bleeds quiet easily.Before applying it adequate moisturizing is needed and a same color lip pencil too .I try to  fill the shade without touching the edges.
I use a tissue and a translucent powder to set the shade and apply gloss too.Though many may not like the gloss but some how I completely love red with gloss.
Though red lipstick suits fair skinned woman the best and they can easily carry it off but I don’t hesitate in trying Burgundy, Brown or  Blood red.Some how one has to choose and choose when it comes to find the perfect red for themselves.
I like my above pic shade but when it comes to make up I am not sure.I may not like it next month and switch to another shade.
As red is quiet bold it is important to keep the rest of the face nude or subtle with a natural blush.I can not live without kohl so I add a ting of it with a coat of mascara which opens up my eyes.
Soft make up with bold lips and confidence sets me up :).
If one wants to give retro look to themselves then they can keep the make up soft and use a thick eye liner with bold popped up lips.I haven’t tried that look,  have you?


  1. Welcome to my blog scoot..actually this is of loreal but this shade was sent to me by friend who is in Australia..So not pretty sure if we can get it here…I will try to get a similar shade here and will let you know.will take the lipstick along with me..that is the best way to choose your red:D

  2. Wow! Your lips look gr8! Please let us know the name of this shade or a similar shade. It looks fab. I recently got Revlon Colorburst in Red Hot. But yet to wear it. Will def keep your tips in mind 🙂

  3. Hey Tanz…will surely do that..I saw revlon color burst and it was quiet creamy..but some how i didn't buy it..I will surely let you know the name of the similar shade or this shade..u know when ever i wear this my hubby gets too jealous..He says don wear these kinds of color in front of my friends ..u r not single any more…lolz

  4. I can imagine. Your lips look very hot – they remind of Marilyn Monroe in her white dress and red red lips. Colorburst is quite creamy, you are right there 🙂

  5. omg!!! whatu saying Tanz i am no way near to her…but thats a great compliment and you made my day buddy:)mwwaaahhh!!!


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