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Hi All,

Recently I went for a 10 days trip to Punjab, where I was suppose to attend a marriage of my cousin brother in law. I got really excited when we planned our trip, not for the marriage which I had to attend  but for the shopping which I will get to do.. 😀 /The 1st and the foremost thing was to buy MAC from Amritsar as I don’t have MAC outlet in my city.I also got 9 suit pieces , Punjabi jutties ( traditional Punjabi  footwear-bought 3) and accessories from Punjab.It was so much fun shopping there.


makeup and accessories haul+make up products+new trends fashion


Here I present my Mac and accessories haul:

  • MAC :

mac make up+good make up


I got opportunity to buy a lipstick (Girl about Town) and a blush (Peaches). These two have already been reviewed.

  • Hair Pins:

designed hair pins+fashion in fall+hair clip


I saw in the wedding many ladies had put different colored and designed hair pins on their Judas and Choties, so I thought to buy few pairs, I got them at Rs 50/- per pair.

  • Feather, thread and golden earrings:


feather earrings+ear earrings


These 4 pairs costed me Rs. 20/- each , I bought them from random stores.

  • Green Jhumkis:


green pair of earring+ear piercing rings


I was really in search of a green pair of earring which wont be too heavy but can be worn anytime.

Price: Rs 100/-

  • Stone and kundan studded silver earrings:


Stone and kundan studded silver earrings+fake earrings


I just fell in love with this pair when the shopkeeper showed me, They look very heavy but are very light weight with great finish.

Price: Rs. 300/-

  • Huge golden Jhumkas:

gold jhumkas +ear piercing earrings


These huge heavy gold jhumkas caught my eyes and I bought them without giving another thought. These again are light weighted with superbly fine finish.

Price: Rs. 350/-

  • Typical Punjabi Thread Jhumkas:


Punjabi Thread Jhumkas+piercing earrings+ear jewelry

colored threads jhumkas+cartilage earrings


I had these in my mind before hand. I  found them in a mall in Amritsar and bought them.  These can be changed depending on the color we want, they are detachable and we can also buy different colored threads . These are typical jhumkas which look great when worn with Phulkaris ( traditional handmade heavy thread worked dupattas).  I got 1 set at Rs. 250/- and bought different colored threads at Rs. 100/- each.

  • Paraandis:

Punjabi traditional hair ornament+hair extensions


These are the pride of a Punjabi woman and a traditional hair ornament . Though now-a-days the traditional values have come down but I love them. I have cut my hair so it becomes difficult for me to wear them , but I love collecting these beauties. Bought 2 pairs(very simple ones) .

  • Price: Rs 50/- each.

I just loved my buys and hope you all liked them too.


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  1. Omg! U got Mac peachesss! :yippee: N i lurrrve the kundan studded silver earring n those huge jhumkas :inlove: Lovely haul Nav :yes:

  2. I luv those thread jhumkies… N I’d asked my friend to especially get me a set..n I so agree..they go very well with phulkaris..which m crazy about.. 🙂

    N congrats on ur MAC haul nav! U must hav had so much fUn!

  3. Nice collection. I had been looking for typical punjabi thread jhumkas for soo long but nit getting in delhi. Can u tell me where can I find them??


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