My Khoobsurat experience with L’Oreal Paris Hair Color


Hi Folks,

Recently you spotted me with a new hairstyle & a different hair color on the blog. Well, I was more than happy to receive great compliments from everybody around me who have seen me for a while as the new hair color definitely went well on me. I opted for a dark brown hue this time other than the golden brown highlights I was sporting a few months ago!

I have been coloring my hair since 7-years and absolutely love my mane! I cannot imagine myself without any hair color! Yes, it does that to you as you start admiring yourself in the mirror.

Just imagine the level of happiness when someone spots you and compliments you for your hair color! Well, I am enjoying my share of praises!


The other day I just happened to step out with my daughter and in a hurry I couldn’t style my hair properly but the high glossy shine this hair color gives is just commendable! Yeah, you can just sport an open hairstyle on any day and let the onlookers admire you secretly with the corner of their eyes. Check out some exciting new trends here

Talking about the best compliments, recently one I received from an acquaintance who mentioned that “I can’t believe you are a mother of a toddler & how the hell do you manage the long parlor sessions of hair color with a toddler! ” Well, that made me blush a little and when I told her that this high shine of color is not from a parlor visit but a personal deed! She was like really shocked! Bingo !! There I had my Khoobsurat Moment as I really felt beautiful then & there when I saw that she was admiring my mane very carefully & kept saying that is a beautiful brown hue you have opted & it suits you really well!


I may also add an unforgettable compliment I received from my husband as they are used to see you daily & any change in hairstyle or hair color is always a little difficult for them to get accustomed! But yes when he secretly looks carefully at you while you are busy with your mirror dearest & you hear these golden words ” The hair color suits you! You are looking different but beautiful!!”

That moment is truly precious as the love of your life admires you again & again!! I loved that piece of moment! My Khoobsurat Moment!! :-))

P.S  – Post is in association with Loreal Paris India

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  1. Your hairs look really beautiful and yes colouring your manes with a toddler is really hell tough a job but when there are effective options like colouring at home is available- your life becomes so much easier. That dress is a total love and yes junior Ana is growing so fast..she is such an adorable kiddo. That last pic is so cute and natural…so sweet!

  2. Couldnt believe you have a gorgeous little baby girl.
    Okay 😀
    Also i do love your reviews on products and ofcourse the dresses.


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