My Hyderabad Pearl Jewellery Collection


During my stay in Hyderabad I use to pick up few pearl jewellery pieces every  now  and then albeit I have never worn these more than once.I  am a person who starts hoarding things even when I know I will rarely wear them . :dazed:.

Here goes few of the pieces which made me  nostalgic today .

I bought this  to gift it to my sister who wears light  fab India  saris in her office.So I picked up a  simple pearl mala which is beautified with a gold plated pendant and matching earrings.

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pearl pendant+cultured pearls


Oh ! I love these three line pearl malas.I have these in single and double as well.I generally like to wear these with black dresses and they are such a must have for me.I have worn these many times in FOTD too.

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freshwater pearl jewellery+pearl necklace+pearl necklace design


who doesn’t like pearl earrings ? One can not have  enough of these.


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pearl jewellery earrings


I pair these  with light  thin gold bangles  and a thin strap black watch.

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pearl jewellery bangles+gold plated bangles


another pearl necklace similar to the first one.


pearl mangalsutra


I wore this  kundan pendant  last Diwali and I guess in one of my friend engagement too.


Pearl jewellery pendant+pearl jewellery pendant in hyderabad


and these earrings I got from a different shop to match the above pendant  design .


pearl jewellery+pearl earrings


Do you like pearl jewellery ? Where do you buy most of them from ?


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  1. wow.. all of these look wonderful.. i love pearl jewellery.. they are simple, yet the kundan pendant too..

  2. dnt knw y i dnt like pearl jwellary ….samajh he ne aata kidhar pehnu …as i dnt wear suit neither sari 😛
    i have the second one …
    nd loved the third one specialy pendant :inlove: :hug-makeup:

  3. i do not like pearls alone !! but look at those polki/choker whatever they’re embed in :inlove: they look absolute royal !! :lipstick: i’m eyeing all those jhumka’s :disdain: :disdain: :disdain:

  4. Ana same pinch.. I’ve the exact same pearl mala (second pic) :-)) I bought it when I stayed in Hyderabad several years back 🙂 love the earrings and the pendant on the pearl necklace 🙂 awesome collection :hug-makeup: and hows is my baby darling doing 🙂 these days im pretty much interested in reading baby wiseshe than mommy wiseshe 🙂

  5. I Love pearl jewellery esp with kundan .. awesome collection dear :). I too own a few earings in pearls not sets bz i have no where to wear full sets. I wish my parents could stay at hyderabad after my birth i would collected loads of them 😀 Soon I am going to hoard sarees and pearls.

  6. Can anyone please tell me where can i find skin socks in socks are those stocking kinda thin nylon socks, very easily available in delhi..ana please help

  7. I love pearls Ana..I lived in Hyd for a year and in that one year I collected so many pearl sets..I have hardly used them but still love hoarding..hehe..:)

  8. Wow! thats a nice collection u have. 😀 I hate wearing jewellery except for some tiny miny things bt i still have 3 pearl sets with me. 😛 I hope i am not hoarding them like you here in Hyd 😉

  9. Wow Ana.. Your collection is very beautiful.. I am fond of pearls they look lovely on cotton sarees. I love wearig them with my cotton sarees..that gives me an ageing gracefully kind of a feel..

    By the way hope you are at the best of your health. Take care dear..

    • Hi Meena, Yup! they go best on sarees..especially the cotton one..although i also bought them thinking the same but i hardly wear sari’s ..i am doing good ..thanks for u doing?

  10. anaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i loveddddd everything here … but my pick would be the last set … plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss send it across na :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: how prettyyyyy they are i swear …. :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

  11. Which are the best stores to buy pearls in Hyderabad? And what can I expect to pay for an 18″ strand of the largest 14mm pearls?


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