My Hair Loss Story & How To Get Soft & Manageable Hair


So when a while back I sort of started noticing more and more hair on my brush, I started to panic. Now, my hair is fragile, and does not like chemicals, pollution, length, and dirt. It becomes frizzy if I do not wash it well, gains dandruff if I do not keep my head clean and moisturized, and hates all sort of coloring, including henna.

I started to, thus, think, why my hair was falling so hard. Before you guys start talking more, here is my routine for hair care. It is all I can do with a busy schedule.

haircare tips

I have naturally curly hair, very fine, but have a lot of volume. Generally I wash my hair three times a week, because any more and my hair starts falling off. Any less, and my hair falls off as well. So it happens every other day. I wash it with whatever works for me at that point (right now it is Dove), and then condition it. I apply castor oil once a week and wash my hair 4-5 hours after application. Also, I apply almond oil once a week, and keep it overnight. Apart from this, after hair wash, I like using a hair masque once a week, and also a serum (mostly it is L’Oreal Professional Absolute Repair). I do not blow dry my hair.

Now, here are a few things I discovered. As soon as my hair started to reach halfway down my back, it started to break off, and hair fall became huge. I panicked, and decided to contact someone who could help. However, my schedule was tight, and soon I discovered over 130-140 hair falling on an average day, when previously it was only about 30-40. I changed shampoo, added more oil (sadly that led to hair going limp and more hair fall). And then I decided to go for the long haul and used homemade egg masques, curd masques and god knows how many other masques I could find. They made my hair smell nasty, and the hair fall actually went up.

Needless to say, none of them worked. I used amla powder, all sort of herbal remedies I learned, and NONE of them worked.

hairfall prevention

Now then, I finally went to my doctor. And she told me to do two things that worked for me.

Guess what they were?

  1. Eat Green Vegetables. Well, yes, I have been avoiding eating green veg for a while, but SERIOUSLY!?!?!
  2. Drink plenty of water. I am now drinking nearly 5 liters of water a day.

Besides this, she asked me to give the ends of my hair a trim, and then make loose pony tails out of them whenever possible. She also asked me to not braid my hair too tightly or pull back my hair too tightly.

That helped too! Can you beat that!dealing with hairfall

So, now, I again have nice, long, curly hair. And yes, it is so soft and manageable because I am using this hair mask which has made my hair soft and strong. And it is a 3-ingredient mask which works wonders on my hair. I have to use it once every week.

  • 3 tbsp. honey
  • 1 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp. lemon juice
  • Apply it 10 minutes before washing your hair. Wash off with mild shampoo and follow with a conditioner.

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  1. :dance-left-right: my hair too are becoming thinner, they r oily & silky straight but m so going to use this easy DIY mask.
    Thanxx Poorna

  2. i love honey mask too..favorite is hibscus powder.. soft combs suit Indian hair much more than brushes… also reduces hairfall due to breakage..
    true that so many of us dont eat enough veggies n still on the hunt for the most expensive haircare….
    i hate curd masks too… will happily eat it instead 🙂

  3. i am really tired of seeing the same query everywhere “i have dry frizzy hair.. please suggest me a good shampoo and conditioner”…… helllllooooo shampoo does not grow is a hair cleanser… are u eatng good food? are u taking vitamins? are u drnking enough water? hair grows from needs protein to grow because aminoacids are the building blocks for keratin… no…ur shampoo is not hair food…
    just venting lol…

  4. and dont get me started on hairfall “docs”.. i wonder if half of them know wht they r talkng about…or just push their products…
    we will make them millionares… n genetics n hormones also play a role…
    venting…… stopped….

  5. ya ana… hi hi…. thankfully never had any serious hair issues till now except split ends… i was just reding another post of yours n people were actually crying in the comments lol.. to suggest them another shampoo for hairfall because the million ones they were already usng were surprisngly not working! 😛

  6. oil .. warm oil .. warm oil champi .. and sun .. and comb (not brush!!! ufff actually some ppl dont know the difference :pain: ) .. and sleep, water, food .. = healthy shiny long hair ..

    Ife .. even im fed up of this query .. they ask for shampoos, conditioners, mask, serum .. but they just maintain hair .. not grow them .. when everything fails then go back to ur granny’s recipe for healthy hair

    poori .. nice article darling .. much needed one !!!

  7. M surely gona try the lst hair mask u mentioned..of late I’ve bin suffering from hair loss…a hair cut did help but mparanoid about it starting once more..

  8. Even I am having very bad hairfall since last couple of months.Nothing as helped as of now. Now I am going to try your tips poorna :-))

  9. i liked d hair mask but i’ve read somewhere dat lemon juice makes ur hair white so i’m really to use em coz even i’m goin thru a lot of hair fall these days n its really annoying..i have straight hairs n i’ve neva gone through any chemical treatments nt even hair spa o tryd any hair mask den too ma hair is falling dunno wta do…plz hlp ladies..

  10. lemon juice cant make hair white in ten minutes…… it removes excess sebum n dandruff and also gives vitamin C to scalp.. . so no need for an anti-dandruff shampoo.. 🙂
    but dry scalp avoid it…

  11. i’ll also try dis…..bcoz when i ws in skul i had thick n long hair….bt nw 😥 my hair has become very thin :-(( i’ll surely try it….thnx :-))

  12. WOw! .. eeeaaaaasy tips!! 😀 … who doesnt love that!

    I do little warm coconut oil and lemon mix on my scalp … It does a good job of cleaning your scalp … + I have oily scalp with dandruff … greatly reduced the dandruff problem within 2-3 uses … so its a multipurpose one :-)) … helped me a lot!! …. bit of yummy honey tooo now!!


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