My Hubby ‘sfirst post (I hate luv storys review)

Some Intro
My husband is a complete movie maniac and whenever he watches a movie he makes sure that I am sitting next to him. So even if he is watching “Oye lucky lucky oye”  for the  5th time(which we have watched almost 10 -12 times) then I too have to watch it with him. So now movie watching has become a torture for me. This torture happened again when my husband booked the tickets as he knew if he doesn’t do that I might back out as I hate mushy mushy movies. He  even cries while watching movies in theater and I am the one who gives him the tissues to wipe off his tears:D
I will give my opinion later about the movie.

so here goes my husband’s review:)

I hate luv storys : luv it n hate it !
Welcome yet another romantic tale (read saga :P) from Karan Johar’s brown bag. The word of mouth publicity in friend circles had been extremely discouraging, with about 15 tickets available for resale in my office mail group on friday itself. However, this brought down the expectations to a bare minimum and anyhow after Kidnap and Luck, no one expected a Hrithik/Aamir from Imraan anyways. So we finally pulled our socks to watch this one and here goes the review.
First things first, it’s a love story ppl- so don’t bother about the plot. I mean, come on, in how many different ways can you actually show only a guy falling for a girl and viceversa? From QSQT, DDLJ, HDDCS, DCH (Aamir/Preity), HumTum to Jaane Tu … or for that matter even Serendipity, You’ve got mail, … It’s got to be Family-troubles or Foes-turned-friends or Just-friends-turned-soulmates fighting against fate and their own emotions; What would matter is the treatment, and how much do you as audience actually get involved into it (feel the magic!).
Our hero Imraan as Jay (pronounced ‘J’) works for movie director Sameer Soni (a spoof on KJo) and hates the love stories he directs. Enter Sonam as Simran, who’s the exact opposite and in fact, has a childhood-friend-turned-fiancee named Raj! So when she becomes his boss, the usual tale of fights n friendship and confused relationships follows. However, I must say that the Puneet Malhortra’s direction for the first half is excellent and even with this uber-predictable storyline, the digs on KJo are actually funny and keep you sufficiently entertained. The movie, however, loses its tight control after the intermission and director clearly seems as clueless as Imraan on how to end all this up, meanwhile adding up 2 more songs and poorly made-up scenes where he could have finished it atleast 30-40 minutes before.
Acting wise Imraan has improved a lot – he plays the DCH-Aamir type dude effortlessly and even in this over-cliched storyline, gets the expressions right. Check the scene where he is jealous of Raj n Simran in a restaurant – a very fine performance! Sonam’s looking lovely and her chemistry with Imraan and portrayal of a sweet-and-modern young girl is good. However, she just goes Katrina when doing any emotional scene. Full credits must be given to the guy who plays Imraan’s buddy – the fat, curly, french cut guy of Sprite Ads (I don’t know his name) – his punches are perfectly timed and with the backdrop of mushy films, the movie actually makes up a decent watch in initial hours. Music from Vishal Shekhar is as good as only the first 3 songs(Title track, Jab mila tu & Bin tere) and the ones which you haven’t heard in the promos are not worth listening/watching even once.
All in all, don’t expect much, nothing new (by the way, what was there in Jaane Tu either?), just enjoy the new couple and all the jibes on SRK’s candyfloss romances and thou shall be entertained 😉
P.S. The fact that I watched this flick for an INR 50 show should not be counted as a reason for being over-generous in praise, I actually liked it!


  1. I am not reading this coz I want to go watch the movie no matter what. 😛 But congos on introducing your hubby on iwseshe.

  2. Dear Anamika,"i guess this is the only thing he can do wiseshe happily:D" and he did it so well. His review is fantastic and fun to read. I am not a movie buff but he wrote so well, I was hooked to it through out. Keep more movie reviews coming in.regardsShiva

  3. Ohh Shiva, Please dont ask to do more reviews ..He is saying now we wil go for every movie which releases ..:(Save meeeee….

  4. Rentu we have just shifted to Hyderabad and we have a hall near by which has balcony ticket of Rs 50…it doesnt have a good sound system..When we watched Rajneeti and there was some bomb explosion in the movie ..there was only one sound in the hall which was peeeeeeeeee…Poor sound systems got a heart attack:D

  5. ask me he is asking me to go for khatta meetha..i think he should pay me for this and then also i should not go:(


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