My Khoobsurat Moment With Gang Of Girls


My Khoobsurat Moment With Gang Of Girls

Hello all you Gorgeous ladies,

It has been a brief while that I colored my hair and am just enjoying my colored hair days to the maximum extent. Hair Coloring has been really a nice experience for me so far with all the nice compliments!

Yesterday, I went to meet some of my fast friends or you may know them as my Gang of Girls! It was a day very well spent in the company of my pals and I was re-living my college days and fun moments to the core. The initial part of our meet was the best as the last time we met I was an altogether different looking person but this time I had a completely changed look  and they liked me with the dark hair color.

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I am not someone who goes absolutely crazy with the looks. I mean to try different looks but I never change my look drastically. This was something which came as a surprise to them as I had gone short with the length of my hair  & had colored them with L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss in Dark Brown.

Well, they all complimented my new hair color and that they felt it was suiting me very well and looked really natural!

Amidst all the latest gossips, child concerns,family & work all my friends didn’t believe me when I told hem that I didn’t go to any salon to get this stunning hair color and did this at my own place in less than 30 minutes time. My friends were so impressed that they too decided to try this hair color and like a  true friend & also a Beauty Blogger I told them about the easy steps to follow and get amazing hair color at home.

It was a Khoobsurat Moment for me with my friends and most of the time I was telling about how easily I managed to do this at home without the pain of visiting a salon spending huge sum of money. In fact they were more impressed to find out that the hair color itself gave the high gloss shine to my locks and that I didn’t use any styling products on my hair !!

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So, it was really one of the good days my my friends as all of us remain busy with family & kids, so it was a nice change & hours of stupid conversations & mad laughs recharged us again!

My day was obviously made as all my girls loved the new hair color and said some really mind blowing comments wrapped up in their naughty tones! Friends make your life really easy!

Hope you too liked my look! For more hairstyle ideas checkout Get This Look and easily charm everyone around you!

Feel Khoobsurat Girls!



P.S – Post in association with Loreal Paris India

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  1. Awww…I so miss my friends ..everyone is scattered all over the world that I dont get to meet them. I liked this the best of all your khubsoorat moments. It feels good when your girlfriends compliment you and that too our long cherished friends.

  2. Oh I miss my girlfriends 🙁 But u rocking d look like anything Anamika.. Look so fresh n young n pretty n…. I can go on and on… 😉 loved dis look to d core :*

  3. This post brightened up my day in hospital… 🙁
    Wanted to comment in the morn, but stupid network in the hosp didnt allow me..
    Sooo well wriiten and the pictures are beautiful…!! Time spent with friends are time well spent…miss my school and college days 🙁


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