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elle 18 lipsticks matte colo pops

A fun day at the beach, a super-romantic dinner-date with your boyfriend, Besties’s marriage not just your love for lippies! Ah! there are a lot of such occasions where you wouldn’t want to head out without a Dose of color onto your lips, complementing the dress you have chosen to adorn whether it is a sexy halter summer dress or a vivacious and pretty gown that hugs your figure perfectly.

elle 18 colorpop lipsticks matte

Anyhow, who wouldn’t want to make their life Jazzy and full of hues? Tadaa! We are here to make you aware the five super affordable yet amazing range of Elle 18 Color pops lipsticks which I reviewed recently. Keep enjoying the swatch and do tell me which is your favourite among all.

elle 18 colorpops matte lip colors

Packaging: Elle 18 has always been a brand close to my heart. I relied on it since my teenage and the bonding is still strong. The Color Pops range by Elle 18 impressed me very with their ‘Matte’ Lipstick Launch.It is a typical Elle 18 packaging, with cute girl face printed over it. The lipstick comes in a small black tube case with dark pink designs on it. They have improved the shape of lipstick tube a bit. The shape and size of the packaging is simple and haul-able. The whole thing is sturdy enough and also very much hygienic.

Price: INR 100

elle 18 chocolate day lip color matte

Elle 18 Color Pops Matte Lipstick-Chocolate Day

elle 18 chocolate day lip swatch

Chocolate day is a deep brown shade with chocolate-y-plum undertones which initially true brown in the bullet. The shade is very appropriate for the upcoming fall season. The shade weaves its magic on fair to medium of skin tones without much much doling-up. This shade is fairly creamy smooth that glides without much effort.

Elle 18 Color Pops Matte Lipstick-Lets Tango

lets tango lip color elle 18 matte lipstick

Lets Tango is a pretty tangerine orange lip color with absolutely no shimmer or sheen. The lipstick bullet has a light colored core centre, but once the lipstick has been used, you can hardly see the lipstick core. The color is really pretty and would look lovely on fair to medium complexioned beauties.

lets tango elle 18 colopops matte lip color

The color is perfect for summer time. It isn’t overly bright and definitely not neon. This color complements a nice kohl-rimmed eye look perfectly too.

Elle 18 Color Pops Matte Lipstick-Selfie Red

selfie red elle 18 lip color

Selfie Red is a warm red color that would look beautiful on all skin tones. A must have in every fiery, spirited woman’s kit! The color may appear quite garish in the bullet but do not let that brightness trick you out of picking this gorgeous hue.

elle 18 selfie red lip swatch colorpops matte lipstick

The only sad part is that the bullet broke down while I was applying this color. You have got to be careful with these buttery lippies or you may end up with a broken heart.

Elle 18 Rose Day Color Pops Matte Lipstick-Rose day

elle 18 rose day

I would say, Rosy day is a beautiful pink with strong red hints. It is a total face brightening shade.I love those lip shades who make me glow and adds life to my face without any full-fledge makeup.

elle 18 lip swatch rose day

The formula is utterly-buttery soft and smooth that glides easily without any further tugging or pulling. It is creamy and even during application.

Elle 18 Color Pops Matte Lipstick Deep Pink

elle 18 deep pink matte

Deep pink is a gorgeous hot pink shade and will suits all kind of skin tones beautifully. The formula is utterly-buttery soft and smooth that glides easily without any further tugging or pulling. It is creamy and even in application.

elle 18 colorpops matte lip color deep pink lip swatch

One swipe would not give enough coverage to cover the pigmentation on lips if any,to get the full-on intensity, two swipes are needed. The good thing is, multiple layers do not make the lip color appear lumpish or heavy on the lips.

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