My Long Champ Tote


I never wanted a designer bag until I came to France and saw all the chic women here carrying their Longchamp totes. Then, I bugged my husband until he finally bought me one!

designer bag long champ tote france


Details of the bag: This is the ‘Le Pliage’ tote in the Chocolate colour. It is made of a polyamide fabric and trimmed with leather. The handles are leather. It cost 85 euros, although it can be found much cheaper on sale. Its dimensions are 12.25x12x7.5′. It has one main compartment and one small inner pocket.


classic, iconic bag+france shopping long champ tote


Here’s what I love about Longchamp totes

  1.  Not as expensive as other designer bags
  2. Practical for rainy weather and easy to clean.
  3. Can fit a lot of stuff thus great for travel or a college/office bag.
  4. Can be folded up and compacted i.e., easy to transport.
  5. No flashy logo.

Longchamp totes

Here’s what I dislike about Longchamp totes:-


  • 1. Despite the low price compared to other designer bags, still not inexpensive.
  • 2. Low number of inside pockets/compartments.
  • 3. Can get crumpled looking.


I think this is a classic, iconic bag and one that I will use for years to come. Now, I want to add to my collection – a smaller one for daily use, along with a patterned one just for fun! If you ever come to France, especially during the sale season (June-July/January-February), this would be the perfect souvenir to take home with you.


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  1. I love foldable bags! 😀 I got some for my mom few months back from my trip to Malaysia.
    But I guess this isnt the same. 🙂 That zipper hangy-thingy adds just the right amount of bling. I like such minimalistic ones.


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