My Horrible Experience With Airtel Broadband Services


By Maha,

Most of us would have some bad experience with their service providers either regarding billing issues or the service provided. I had one such experince with Airtel broadband with regard to the billing issue.

I have been using Airtel broadband for more than 3 years and I must say I never had any problems until recently. I had to shift to bangalore for a few months in september and since I am the only person who uses internet at home, I thought I would rather get a wireless connection. So when I requested for a disconnection, the customer retention techniques started. They offered to give us the same plan for Rs.499 (I was on the 749 unlimited plan). And they also asked me to switch over to the 250 plan which came with a limit of 25 hrs of usage. This sounded like a good option to me and I accepted to shift to the 250 plan. The lady from the escalation dept asked me if I prefer to switch over immediately or what and I told her any time after 13th of Sept since I was here in Chennai for the weekend and could use the last few days of unlimited usage (the conversation took place on the 9th of sept).

I was back here in Chennai by November and requested again to migrate to the 499 plan. The problem started from the bill issued for the month of November (a whooping amount of Rs.3000+). And worst of all the itemized usage showed it was for 11th of sept (the migration had taken place without me being informed and inspite of 13th being my preferred date). When I called up the customer care person, he raised a request and since when the last date of payment elapsed, they again assured me someone will contact me regarding the same and I won’t be charged for late payment. But then came the next bill with the 3000+ as outstanding and late payment charges. I called them up again and said I would never pay until I get the proper bill. And all the escalation authorities kept saying ‘Ma’am you migrated to unlimited plan only in Nov and you had 25 hrs of usage all along’ and I kept repeating I was in another unlimited plan in Sept. Even the next billing cycle had started with no proper response from them. And this is when I started facing problems of disconnections. I lost my temper and was mad when talking to customer care person. This was when the zonal manager got involved. They said they can’t trace back the calls but however offered to change the plan for September into an unlimited one so that I would have to pay only a hundred or something extra. I was asked to pay Rs.1750 for the 3 months.

If they had not given me a choice for the date of migration I would have at least asked them clearly about it or would have kept calling them frequently to know the exact date and used accordingly. No one was ready to answer this. This is one very good example of a very poor customer service.

I also had similar experiences with Aircel CUG where I kept getting bills for my VAS like caller tunes and rate cutters after cancelling the connection. They informed me that I should have applied for a separate disconnection of VAS before disconnecting the postpaid service! And my sister kept getting bills for a year after disconnecting her connection! And one of my friends got a court order from Reliance netconnect asking them to pay their bill a few months after disconnection.

So all wiseshe readers, pls keep a record of all the service request reference numbers and the person you get in contact with for the request. This helps a lot in tracking the request down. And when you are going for disconnections, keep record of the request mail or receipt even after a year 😛 And never ever pay the extra amount and keep waiting for waivers in the next bill. That is never going to happen (again a lesson taught to me by Aircel CUG where I paid a few hundreds extra and kept waiting for waivers in the next bills).

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  1. Airtel is a good service provider..if u ask them to install the internet they will do it in 2-3 days but horrible time begins when you have to change it or remove it..

    they will make sure that you pay triple amount..i have had MANY MANY horrible experiences with airtel..

    once i paid Rs5k because customer care informed me that my plan will be shifted to unlimited with 2 days..i kept on using it thinking it has changed but it never did and i landed up paying 5k..just horrible..they will never give any answer.
    and worst of all if you speak to any of their customer care they now charge for it from your airtel doesn’t want people to even reach to is customer care.

    when i was shifting city i asked them to remove my connection but they never did..i calld them some 10 times but i dont know what is the problem with them they will never listen..from my side i cleared my all dues infact paid more and shifted ..but then i heard they were still sending the bill at me previous place..

    i mailed there head center too but never got an reply ..only reply which i got was “yur problem will be taken care of thank you for mailing us” but it never got solved..

    airtel has the worst customer care services..
    also please make sure to check your bill because they ave a habit of sending unsubscribed services expenses also in yur account..

    • Yeah true. Their broadband service is the best here but still customer service is horrible. And you paid 5k?! OMG! And yeah they are very prompt while giving the connection. Unless we start taking a stand against them, these service providers are going to eat off our heads.

  2. OMG!This is just terrible! My friend had also complained of many problems with billing and customer service from Airtel. But now I’m confused. I wanted to change my service provider, but now I’m just not sure whom to shift to. Any suggestions?

    • shift to airtel only .but thing is when u r trying to get rid of them better to reach their office rather then depending on customer care..we in India don have much options and they take advantage of it 🙁

  3. Had similar experience with Tata photon, pathetic service, speed n waste of money. Disconnection was heck. N when my device was not working, gave it to service center, it was under warranty, they said it will be replaced just within week free of cost. which took hell lot of 2 months. And after 2 months, received call saying my device has arrived, I have to just pay 1800 bucks, n take it :O where in new device now comes in 1500! I asked them to keep with themselves only. 2 months ka bill rolled out n device also total waste gaya, though i was trying hard to disconnect it!!! Stay away from tata photon, even if someone gives it to u for free.

  4. ohh this way airtel gives u a free device…i have heard many bad cases of tata photon and u know i once got tata photon plug in..they just keep sending bills and never renew my account which they are suppose to renew every month.:(

    • Yeah, I know. Photon ppl r totally mad, I am to afraid of using any of the tata tele n broadband services. Inspite Reliance is so far good. Runs at the claimed speed, support ppl visit home immediately within 2-3 hrs of reporting the issue if any. N customer care gets connected quickly :-)) Touch wood!

      • is it..i have used relaince phone connection some 5 years back..that time it was not that great..but i think now i should think about it.

      • But when I was in blore, my friends were asking me to go for photon instead of reliance. They said the speed is too bad. And eyah they asked me to for prepaid connection rather than postpaid.

  5. I used to have an airtel cell phone connection – the customer service was just horrible :no: .. I moved to vodafone 3 yrs ago & am very happy with that since.. as for as net connection is concerned – I have heard from my friends that most of the service providers suck – so it is a choice b/w the devil & the deep sea 🙂

  6. i am still having a tough time with airtel and earlier had a very bad time with hutch..but sadly in India service is always bad and customers are always fleeced.


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