My Forest Essentials Haul


By Amritha,

My Forest Essentials Haul and Experience:-

This is my second post and am really loving this ,sharing my experiences with all you awesome people. Hope you will like this post too…yeah am a shopaholic hehehe J

So let me get to it..I was in Hyderabad last week and happened to check out the Forest Essentials store. Its a well stocked store with ample opportunity to test all the products as all the products have testers. For the first time I actually entered a store where the staff specifically the store incharge was very warm and friendly. I must say I did not feel any pressure to buy anything. They genuinely were interested in the people who walked in through the door and were keen on explaining how each product was special. Left to try everything I got these from that store and since I have already started using them …am gonna go back for more…


Ok so first up is the Forrest Essentials “A TRAVEL SELECTION” in Sandalwood priced at 1250/- a box comprising of -:

  • Sandalwood & Vetiver Hair Cleanser 50ml

  • Sandalwood & Vetiver Hand & Body Lotion 50 ml

  • Sandalwood & Vetiver Shower Wash   – 50 ml

  • Sandalwood & Vetiver Hair Conditioner 50 ml

  • Sandalwood & Turmeric Luxury Sugar Soap 125 g

  • Sandalwood Incense Sticks

  • Teak Wood Inlay Stand


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I am particularly fond of the Sandalwood fragrance and having checked the testers for the oils and washes I chose this set. They had other sets in Jasmine and Rose. This way I will be able to review a number of products at a more economical price and decide on all that I want to keep in my permanent must have listJ. So far I have only tried out the incense and must say it is very pleasant. Looking forward to trying out the rest.

Next up -:

  • Forest Essentials Light Day Lotion in Madurai Jasmine & Mogra with SPF 25 which lightens and hydrates priced at 975/- for 40 ml

  • Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser with Kashmiri Saffron and Neem (adds glow ,purifies,tones) priced at 675/- for 200 ml

  • Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Handmade Soap in Indian Musk priced at 225/-for 125 gms

Forest Essentials Light Day Lotion in Madurai Jasmine ,	Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser with Kashmiri Saffron and Neem ,


I will write a detailed review for all these products in my next post. I hope you like this post and please leave your precious comments, Love them..:)


  • Awesome store, staff and products
  • Natural Ingredients


  • PRICING, I feel the products are priced a little too high 😛

The store also offers free samples…I got Forest esetential  ubtan and kashmiri saffron scrub but alas I finished them so could not photograph them.


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  2. 😯 😯 You made us go green :alien: :alien:

    Anamika, don’t put up any more haul posts from any one especially Amritha .. after all mine is a little heart :-(( First it was NYX and now FE :smug: :smug:

    Have heard good reviews abt the facial cleanser. Will be waiting for your review too Amritha 🙂

  3. huufff….:)

    by the way i want to know about the sugar soap cool it sounds and i am crazy about FE products now…….LUSH also..brands rock:yes::yes:

    • you should really step into the store..they let me smell the soap ,it was divine :inlove: and am a sucker for the musk fragrane as well and this is gonna be my I want to pamper myself today exclusive soap…hehhehe

    • The virgin cold pressed oils like sesame / sweet almond / coconut….and the soaps for now shalini.I have read awesome reviews for the sesame oil … :-))

  4. thankoo shalini :-)) ,yeah that was the idea…we then can actually try out a wider range of products …glad this helped you …:)


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