My Makeup And Accessories Haul


My Makeup And Accessories Haul

Shopping is the love of a lady’s life. Its been quite a while since I shopped anything and then my husband happened to visit States and I took the opportunity to order few things. He got the wallet and the Makeup items from there. Additionally I treated myself with these earrings and a funky looking bracelet.

There is no denying the fact that we women love shopping and if there is a big gap then we start feeling there is nothing exciting in life. I know that it gives immediate happiness that doesn’t last long as we start thinking of buying something else. But still it gives us a kind of high and looking at our new buys makes us feel good.

Nowadays since most women prefer to be independent they don’t depend on husband much. They earn and shop themselves which makes shopping more exciting as you are not answerable to anyone for your splurges and spending your hard earned money on the things you love is always a pleasure. This is my point of view and others may differ but I am sure that everyone will agree about a woman’s love for shopping.

Now let me give you a peek into my recent haul. I will start with the makeup stuff. I got some blushes, lipsticks, lip pencils, a bronzer duo, some other makeup products and a few things for skin care as well. I would love to show you these things in more detail next time.

makeup haul india

The next thing that I am showing you is a wallet. Its a Michael Kors. A beautiful wallet is a must have for me as it compliments my handbags. The wallet is dark brown in color and has a string attached that comes handy when you are not carrying a handbag. It has MK printed all over it and also an MK logo in gold. It is really classy and I am liking it.

beauty blogger haul india

You all know how much I love jewellery. Big, chunky pieces attract me a lot. So here I am with a pair of blue stone-studded drop earrings. The design is unique and I am waiting to pair them with different attires.

accessories haul

Now for the bracelet, I bought a colorful one with coins. The bracelet also has a stone studded floral patter on the strap. It will look good with a variety of outfits.

accessories haul india (1)

I like shopping for makeup, accessories and fitness products the most. That is kind of obvious I think but that doesn’t mean that I don’t spend on clothes. Besides these I also like shopping for kitchen gadgets as they make life so much easier.

How about you ladies? what’s your priority in shopping? I would love to know about the things that tempt you into splurging.

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  1. I personally believe a good quality handbag and wallet is a supergood investment.
    I loved tou mk one. I personally like to shop dresses alot. I love them.

  2. Amazing haul 🙂 I love the wallet and yes the bracelet stole my heart. :heart:
    Would love to get a little peek inside your makeup haul.


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