My First Simple Eye Makeup


By Shirlata,

As my cousins marriage is approaching, I was very busy selecting my sarees for the occasion. Finally when I  was done with it , started experimenting with the makeup for eyes.I went through all the wise she eye makeup post and tried to learn as much as possible.This is my first experiment .As I will be wearing green and brown colour sari I used Lakme Eye colour Quartet and colorbar green stroke eyeshadow for this.I  don’t even know how to blend and all but still wanted to show you how it turned out.


simple eye makeup

Please excuse me for this red and tired eye.I did the makeup after coming back from office.:P

This is how I did it.
Step1 – First I primed my eyes with homemade primer.
Step2 – Covered my whole upper eyelid with golden shade.
Step3 – Then covered the complete shade with Green Stroke.
Step4 – Then with dark brown shade from the inner corner of the eye and blend it with green at crease. I didn’t tried to blend it completely but only at crease and again apply a bit of golden shade on the blend and covered my browbone .
Step5 – Applied body shop brown (burnished amber)on upper lash .

Oops didn’t applied mascara and kajal properly …..very sorry for that :-P…still learning 🙁

Do let me know how I can improve on this.

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  1. sri,this looks nice & you have got nice big eyes :yes: , but a lil bit of just Kajal would have made huge difference :-)) , me too a beginner 😉

  2. ha ha ha ha… gud joke… eye make and me…. watt lagwani hai kya..
    1000 saal bhi try karu to kuch ni seekh sakti 😛

  3. Srilata, honestly I liked the look very much. I esp liked your creativity at choosing the color combos. Keep it up.
    Only one suggestion, I think ( my personal opinion and please don’t feel bad), black mascara would have made this look all the more attractive. The brown one has lightened the lashes toning down the entire look. I love this one and hope to see more eye make ups soon

    • Nivedita why will she feel bad if u give a positive must improve naa..and please i will be more then happy if u give me feedbacks on my looks and suggestions too 🙂

  4. its a very good try . better than me for sure 😀 . am a beginner too. truth is i buy a lot and use less. at times its like what the heck !! i am comfortable wearing only a sunscreen and lip gloss 🙄 😀

  5. Good Mooornnning Hyderabad!!!

    Sri its beautiful how you have picked the combination…and just a little suggestion, use a highlighter shadow on the brow bone…it really brings out the shadow colours….and i agree with Tanz, mascara and eye lash curlers are must..
    :yes: :yes: :yes:

  6. Oh yeah…i was listening to Munnabai MBBS (Telugu version) and she says that in a song …..
    i take back…



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