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By Srilata, is a website which features best deals in your city offering discount upto 90% on the stuff like Dining ,Travel, Entertainment, Holidays, Spa, Health care, and not to miss shopping  and lot more……

You can see the video below to have more information about the website:

Recently I purchased two vouchers which were offered services like Manicure, Head Massage, haircut and Gold Facial for just Rs 400 from SRIDEVI GROUP OF PARLOURS.

While purchasing these coupons I had to make a payment of Rs 100 through card online or from snapdeal and the rest of the amount was supposed to be paid to the merchant directly.Expiry of the coupons was after 1 month from the date of purchase.

You need to take the printout of the coupon to the merchant or can give the coupon number to them. Fixing prior appointment was mandatory. You will get the address and other details of the merchant through snapdeal itself.

Now coming to my experience.After purchasing I took appointment from the parlour on 6th of FEB at 04:00PM. My appointment was confirmed by a person who told me that their assistants will take care of me for all the services in my coupon.

I was at their venue exactly by 04:00 but the ladies there had no clue about my fixed appointment. Also it was not at all a professional parlour . There were no customers present when I reached there and the Parlour lady was very busy getting her pedicure done with the help of other assistants who didn’t even bother to ask me for any assistance and she simply greeted me for the sake of it.

I asked the assistants about the services which I can avail from coupon but things were made worse for me they when said ” madam manicure will be done only till palms that too without nail polish and for hair cut we can give U or V cut only and we will not be able to give head wash after head massage. After this I had no guts to ask about the facial thing after listening to all this. I just walked away from the place and complained about them to the snapdeal customer care who assured me of giving my money back.

But I was not interested in the money as I think they were really unprofessional with me. They were suppose to mention the complete details about the services provided by the merchant in a particular package. According to snap deal they have mentioned all the details given by the merchant but the parlor informed me that they have mentioned hair trimming not hair cut in the package (great confusion here)…aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It was a horrible weekend for me.

So from now onwards I have decided its better to call up the merchant also to know in detail about the packages they are offering through snapdeal.

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    • its gud thing to inform all about these horrible sites actually i was thinking to purchase gift vouchers from snapdeal thanx 2 all of u

    • The worst ever CS I received from one of the oldest online shopping company.

      I bought two products which were not upto the mark (they mentioned 100% cotton and was 100% polyester).

      Both the products I wanted to send back and had no choice than going thru the cumbersome process of calling their logistic partners twice every day for 3 days. I received the AWW number which I mailed it to them expecting the refund will be initiated.

      For complete week there was absolute silence at their end and I had to start up the chase once more.

      After beating around the bush for another week I received a call from them saying that they have received the products and they are going to initiate the refund which will take another 7 BD’s.

      On 12th of March to my utter suprise I saw that one amount was reflecting on my account and kept waiting for the rest for the next two days. Nothing came through.

      So again I start from the scratch and started chasing them. Some said we have received the product and send me some standard replies saying that it will take 7 BD’s.

      The good news is till date the 7 BD’s have not materialised and again I am back to square one where an entire days fight has resulted in a wait of 7 more BD’s.

      The CEO doesn’t know what is happening in his organization. You keep on sending mails to him but he too being a true Indian follows the absolute silence method, forget about the people working below him.

      So this has been my experience and if any body desires to undergo this fun please shop with them.

    • Pathetic experience. None of the executive takes responsibility or ownership . I will never recommend this site to purchase anything in my life time.
      I purchased HTC One X plus on 30th July, and made full payment of Rs. 28800/- using my citibank credit card. Got my order booking no. 1147496664 and the estimated delivery date of August 2, 2013.
      I called on 1st August and spoke to the customer care executive (mobile no. 9212692126) just to check the status of my order and I was shocked when he said that the mobile phone is out of stock. I asked, then why did you take the booking and my money. He promised me that still they have one day time and will 100% deliver it on 2nd August, 2013.
      Nothing happened!!
      I again called customer care on 2nd August @ around 16:00 hrs and spoke to Mr. Mrinal. He told me that it is not available with another supplier and costing Rs. 2000 more. I told that how am I concerned about supplier. I booked it with and made the full payment. It is snapdeal’s responsibility to deliver as per the committed delivery time. He will take some more days time to deliver. I asked, than why it is not informed to customer (me) and posted on website. Snapdeal still showing today as delivery day. I got a standard/ typical reply “we would have informed you by evening”
      So simple for him to reply without understanding the urgency of customer. Anyway, story still continue……….
      He also gave me an option to take my money back which I refused. Why a customer should pay and company keep his money for 3 ~ 4 days and then simply refund the same money.
      I asked him to connect me to some senior person and he told me that no one would be able to help me in this matter ………………… Such a helpless environment ………………….. 🙁
      However, after umpteenth requests he connected me to his supervisor Ms. Kaushal and she gave me a different story. She told me that it would be delivered today. I asked is it really true (How much %). Then she said it not delivered by today, snap deal will refund the money. Same story continued……………..
      I again asked her to connect to some more senior person who has authority to look into the matter and support me.
      Mr. Rajeev came on line thereafter but the story remains the same.
      I am failed to understand that how come such a big company can behave so carelessly. They don’t care for their customers. How can they take money when they didn’t have product in their stock. How can they say now ( after 3 days) that the cost has gone up. It is not my responsibility. I already purchased the product and made full payment. As a customer it is my legal right to take the product. and it the the legal responsibility of snapdeal after taking money that them must deliver the product.
      Anyway, I have decided to fight and will take them in the Consumer Court ! They can’t take me for granted.
      Such a bad experience.
      Please never purchase from this site.

  1. That is bad you didn’t get the services as promised. but Srilata, i think its the unprofessionalism or fault of the parlour personnel and not sanpdeal.
    because i bought two coupons from snapdeal (for me and friend) for pedicure, haircut, facial, waxin n threading and i am very happy with their services and assistance. i cancelled the appointment with them 2 times but they politely gave me other appointments eaqch time. and when i reached the parlour they attended me very generously. even the haircut also, i got it of my choice with blowdrying. :blush: :blush:
    so, i dont have anything to complain from SanpDeal, it must be the merchant that is horrible. 🙁

      • I’ve read it in the papers many times, it works. Your time was wasted as they didn’t offer you the services which they claimed. I think you should warn the customer care person abt complaining at consumer court. They should give you an alternate voucher / booking.

  2. Gayatri i have seen that even the customer care staff are not very well trained..when u call them to complain they will keep transferring the calls to each other and ultimately u will stop calling them out of frustration..i am not talking about snap deal here but few of the traveling sites who i recently calld.

  3. hey anamika, problem is at the merchant’s end not wid snapdeal…. i also availed 1 of their deal at vibes in blore and my exp was good….. there might b some issues but certainly not at snapdeal’s end…..

  4. I have heard gud experiences of snap deal..though I havent bought myself..but the things dey offer is to be analysed well..hows d place n stuff…coz if its not that famous or not that great to market demselves..den only dey can afford to give such so less prices n all..u wudnt see lakme,loreal,kaya or vlcc,etc on it..

  5. Hi Anamika

    Thanks for bring this up to our notice We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We would request you to mail across your contact details on our support id with the link or the copy paste of this. We assure you that your issue will be addressed to your core satisfaction.

    SnapDeal CRM Head

    • Your service is amazingly pathetic. Order placed in end of Nov and beginning of Dec has not been delivered yet. Plus, any talk of refund gets you going from the ‘Sleep Mode’ into ‘Dead Mode’. Made the 3rd call today and my refund is still being processed after the promise of “this evening itself, ma’am” on the last two calls. Any emails to you comes back with a stock reply of how sorry you are, how this you are, how that you are. End result : ZILCH!!
      Girls, I would advice you to stay away from this site. I see my 2000bucks going down the drain. There is nothing snap about snapdeal.

  6. Hi folks, this is about my experience ,hopefully a bad merchant. I am hopeful that snapdeal would resolve this soon. Will keep you all updated.

  7. I called Snapdeal customer care on 6th of Feb and the executive assured me that she will talk to the merchant and revert back to me as as soon as possible, till date they did not come back.

  8. I went to this parlour in mumbai
    and not only did they refuse to provide service, the owner, a 24 year girl,when I demanded service for the money I had paid, they pushed me out of the salon on the street. I even hurt my ankle. They also threw my phone from which I had calle snapdeal customer care. Post an fir, a few guy friends of the girl, circled me on mumbai main road and threatemed me to take her complain back, and to all this snapdeal says we’ll give u a compensation of 300rs

  9. Omg, Its like gambling with your own luck in the end with this website!! Reading good and bad reviews. I just bought a VLCC Spa deal from on CASH ON DELIVERY option, few mins back. Its my very first time trying this website. I’m kind of scared now if they’ll treat me “bad” too. But I am willing to take a risk but will follow your advice by asking them on the phone while making an appointment, asking them what exactly will I be getting from this so called “deal”.

  10. I also faced similar problem with snapdeal.
    One of the vouchers that I bought and took the option of cash on delivery did not ever come to me.
    Secondly, they debited money from my account for a deal and smsed me saying the deal was not through and they would refund the amount but they did not.
    Thirdly, I went to a salon to get a haircut through snap deal whose name was SAGE parlour in Hyderabad near Paradise where they made me wait for around 1 hour. Then they said that the time was over for promotional offers and they talked very rudely to me. I think how the merchant is talking to the customer becomes a responsibility of not only that merchant but also the mediator website. Such a merchant should not be allowed to trade on the website again.

  11. I also faced a similar issue with SAGE parlour, I called them up and the female representative (of SAGE) told me it is ok to come and that she will accept our code. On reaching there I found out that the SAGE parlour representative was not ready to accept the same. And when i asked him to call that female caller he refused. It wasted my 3 hours and I have decided never to go back to SAGE again.

  12. Hey Ashish, are you talking about the same salon which I went to near PARADISE. I noticed it is also a training institute for haircut and those cut the hair of customers who go there through promotional offers. This way their students get practice on “guinea pigs” and they get money for THAT. How smart..I must say!!!

  13. I totally agree…..

    I have smilar experience with snap deal. With OM Opticals.. This is my first deal with OM Opticals. Deal include testing , consulting , power contact lenses (color not applicable) and 1000 rs gift voucher for purchase of more than Rs 2000.

    Normally eye check up and consulting will be free of cost if you take lenses ( atmost 50 rs may be)
    They did not give me contact lenses saying you have (-1.0) eye sight and you need torric lenses.

    I took normal non branded eye glass frame and lenses. They did cost me round 4K + 5% tax. ( there is no proof of rates.. They just said it and i have to believe the rates.) and after that they gave me discount of 1000 Rs. ( which came around 3175 Rs) . If i buy the same opticals near my place i would have got them around 2.5K and i have to spend extra for travelling to that place. They donot ecourage snap deal guys on sat and sunday.. What a pity…

    Its like i have been ripped.. Rather gained.

    Snap deal sucks for not allowing to write this review.

    • Almost all of the “deals” in snapdeal is on goods which are thoroughly overpriced to show that they are giving good discount. in reality even after the discount the goods and services are still costlier than competition

  14. Finally, I see most of em are girls who makes the best use of snapdeal as they render good offers for parlor services. Hahahaa!!!!!!!

    Snapdeal have chosen the best way of business though!!!!!!!!!! :-))

  15. bad experience with snap. i purchased a Pink membership and i visit teh gym after 3 days for purchase. Gym says it has no clue i purchased this deal since snap never sent them any nfo on my voucher id. I wrote to snap deal and a useless message comes back, Worse , i call them and teh line goes to call centre and gets cut. Am now stuck with this.

      • Hi,
        Yes the people who avail the snap deal are not treated properly, and they dont any thing, either facial or message. It really fake when they say 60%. They are actually redusing the servives rather than redusing the cost and we thing wow i got 7000 worth in just 300. But the services are not even worth 300. And the worst part is when we ask them they say how can u think you can get 7000 worth services please feel free to compain that really bad.
        I went to wild pink in front of ITC the services are worst. Gold facail is not even equal to clean up. Not only wild pink, Aspirations, vibes… every body is one and the same.
        I would neverbuy anything in Snap deal from now


  16. Dear Snapdeal Team.

    I am very, very annoyed and surprised to note that you have enquired about my feedback to the J18 Salon & Spa, but have not waited to read my feedback on the same.

    I had written to you on a number of occasions( 28th, 29th and 31st December, 2011 and 11th, 14th and 16th January, 2012) to say how disappointed I was that I did not receive the refund of the amount of Rs.174/- which was deducted from my account although the deals were not completed for J 18 Salon & Span and Serene Touch (Unisex) (both dated 03.12.2011) and which you had said that you would refund in case you have deducted the amount. You yourself have written emails to me to say that the deals were incomplete then how is it that the amounts have been deducted and not refunded after so many reminders from my side. I have decided not buy any more snapdeals in the future and shall instruct my friends to do likewise. When you make a promise you should keep to it (especially after giving a written assurance that you will refund the amount if it has been deducted).

    I am utterly disappointed with this sort of treatment to your customers. You should keep your customers happy if you want business.

    I expect to receive your prompt reply as well as the refund of the amount of Rs.174/- as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

  17. hai gals m new to dis site..i found it wen m searching on google whether da deals at snap deal are genuine r nt..i found both negative n positive one important thing to remembez i need to consult da merchant even abt da deals given to me by snapdeal…finally i need a little piece of advice frm u frnzz..i actually wanted to go fr a hair spa n a facial..wher would u prefer me to go fr all dese amongst da parlours available on snapdeal vishakapatnam andhra..if ny1 z frm vishakapatnam u can suggest me plz..

  18. Hey wise she gals…

    few days back i bought kaya voucher from snapdeal…. and after reading all the comments m really afraid !!!
    plz gv suggestions…. what shud i do now ????


  20. CHEATERS CHEATERS CHEATERS…….. are cheaters they put offers on damaged products….. so guys never trust instead go for some genuine websites like ebay….. never get trapped by their offers……once your money is gone its gone they will not refund it back……becareful never think of buying any product from

  21. I am no longer interested in using, I have had it with their RIDICULOUS refund policy, they have simply stolen my money!

    Please, expats out there, do NOT use Snapdeal, because if there is a problem with your product they will drag their feet, frustrate you, and on top of that, you lose. It took SEVEN WEEKS after several emails and phone calls to them for them to finally send a refund cheque, one in which I told them I would not be able to use because I do not have a local account to which the cheque has to be lodged. I asked them to give me a refund in the form of a coupon/voucher to use on their website, but they insisted that only cheques are offered for CODs. I asked if the cheque can be cashed since I don’t have a local bank account, and they ignored my question in several emails. Now I have this cheque which is of no use to me.

    What tops it off is that a Snapdeal agent earlier today (after I went to the bank) told me I would have to send back the refund cheque to them, at MY OWN EXPENSE, then they will apply credit to my Snapdeal account, the VERY THING I requested they do instead, and I asked before they prepared and dispatched the cheque, they knew full well of my concern, yet they ignored me.

    So frankly they STOLE from me! No more SNAPDEAL! I have OPTIONS!!! Thanks Flipkart,, Babyoye, Future Bazaar, Urban Touch, Firstcry…and the list goes on! So far with the first four I have never had any problem with these refunding/exchanging products (knocking on wood).

    Snapdeal please close my account as I see no option on the website for me to do so other than to unsubscribe SMS, and do not send me any more email offers either!

    complaint # 1150016 order # 743956631

  22. Snapdeal is the worst online shopping site. The deals they offer are fraudulent. The Stuff they sells are of downright cheap quality. Their customer service is non existent.

  23. Hi All,
    I purchase a product under order no- ******8439.From SNAP DEAL (Brand Name )..They dispatched my product on 24th ..

    Story starts with pathetic service provided by you vender courier company Chhotu .Courier company website not working to check the online status , only one number that always busy or no one answering call , then finally I called on Saturday to check my status, they reverted that sir just wait till 5 pm product will delivered on same mailing address. I wait till late night . Later i called in evening said sir, delivery not possible today and tomorrow Sunday . so product will delivered on Monday surely . Again i wait called several times Ms. Sakshi update me sir need to wait till 5pm it will delivered guaranteed. But same as Saturday no delivery . Today again in morning a called at Chontu Agent Mr. Sanjeev informed Sir, believe on us till today evening we will deliver any how ?
    But now when i called to check the status about delivery same Mr. Sanjeev informed sir today not possible need to wait till tomorrow evening, as we are facing some field issue . Partner its non of my business . I really frustrate with such answer . I have already called in morning to cancel my order to sanp deal to cancel my order , but agent replied sir product already dispatched and till today evening will deliver.Now i don’t know CHHOTU.IN I know Snap Deal only . But you must loss your’s customer . I will also informed my colleagues never go with Snap Deal . You Guys select Low cost courier never think about customer .
    Its not a good experience for such brand name “SNAP DEAL”. i DON’T SO . Any one wants more clarifications can call me at . 9873664353,8285767832., ,

    Mukesh Kumar

  24. Had the most HORRENDOUS experience with SNAPDEAL! Encourage anybody who plans to shop here to reconsider their choice! I would like to share my experience to showcase the ridiculousness of the situation:

    Had ordered a Google Nexus 4 from Snapdeal on last Saturday (where it was clearly in-stock). Since then, I have received NO communication from anyone at Snapdeal. When I kept tracking my order, it kept showing that it is “in process” (Whatever the hell that means!). Once it had crossed the estimated dispatch date I called on the helpline to inquire about my order. I was told that there is some delay and that within 48 hours the product would be dispatched. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN! I called again, this time the Snapdeal Executive told me that the order was in the process of being cancelled, as it was no longer available. WHY THE HELL WAS THE ORDER TAKEN TO START WITH THEN?!?

    To top it off, the executive went on to tell me that I would have to wait 7-10 business days in order to get my refund back! I was buying this phone as a birthday gift for someone close, one thing is that you don’t fulfill the order but it’s another whole story to say that the refund would not be given for at least 7 days! What does Snapdeal expect? Does the company think that I have the liquidity to spend another 25,000 and then wait for my refund to come at its own sweet time?

    I found this ridiculous and demanded to speak to the supervisor. Unfortunately, I do not remember the supervisor’s name, otherwise I could have held him accountable. He agreed that the situation was ridiculous and that I would either get my refund within 2 business days or the phone would be delivered within 2 days. I asked him, how I could get in touch with him again, he told me that I could call on the helpline and that I could ask to speak to the supervisor, so either he or some other supervisor would be available to talk to.

    Not surprising, I have not heard from anyone since then.

    Once again in the dark, I called the helpline again. This time the Snapdeal executive refused to pass on the call to her supervisor, she insisted that he/she would be able to give me no better response and that anything or anyone I speak to would tell me the same thing that I would have to wait for at least 7-10 business days to get my refund.

    After breaking my head with her, she finally patched me through to her supervisor, Sandeep. He was not at all accommodative of my situation and denied that anyone could have ever told me that I would get a resolution within 2 days! AS IF I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN SIT AND TRICK SNAPDEAL SUPERVISORS! What crap!

    He finally said that nothing could be done and that the only thing he could do is to arrange a call back at 2 30 PM today. I have real doubts that I will get call back, based on the pathetic track record! Nevertheless, as a fellow customer, I urge all the people buying merchandise on Snapdeal to BEWARE! It’s not just the money, Snapdeal has ruined a birthday and to add salt to my wounds, havnt even bother to ACT as if they care!


  25. Hi Guys,

    Yesterday i ordered a DSLR camera lens from Snapdeal, after reading this review, i’m bit scared about the purchase that i will surely recieve it or not…its around 15k purchase…Please help me someone…

  26. Well, i just thought of doing some research online about snap deal as a guy from my gym had been suggesting to use it for purchasing supplements for gym.. I am definitely not taking the risk of ordering… Thank you guys.
    And Anamika, good to see you keeping a track of things 😉

  27. HOW http://WWW.SNAPDEAL.COM & BICANO RUINED MY RELATIVES DIWALI ; From happiness to Food Poisoning

    Highly unapologetic; and SNAPDEAL+BICANO customer care, buggers,SUPERVISORS are just a bunch of buffoons. As much as Bicano is to blame, equal blame goes to Snapdeal.

    Order History –
    Bikano Gulab Jamun and Kaju Katli-Diwali Special 1500Gm

    Order Number – 1365565174Date of Order – 25 Oct, 2013
    Date of delivery – 01 November 2013Time of Delivery -16:10

    History –
    I ordered bicano sweets from snapdeal on 25th October for ocassion of diwali to my relatives in gujarat (for my sis,jiju and their family) . A got a good price for it and all that is great.They had received it on 1st of november and my sis confirmed me.On 4th of november my sis called me for birthday wish and then i asked her how were the sweets and then she told me about the complete matter which was as follow-

    My sis and her 2 nephews (one 7 yrs old and one 9 yrs old) each took one piece of kaju katli ;after eating same they felt something is bad and jiju who also took the piece of kaju katli just checked the base and saw some whites spots at the base and to his surprise it was FUNGUS……. ; soon they suffered from vomiting and diziness ; in short they suffered from FOOD POISONING they were is shock and they did’nt informed me as they thought i will be feeling bad and guilty .

    I immediately called up snapdeal to inform them about the issue

    Customer Care Calls to Snapdeal-
    I let them knw about complete issue and asked them immediately to transfer the call to some superior person ; after 10 minutes of hold they transferred to their supervisor ??

    Supervisor : if their was fungus on the kaju katli ; why did you ate ?

    i thought for a moment chu**** if i had been knowing there was fungus in the sweet why would i had ate it ….

    Me : It was at base and some white spots ; was visible only on close inspection ; we ate 3 pieces , a big mistake that i made an order from you and ate it ; ok

    Supervisor : send me the pics we will look into it .

    Me : dont worry i will send you more then pics for your satisfaction…
    Why Snapdeal is to be blamed ?
    1.Why did they delivered the product with no manufacturing date written on it and with shlves life of just 5 days …. when the product i received was 6 days after placing order ; how old the sweets must be ???????????

    2.Why snapdeal always doubt on customers ; after complaining them ; they asked me why you ate when their was fungus ????????????
    (Can someone eat the stuff with fungus after knowing the same)

    3.Why the same kaju katli is still being sold on ?

    Why Bicano is to be blamed ?
    1.Why are they selling the product without manufacturing date and product with best before of 5 days ?

    2.Can they take responsibility if something major had happend and i believe many people have bought kaju katli through them ; what if someone did’nt notice ??

    3.No manufacturing date ; how old it must be ; i am worried to hell
    Why its a big deal for me?
    It was first diwali for my sister at her inlaws and what impresion I have made on them ; they will check all my parcels with a suspicious feeling from next time and will have a close inspection on them ?

    Now what?
    Just replacing the kaju katli wont be a solution ; It’s a serious offence and if someone from snapdeal doesn’t calls me back and ask me what compensation they want ; i will go to police station and lodge a FIR against them.

  28. Hi to all buyers,
    I will never suggest you to buy form snapdeal. I purchased 2 HP pendrive form here.
    First I received 2 packets on 2 different day.(what a shipping…).
    Next I received one of them faulty pendrive & I also found that it is not that which I ordered.
    Then I raise complain as they show TRUST PAY (never trust on it).. after 2 days no response, I called/ email multiple times but they

    always told me “they are working on it and revert withing 48 hours” After 20 days I received a call from them, they told me they are

    refunding my amount (I feel ok , that’s fine) BUT I was wrong, In evening they told me that pen-drive is branded product and I have

    to go service center..
    Here is not story end… Now turns to HP service center…. I gone one of them, they send me to another one, and after the 4th

    service center agreed to replace my pen-drive.
    Now tomorrow I get my working pen-drive (still I am not satisfy because this is not which one I ordered, But I need it in urgent…)
    Summery : If I have to go then why I purchase online… 🙁
    for the wrong product and faulty product
    Hemant Singh ( Order: 1681600930) —complain no : 5084677

  29. I got TWO bad experince now days but before Sanpdeal was trust earners recently i purchade two itmes from sanpdeal one SHIVPARIVAR as i paid Rs 561 to sanpdeal when i got the product the MRP indicated for Rs 295 on the box i paid just double amount i made compliant but in dustbin another product only with sanpdeal that product nor avaiable in the market nor on the othet site so booked the iteam it was PHILIPS DSP470U soundbar for Rs 6384 when i got the delivery i was surprised I got roofer only the soundbar was missing when enquied from BLUDART the courior the replied the got only ONE parcel one unit only my self indicated on ackowledge received one parecl sanpdeal selling philipd soundbat fot Rs6384 but withoy soundbar now tell me how is roofer alone is useful for me even i paid full amount i made compliant but NO USE MY ODER NO was 2508078422 i am think how the sanpdeal call it self world class the company is not capable to dispatch ptoduct properly the mangement is so low grade not inspecting the dispach product properly i want i ask one question the sanpdeal forgotten to dispatch soundbar to me whether any time sanpdeal dispatch the product two times in single price why the making mistske for lesser not for more product dispatch i am keeping hope if the sanpdeal wants worldclass status they should open thri eyes twise while dispatching the product i think now the TOP mangement will look into my problem and solve the same as EARLLY THANK Q!!!!!!

  30. A group of useless formed snapdeal. worst online store forever..

    I’ve ordered a TV in snap deal(order id: 3251132797) on October 19th. expected delivery date was on or before 28th Oct. I didn’t get that product. without any intimation they changed delivery date to Nov 3. It’s november 3 today they cancelled the order with out asking me. contacted customer support so many times. almost they raised 10-15 tickets on priority basis. and there is no update. they assured thrice for a call back from their supervisor. I didn’t receive any call from them.

    I think they should shutdown their business. and should go for some begging kind of activities.
    they are unfit for any business.I could say every one in snapdeal is an useless element.

    for customers. if you don’t want to waste ur time don’t order anything from snapdeal. they are the cheapest people having cheapest attitude.

    friends, dont go for snapdeal..


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