My Lush And Body Shop Haul – When The Devil Shops :D:D


Here’s Candy the devil’s lush and body shop haul for all you beauty lovers!

The body shop – Shea Body Butter

… it just smells great! 😀 😛 😛

The body shop - Shea Body Butter

The body shop – Tea Trea Facial Wash

The body shop - Tea Trea Facial Wash

The body shop – Vitamin E Cream Cleanser

(I just couldnt stop myself from buying it) blush blush! 😛 😛

The body shop - Vitamin E Cream Cleanser

Lush – Tea Trea Water – toner

😀 i use it nowadays instead of rose water :-ss :-ss

Lush - Tea Trea Water - toner

Lush – 9 to 5 cleanser

… i didnt use it..! no time 🙁 but i will try it for removing make up etc 😀

Lush - 9 to 5 cleanser

Lush – I Love Juicy

(its a shampoo) just love the fragrance 😀

Lush - I Love Juicy

Lush – Herbalism

… my favorite product.. its a light scrub for face. 😀 Wonder Product For Me

Lush - Herbalism

Lush – Candy House

😀 lol… its wid 4 bath products 😀

Lush - Candy House


  1. Lovely Haul Candy…i soo love Lush products….can you please review the tea tree wash….please please please….and have you tried grease lightening…have been waiting for someone to do a review on that…

  2. thanks thanks! lol 😀 😀 :D…
    satya… u shld try lush products..! they r just amazing :d

    mitra… i just bought the tea tree facial wash.. i will review it soon .. its been 3 days only! 🙁 😛 😛

    and grease lightening?! wats that?! may be i will buy it next time :d

  3. Drooooooolworthy Candy !!! and btw – is that last product from lush truly a bath bomb ? looks like little pieces of candy… yum !

  4. Grease Lightening is for spot application on blemishes….i dint want to spend a bomb on a teeny-weeny bottle that doesnt work…so thot i wil wait until someone reviews it…

  5. so true!>.. but its the best product for acne prone skin! so i thought about my skin for the second time! hihihi! 😀 caz nothing else works for me 🙁

  6. lol… thnku! :"> blush…
    well as m not from india.. cant tell about the price.. it was 9 euro for me..
    so thats 530 indian rupee.! but the price may differ 😀

  7. oopz.. my comments got deleted somehow 🙁 i dont knw..! 🙁

    but.. thanks @ all 😀

    @ rashmi..
    yeah herbalism is expensive 🙁
    but its the only products that works for me..
    so i had to

  8. Body shop outside india is having a special offer on these big body butters – double the size at the cost of 200 ml :(. in UK it is 12.50 pounds for 400 ml (the normal cost is 12.50 pounds for 200 ml) – thats about Rs. 880 at today's exchange rates. Its a steal if you consider thats what the normal 200 pound body butters cost usually 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁


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