My Fish Pedicure Treatment And Snapdeal Experience


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My sister had after exam holidays and its almost impossible that she doesn’t go out in holidays. One day I was looking in Snapdeal website and found there was some discount on “fish pedicure” service in Ansal Plaza mall here in Gurgaon. I actually SNAPPED the deal and bought two coupons for the pedicure :laugh: :laugh: . My first experience of Snapdeal was pretty good so I didn’t waste time in thinking before buying.

We booked the appointment and went for much talked “fish pedicure” experience. So friends I now want to share my experience of both Snapdeal and Fish pedicure in “Sparsh- The Holistic Spa” in Ansal Plaza, Gurgaon.
Snapdeal Experience: If I am asked to say something about the services of “”, I would say easy and reliable. All my experiences with Snapdeal were good :D. My first deal was also a package of beauty services in “Invogue Salon”. I just bought the coupon from Snapdeal, took appointment from the salon, staff of which was very nice. I even took and cancelled my appointment two times and they didn’t say anything or showed any rudeness and politely gave me next appointment every time. I even received periodic sms-es from Snapdeal reminding me to use my coupon and its expiry date. I finally went the third time and I waited just for 5-7 min before someone attended me, which I guess is acceptable. The whole experience was nice. Second time I bought two coupons of Café coffee day. But when I tried using the coupon there was some error and I couldn’t avail the offer. Next day I wrote a mail to Snapdeal customer service, mentioned the whole incidence with my login ID and coupon codes. The very next day I received reply to my mail acknowledging my compliant and apologizing for the inconvenience I faced. As promised on the site as well as the reply mail, I received my money back into my monthly credit card statement :dance: . My third experience was of fish pedicure which again went satisfactory. So all in all Snapdeal is a reliable site with some interesting discounts on various services like beauty, dental, restaurants and many other. The deals keep changing everyday according to place of your interest. You can see the services they offer at their website here.
Fish Pedicure Experience: First a little information about the service called “fish pedicure” and the fishes used in the pedicure which you might already know but lets discuss it again just for the sake of it :P.
Doctor fish is the name given to two species of fish: Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomus. Other nicknames include nibble fish, kangal fish, and doctorfishen; in non-medical contexts, Garra rufa is called the reddish log sucker. They live and breed in the outdoor pools of some Turkish spas. The fish are like combfishes in that they only consume the affected and dead areas of the skin, leaving the healthy skin to grow, with the outdoor location of the treatment bringing beneficial effects. Garra rufa occurs in the river basins of the Northern and Central Middle East, mainly in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Garra rufa can be kept in an aquarium at home; while not strictly a “beginner’s fish”, it is quite hardy. (from Wikipedia).
A fish pedicure is a foot treatment that involves placing the feet into a tank filled with small fish called garra rufa. These fish enthusiastically devour dead tissue on the feet leaving them softer and easier to manage. This is usually followed up by a standard pedicure performed by a human. Many spa goers find a fish pedicure to be relaxing and enjoy the slight tingling sensation created by the frenzied action of the feeding fish. The pedicure performed by garra rufa fish is painless since the fish are toothless and only feed on dead skin tissue. This is profitable for the salon owner who only has to maintain a tank of several thousand small fish which he can use over and over. (from some other site)

fish pedicure in India

No, that’s not my feet 😛

Now, coming back to my experience….. As we went to the spa, the receptionist immediately addressed us and one girl took us to the room where the fishes were kept and pedicure was to be given. The room was quite dark with a small light on one side and just a blue light in the tank (of fishes) on the other side of the room. Immediately she cleaned the feet and we dipped our feet into the tank with me being the first one followed by sis. There was an exit for water at the end through which water keep slowly moving out and keep entering from the top. This is how the tank looked like:

Fish Pedicure Treatment

And that’s my feet into the tank with fishes feasting on ma feet 😀


Garra Ruffa

The session was very enjoying. Fishes created a light tingling sensation which I stopped feeling after spending sometime in the tank. I enjoyed the dead skin treatment from doctor (fishes :P) for about ½ hr after which the attendant removed the remaining dead skin with her tool and cleaned the feet.

Fish Doctor Fish Pedicure


Pedicure Treatment Fish pedicure Treatment


I wouldn’t say that this session cleaned my feet perfectly or this was the most effective pedicure but this surely was an amazingly relaxing session which I wouldn’t mind taking again.

And yeah, they gave us two gift vouchers of Rs 200/- each for future spa services (therapies/massages at Sparsh)  valid till 26 April’11 :dance: :dance: . And the most amazing thing was the cost. The whole session along with the vouchers cost us Rs 151/- each :dance: amazing naa????

So, do you guys have any experience of fish pedicure?


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  1. I was scared to try the snap deals becoz I heard mixed reviews. But now after reading your double happy experience :laugh: I think I can give it a try 🙂 :yes:

    • triple happy experiences … even if you did not find the service or the merchant staff behaviour satisfactory… you can always claim for the refund .. thats the best part to get customer confidence 😀 😀

    • :yes:
      try snapdeal they provide good services and it depends on the merchant servces also … you just have to wait for teh right offer of your choice 😉

  2. 😯 just 151/-, its very good meenu…i have seen this type of pedicure in TV but was not sure whr will i find this! but i truly believe, doctor fish gives a nice relaxing ehsaas 😀 😀
    u also must have felt little gudgudi na 😉

  3. how cute :cute: we should make an aquarium filled with these fishes in our home and dip our feet everyday in it, fishes will get thr daily food and our feet too will get cleaned :rotfl:

  4. I have ehard mixed reviews abt snapdeal and considering your experience, I think I’ll give it a try 🙂
    And abt fish pedicure, I have heard so much abt it. Me wants to try :smug: And me wants it for Rs.151/- only :smug:


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