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Sravanthi asks,

 Hello everyone!
I have big problem with foundations.No matter what foundation I apply they give me white case and after a while looks dark on me.I always doubted my foundation shade and because of which I have spent so much of money on different brands .Sadly, I have never got the right result.
I once checked out in a MAC store and MUA told me that I don’t need any foundation.I don’t know why she said that because  I have lot of dark circle, acne marks etc etc.

Once of the Wise She writer advised me to try out BB Creams or tinted moisturiser and then began my trials with BB and CC creams.Result unfortunately was same.I have tried Maybelline 8 in 1 bb cream, L’oreal cc cream and Hard candy CC cream so you can see how much money I have wasted on one product which  makes my skin looks better.

As far as my skin is concerned.I have combination skin where my cheeks are very dry and my T-Zone is very oily.My MAC shade is NC47-48.

After spending so much money my hubs feel that I should just stay without makeup which I completely hate:( .Please help!



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  1. Hi! Honestly go without a foundation as much as possible. Since you are ready to go forth on this journey I would suggest trying at Mac stores..try the shade closest to your skin tone and one shade lighter.. the reason most foundations are making you look darker is that they are probably oxidizing on the skin…especially outdoors…

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    Hi Sravanthi!

    I think you should invest in some good concealer and powder foundation instead of cream/water based foundations. I myself have combination skin and cream/water based foundations tend to oxidize on skin after a while. Whereas, it’s not the same with powder foundations. I use MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation with a MAC/Giorgio Armani concealer. Just dab some concealer on your problem spots with a very light hand and cover it with a powder foundation using a fluffy brush and Voila! You are good to go.

    Hope that helps!


  3. Foundations are seriously the most troublesome to find! Have you tried TBS for its virgin mineral powder foundation line? If you feel your skin has great many issues to deal with and still it fails to adjust to any particular shade, maybe you’re looking into the wrong type of foundation?
    I have never faced any issues with powder foundation at all! What you can do is check out TBS as I have mentioned above and use it over a good concealer from MAC (matched to your shade). Please check if the powder foundation shade is yellow undertoned to make you look brighter! For heavier coverage on spl days, mix your concealer with a suitable moisturizer-makes a great full coverage base, but only on spl days where you have to have flawless skin! 🙂
    Check out MAC’s PRO store/ MUFE counters/Kryolan – These brands will surely cater to your needs no doubt! 🙂 Also use a setting spray to ensure a glowy finish and in-place makeup. Hope this super long comment helps! 🙂

  4. I too suggest dom’t use a foundation as I feel maybe ur skin isn’t adapting well to it or “maybe” you haven’t got the right technique to apply it yet. For dark circles, invest in a concealer. I suggest you buy either:
    1. Kryolan Supracolor Schminkpalette Shade FS – It has 6 shades which can be used as concealer or (heavy) foundation. You can purchase it from Kryolan shop or online. If you visit a Kryolan shop, try it there. The SA often suggests buying their orange concealer but I don’t feel u need it if u buy this pallette
    2. Buy a Bobbi Brown peach concealer (Try out the shades at the store) and top it up with a concealer shade that covers the peach colour and comes close to ur natural skin shade. U will get that at either Bobbi Brown itself or u can get it from any other brand – Colorbar / Revlon / Kryolan / Mac / Maybelline

    Always apply concealer with light, consistent dabbing of the colour with fingers in the area that you wish to conceal. Don’t rub or apply it the way you apply a foundation. It’s best to apply concealer over a liquid primer that allows it to blend. U can choose a primer u like best. I currently use the Kryolan primer – It’s not the best but works fine.

    After concealer application, apply a ‘good’ amount of translucent powder. Some options of translucent powders for you could be:
    1. Lakme Rose Powder – Warm Pink. It will adjust to ur skin. Invest in a nice applicator as the applicator available with it isn’t good. A new applicator will cost u not more than Rs 15 – 25. And this pdt itself is super cheap so u can buy it without much thought
    2. Try out translucent powders that suit ur skin best from Kryolan / Colorbar / Revlon. Best thing is that you carry ur concealer when you go to shop. Take ur time, apply ur concealer and top it with the powder shade u trying. Allow it to set for around 30-45 mins and only then buy if u happy with the result. No need to feel embarrassed. U are the one shelling out money, after all.

    Finally, wear a nice, neutral shade of lip tint / lipstick. M sure u’ll b good to go.

  5. Sravanthi, had missed reading that ur complexion is somewhere MAC nc47-48. In that case, if u think of going for the Kryolan pallette, then try out shades darker than FS as well.

  6. Hey Forum! Really impressed with the comment..

    I feel if she goes with Kryolan stick and their translucent powder then it can work for her..But only problem is that stick close pores therefore can not be used on regular basis.

  7. Hi Sravanthi,

    That is an epic problem that u are facing. We all have gone through it. Finding the right foundation is as difficult and tedious as finding the right husband 🙂 I am a mac nc 45 and before discovering mac i had the same issue. I too have dark circles and pigmentation issues.I would like to suggest the following:

    Concealer: I had tried numerous concealers before my HG MAC pro longwear one in nw 45. I swear by it and it has orange undertones that works perfect in concealing the ugly dark circles.

    Primer: If u want ur makeup to stay put longer a primer is a must it sort of prepares ur face as a canvas for foundation and also press powders. There are amazing ones available in the market from revlon, colorbar, inglot, loreal. I am using the colobar one and it suits my combination skin perfect.

    Foundation: I dont use foundation most of the time so the recommendations from the lovely wise she ladies will work for me too 🙂 🙂 (btw u guys are amazing and i have been following ur blog for a long time now , thanks Anamika 🙂 )

    Press powder: i used the MAC studio fix press powder in nc 45 for the longest time but now my HG powder is the one from Bonjour it is matte and gives me thye coverage i need.

    These are a few imp points but the most imp thing is that u follow a good skin care regime because makeup can hide ur flaws but we need to take care of them inside out.
    Wise she has an amazing collection of DIYs that u can try.
    A beautiful skin is always desireble and makes u confident too but dont stress urself on it and continue with the little things that work for u.God Bless.

  8. Ya Anamika… their makeup is for Screen / Stage actors so quite heavy for regular users but the quality is good. I have the supracolour pallette and use that only for concealing… had once used it as a foundation and I didn’t think it’s my thing for foundation – u know what I mean 🙂
    But concealing is quite effective

  9. thanks anna for posting, and thanks all for giving me, good advises i vl surely follow them, i vl buy a concelar, but i think i wont get kryloan here, never say in the beauty stores here in u.s, i vl surely check in mac store.

  10. I would suggest you try the foundation on ur skin before applying…roam around for an hr or so and then see the result and then finally buy it because some foundations oxidise also.

  11. invest in a good loose powder dear. if you don’t have too many spots and stuff, get a good concealer in case mix with your regular moisturizer and set it with a good loose powder which gives medium coverage. i too have this problem but only the reverse. every foundation makes me look dark . i got maybelline loose powder and it has been really good on me. try mac ones. they are like ultimate. loose powders can be used on daily basis and you will look natural at the same tie flawless. use a good moisturizer as well. while checking foundations, apply them on jaw line and blend. if the blend is completely disappearing, powder concealers are best if you want to avoid that oxidation process 🙂 try mineral based dear. they wont oxidize and give you air brush finish 🙂

  12. try this trick for glow-y blend.

    get a rose water spray that has a bit of camphor in it (not exactly necessary, just the cooling effect will relax your pores). after cleansing and toning, spray this and then while your face is still wet, apply your foundation and blend like there is no tomorrow 😉

    the rose water acts like a primer, prevents from oxidation for long time and your makeup will look like second skin:). blend will be seamless. trust me 🙂

    happy hunting dear

  13. Hi Sravanthi ,
    Are you using a liquid/cream based foundation? I am afraid I don’t use MAC foundations and so I don’t know how they are but the ones in the pictures you have posted are definitely liquid or cream based.
    I’d say let go out of them.
    I am sure what you need is a powdered mineral foundation. I know in India they are available with Revlon and Loreal and they are both good.
    You said something about acne scars? Do you still have acne? I would say avoid any foundation with talc in it. Powdered foundations tend to have some talc which may aggravate acne.
    If you get a chance, get yourself a bareminerals foundation. It is an american company and I love love love their foundations. Unfortunately they do not sell or ship to India. But I once bought a revlon colorstay for my mom in Italy. They now sell the same product in India. It is a great product. You should try it.
    And sorry that you have to try so many things dear but that’s it about make up especially when you wear it too often.
    Let me know if you use them and it helps. But I am sure powder is they key 😉

  14. Hi Sravanthi,
    Try Studio Fix powder foundation by M.A.C. It is superb. Try to choose the correct shade or just 1 shade lighter. While applying use brush.It will make a lot of Difference. Studio Fix Powder foundie does not oxidize my Skin at all. Once you get hooked to M.A.C. you will not want to try anything else 🙂 I purchsed my Mac powder during the day, the SA put the foundie for testing n then I went outside,roamed in broad daylight and came back to purchase. By this atleast you can know if any foundation is oxidizing on your face,making you look oily etc. hope this helps 🙂

    • thanks pragnya, i bought mac compact, even that looks dark on me after some time, need to try powder foundation, thanks for ur suggestions

  15. hey i dont know if this advice can help u.
    you are wiseshe reader so i am sure you take good care of your skin. i had same problem. not a single foundation would work for me. but then i started taking care of my skin. exfoliation is very important. and i know this may sound crazy. but before going to sleep.. apply nivea cream on your face (yeah the one in that blue tin) and if thats not available there.. apply vaseline or coconut oil or rosehip oil or almond oil. anything you like.
    i am sure your foundation will suit your skin much better after that and wont look dark.

  16. You can go by colourbar foundation it looks like exactly like your skin and it won’t give white shade like artificial ,try if you feel it will work means


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