My Karva Chauth Fast This Year


My Karva Chauth Fast This Year-

Hello Wise She beauties!

Yesterday was a very auspicious day for me as it was Karva Chauth and because it falls only once in a year, I was really looking forward to celebrating this fast 🙂

Usually, since I got married there was always the special feel of this fast for me but since I got pregnant and had a baby, this is surely the first time I am celebrating this fast with great enthusiasm. Earlier it was not so great because my hormones always kept dancing and fluctuating so that made me either feel sleepy or just too keen on completing my work. But things have certainly changed after I delivered my little angel and sine then have been looking forward to a healthy lifestyle.

mehendi & bangles

This year, I had planned to wear a saree but after mild thought process gave up as I couldn’t stand to manage the saree pleats for such long hours! Well, instead of a saree I chose a super bright red suit!

karva chauth outfit


This was an instant purchase from Shopper’s Stop and fortunately my recent makeup haul from Lancome, MUFE & Giorgio Armani had products which would perfectly go with the outfit I bought. I combined the MUFE blush shade and Lancome rouge in love lipstick shade 181N with my Karva Chauth look!

 Earlier, I had decided to use Mac Pigments for my eye makeup but finally settled down for Urban Decay Naked Palette 1.In my opinion, no one can ever go wrong with this palette..Whenever in doubt there is always naeked palette 😀
my makeup look


As I already put pictures on my Instagram account yesterday, so you must be aware that I applied mehendi on my hands one day before so as to avoid waiting for long hours in the queue. It saved a lot of my time as I have a toddler daughter to take care of!


full hand mehendi

mehendi applying


I asked K that will he be keeping a fast for me and he asked me that will he be getting a gift for that or not? So I figured out that it is better to not ask him again for keeping fast. Also because I knew that he will easily be able to keep the fast because of his poor appetite.

I was not fasting without water but I certainly managed to quit tea for the whole day. Well, I initially thought I will be super hungry by evening but my appetite completely vanished later on. So I just had Masala Dosa and nothing more. But honestly speaking, the whole day I was dreaming only about food :-p

my food for Karva chauth

Somehow didn’t end up eating as I thought I will!!

All in all it was a great day and doing it again this year gave me immense happiness. Anvika too was ready to celeberate out with us 🙂

my little angel

Hope to know how you all celebrated your Karva Chauth puja! Do tell me in comments! 🙂

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  1. Oh same story here! I asked B if he will fast for me – he replies il babysit :p —
    I dreamt abt food the whole day but when the time came i ate a bit n threw it all up!

    • oh thats the best gift he could give it to you …Baby sitting is all we wish for all the time :D:D

      ah! u threw it all..that must be terrible ya!

  2. it is common and most women cannot eat much after fasting. Even i couldnt. Mehndi to I applied myself 😀 My hubby doesnt fast but my dad has been fasting for my mom since their first karva chauth.
    I like your makeup here. I did my usual smoky eye but added a lil pink and wore a pinky-nude lippy.
    Mere paas Anvika ki dress jaisa top hai 😀

    • hahah! Anvika ki dress jaisa top 😛 ..u r so thin u can wear hers also 😛

      U looked adorable in your lehanga and all

      Wise She should have image feature in the comments so that we can upload lot of things which we keep sharing on fb 😀

    • I got these earrings from Cochin 😛 on my trip to Kerala and i must say that the finish is superb..its been almost 8 months and they look same unlike few which just start losing their finish

  3. Luvly suit…bt main Anvi ko hi dekhti reh gayi…shes grown so much! Abhi to hui thi…

    I kept d fast pehli baar…frankly just t c if i cud do it….was bloody thirsty by d end of it.. 😉

  4. look so pretty! and love your outfit! waise earrings toh meri kamzori hai…where did you get them from?

    Anvika is looking like a baby Pariii :-*

    I am planning to keep from next year! will join the league soon! 🙂

  5. Are! you already do that difficult teej fast why you are getting into this also..if u will gift from yur hubby then its fine :P)

    • na milne ka to koi question hi nahi.. :-p
      its just that my mom keeps and so I want to keep it too!

      of course we get to eat in this by night so it will be not difficult for I keep the nirjala teej one!
      that too for one whole day!

  6. U look so pretty and graceful here Anamika.. Luvd d entire outfit :* N d jhumkas r just amazing 🙂
    Btw I also keep a nirjala fast N v need to eat homemade food.. So had to cook also 🙁 But still enjoyed as hubby was extra caring n loving 😉

  7. i m not into nirjala as i think i will keep drinking water and detoxify myself 😛 …I also cooked but my husband forced me to leave the food and come for dinner with him ..he was angry that i am doing so much ..

    its so nice that husbands r extra caring just for a day atleast 😀

    • This was my third karva chauth…and first time i was with my hubby…whenever I open fridge and stare at water bottles. .. poor me

      Yeah u r right husbands care so much at this day

  8. thanks god kc is not common in my community. the only nirjala my mom does is jeevitputrika and god duration of this fast is somewhere between 28- 50 hours.

    tiring festival for me even though i m not married. first shopping, helping mom in getting ready, mehndi and at last cooking. grr i hate cooking

  9. You look too pretty Ana.. :* :*
    My job on karva chauth is just to climb up the trace over 10 times to look for the arrival of the moon and then shout out loud to call up mom dad bhai and bhabi to perform the rituals.. 😛

  10. Anu you look so adorable..just like a nayi-naveli dulhan :* . We dont celebrate Karva Chauth but I really like peeping into these festivities that my friends celebrate


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