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Hey Beauties,

 This is my haul from Urban Touch I ordered on Monday and it reached on Thursday. The brand name is Living Proof. I never heard about it until I Urbantouch came into picture. I’m quite impressed with Urban Touch. And the best part is their COD and shipping which is absolutely FREEEE !!!!

About Living Proof: Beautiful skin begins with healthy cells. ‘Kick-start’ new cell growth and renewal with clinically proven Phyto-Placenta ingredients.

  Deep Cell Cleansing Gel, Live Cell Renewing Moisturizer ,  Multi Protection Day Cream

 Using botanic ingredients and formulations which were once exclusive to Harley Street, London’s beauty clinics and top French salons serving Europe’s rich and famous celebrities. 

Made of non-animal origin, Living Proof is unique in many ways. Apart from religious reasons, animal placenta which was once popular in salons and spas, is becoming less attractive to consumer. Animal diseases like the mad cow, foot and mouth diseases and other animal-originated virals infections such as the SARS, AIDS, etc have raised fear regarding the safety of using cells of animal-origin. (courtesy-home page)

I quite liked the concept of “Phyto-Placenta”.

 Phyto Placentaâ„¢ is obtained by the gentle hydrolysis of plant proteins from the buds and seeds of plants of Beech Tree, known as the “everlasting youth tree” in Europe for its rejuvenative and surviving power.

The active embryonic cells penetrate deeply into the skin to “kick-start’ and boost human cell activity and growth. The clinically proven results are:

1. They increase cell metabolism and oxygenation to renew and rejuvenate the skin, making it radiant and healthy.

2. They strengthen the skin structure by helping in the synthesis of important proteins like collagen, elastin and keratin, resulting in a softer, suppler skin feel and appearance.

3. These actions reinforce the skin’s ability to retain moisture, so skin looks smoother and more youthful.

  Deep Cell Cleansing Gel, Live Cell Renewing Moisturizer ,  Multi Protection Day Cream

 I ordered Toner, Deep Cell Cleansing Gel, Live Cell Renewing Moisturizer and Multi Protection Day Cream. I first got the toner , and i liked it so much that i immediately ordered the rest of the stuff. Now i’m totally loving this range. Haven’t got to use the sunscreen yet, but what i experienced from the other products is quiet suprising. Its a London Based brand, however their products are made in Thailand.

Now just a brief write up for each of the product.

Multi Action Cell Treatment Toner: Price- 260 INR for 150 ml

A skin-soothing toner with gentle cleansing properties of olive extracts, Russian basidiomycete mushrooms and witch hazel. Also an ideal complement to wrinkle and eye contour care.

Deep Cell Cleansing Gel : Price- 360 INR for 100 ml

This original and unique formula deep cleanses, unclogs the pores and exfoliates by effectively removing dead cells, blackheads, make-up and even embedded impurities, without any harsh effects on the skin.

The directions said apply this gel on wet face and donot wet the gel once on face. When “lumps” start forming, rinse it off. I thought it was just a mis-traslated version of “foam”. But when i used it, i actually found what they meant by “lumps”. It doesnot lather AT ALL. When yo rub it onto your skin after a few seconds it feels like what you get when you rub dirty palms together. Yes those sooty dirty is what i am referring to. Its something like that. And i felt like it was my dead skin and dirt which was coming off. Felt really clean. But i had to use another facewash after rinsing this off cause i felt ‘no foam means not cleansed’.

 Live Cell Renewing Moisturiser : Price – 495 INR for 30 ml

Features ultra-active Phyto Placentaâ„¢ embryonic cells proven to kick-start cell growth and cell renewal. Brings back to your skin the radiance and beauty of your growing years.

Multi Protection Day Cream SPF50 : Price -430 INR for 40 ml

 Like the others products in the CLINICALS hypoallergenic range of skincare, it is free from 8 allergy causing ingredients including artificial coloring, perfumes, alcohol, mineral oil, lanolin and comedons.

So this is a briefup about the products. Will review each one in detail when i get off my ‘lazy’ state. Chow till then.



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    • Oh yes…they can burn a hole in the pocket if they dont get one of your oily friends to order it, then you try it from her and order for yourself if you like..i’m sure oilies will find it a boon.

    • I use Bioderm Nafisa..its my derma recoed..but he asked me to first wash with a different facewash and then with Bioderm, hence i get to try different washes 😀

  1. m so curious to know how this works…the phyto placenta funda is so awesome and unheard of…do a review of these products soooooonnnn!!!

  2. Definitely Prachi…i’m quite impressed so i will review these for others also to benifit from this range….just waiting to see what ‘miracle’ this Phyto-placenta thingie does 😀

  3. Living proof is a very famous cosmetic branch of Manipal Hospital and I had used these products..but they are available in bangalore no more…I can so vouch fo rthese products..they are great!!!

  4. Living Proof can be easily seen at dermatologists counters becae the products are made after scientific research and have logical science behind them like Vichy. This brand can be easily trusted and really works.


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