My Khoobsurat Moment With My New Look


 My Khoobsurat Moment With My New Look

Hello Beauties,

It has not been long when I had a long mane and colored hair which I kept like that for a while. If I had to step out anywhere, it would take me a long time to style my hair by straightening or curling them in order to make them look manageable & perfect.

When I look at my previous pictures, there is an urge that I should have gone for such a hair color earlier itself. I feel I am more confident these days.

khoobsurat moment

Sometimes, I had to  step out without any styling due to my busy schedule. Well, those days are definitely not coming back so soon as I decided to go short with my hairstyle and changed my hair color to a darker shade. And the result was just like a dream and the image I had formed of myself in my mind after the short hairstyle & dark hair color came out to be much beautiful than I had imagined. To add to this I did this at home!!

colored hair wiseshe hair loreal

L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss Hair color in Dark Brown proved to be a much deserved makeover for me with the new hairstyle. The glossy locks look even more pretty now than it was before.

One of the best compliments I got from one of my beloved readers was that ” You look like a teenager these days with the new look”! I am not in a self appraisal mode here but I would give all the credit to  the L’Oreal Hair Color along with the new hairstyle which seem to have reduced the years from my look! Imagine this being said to a mother of a 27-month toddler, it was really a big Khoobsurat Moment for me!


I am really happy when I get to hear such lovely opinions from our readers. The best thing was that I achieved this look at the comfort of my own home and didn’t spend huge bucks to Get This Look! I managed to easily do the color at home with super easy instructions. Taadaaa! See for yourself what magic it did to my look girlsss! Feeling Khoobsurat these Days!!

Hope you liked my Khoobsurat Moments and do share your experiences as well!

Be Gorgeous! Stay Khoobsurat!


What was your recent Khoobsurat Moment?

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