My May Foot Wear, Clothes & Bag Haul


Hello Girlies!

I went Shopping in the 1st week of this month (May) as I had nothing to do and it has been ages that I have practically shopped LIVE …lol…With “LIVE” I mean go to the shopping centre and buy things, coz from the time I’ve entered the blogging world. Online shopping sites like stylecraze, medplusbeauty, UT, Ebay have made me lazy and shopping for personal care and beauty products is just a click away. If I want something I simply go online make payment through my card and the product reaches me in 2-3days. But with clothes and shoes of course I don’t have any choice so I have to go live shopping right??? 😛 Anyway, I love shopping…its less of a luxury or need and more of a stress buster thingy for me. Whenever I want to cheer myself up I go shopping for “FEEL GOOD” factor. When I am happy I shop again to pamper myself. In short, I keep shopping in all possible moods and circumstances. Well, that’s ME 😀 Like Me OR Leave Me 😛

Coming to the point, I really wanted to shop for clothes because people (especially my boy) has started to notice that I am repeating my clothes often coz I am putting in a lot of money in make up and not in other essential things. 😛 So I woke up and got myself few colorful trendy jeans, some footwears and a bag etc. And I find it extremely important to share it with you guys not forgetting the fact that the entire WiseShe knows that Ric went for shopping and she shopped till she dropped..lolzz.. Dimpal..this is for u..dahla..coz more than anyone you were excited to see my Haul! So here it is… 😀 :-*

Check out Zee fashion foot wear haul 

Colorful cotton Jeans:-

may shopping haul+colored jeans

I am a complete skinny jeans girl. From the time I have started wearing skinny jeans I can’t wear boot cuts or any other jeans. M so stuck on skinny jeans. I completely love them. I wear them like 365 days. I can’t do without them. And this season, some very intelligent person has bought them in all possible colors, like blue green yellow navy blue, purple, pink etc. Well purple was out of stock as expected and there was no size in pink, yellow dint suit me much, so I got (L-R) turquoise green (don’t know why its looking  blue in the picture) grey, it might look plain but looks SUPER-HIT when you wear it with a darker shade top. Navy blue simply looks killer on all the possible colors and light blue which after trying in the trial room I couldn’t resist not to buy, as this blue was looking damn chic n smart. 😀

 Off shoulder/Spaghetti/ Tube tops

may shopping haul+tops

may shopping haul+transparent tops


There were hardly any good tops or tunics in the market so I end up buying only few of them. And that reminds me I have to go again next month for shopping and this time only for tops and tunics as I am seriously running out of them 😛 This is actually a proper top  and not an off shoulder but I had a plan behind buying this one. As u can see in the pic, its transparent I was planning to wear this as a off shoulder and team it with a neon color singlet inside like yellow, fluorescent green or orange which would be like visible in this see through top 😉 Hows the idea?? I love off shoulder tops, they suit me to the T  😀

may shopping+spaghetti top

Now how can I finish my shopping without buying a purple top??? Tell me…It’s a must naaa!  This one is just to satisfy me emotionally and mentally that I got a purple something from this month’s shopping. This is cute, lovely, floral print spaghetti which looks very chic and adorable with my navy blue jeans and the butterfly neckpiece…Chic ehh?? 😉

may shopping haul+tube top

may shopping haul+cute tube top

Hehehe, isn’t it Cute?? I just randomly picked this tube top to wear it on my short skirt and jeans. I find this extremely fun and cute, also let me enlighten u, the green is the 1st picture is the right green, the 2nd pic couldn’t capture the right green color due to infavourable lighting condition at my place.

Footwear–PlatformWedges/Mojris/Osho chappals etc.

may shopping haul+wedges

may shopping haul+sexy heels


 I love wearing heels. Heels make you look tall, beautiful and add feminism to your personality. Even if you just plan to wear them on a white shirt and blue jeans, a good pair of heels will rock your look. Trust Me! Atleast one is a must-have! Platform wedges are “IN” fashion so I had to pick this one; also I love the way it looked on my feet, gives that bold and beautiful look with your attire like a papparazi. I ve seen many celebrities wearing platform wedges and carrying it gracefully. 🙂

may shopping haul+sandals

may shopping haul+trendy sandals

I was sold when I had a first look at this. I was not planning to buy it. But my inner voice was jumping to get this. I so love it! Perfect for indo-western outfit! It can be worn on Indian as well western outfit. Suitable for both! And it’s really comfortable too.  This one gives a royal feel to my feet. Very eye catchy and a heart winner. 🙂

may shopping haul+comfort slippers

may shopping haul+cute osho slippers

I really like wearing OSHO chappals, there was a time when I used to have all possible colors. They are very very comfortable and look good on everything except Indian outfit. This time I got it in baby pink and teal green color.  And hows my purple star and moon chappal? Very cute naa?? I just love wearing them, they are extremely soft and comfortable and fancy too. All my friends love it! 🙂


may shopping haul+classy black handbag

I swear I was not planning to buy this. Got enough bags already, I happened to over indulge in them. And got this in excitement but love it! My mom asked me to give her this one. But I said I l get her another one. I love how it looks and how spacious and soft it is from the outside! It’s a classy black! Perfect to carry everywhere, office or casual wear!

I really over spent this month, but love everything I got! I am super broke and done for this month. Will shop next month now till then please guys don’t tempt me with any offer or discounts happening anywhere…lol 😛

Hope u girls liked my haul!

Happy and Wise Shopping! 🙂


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  1. omg! u have all the shade possible in yur jeans collection..and this bag is so chick and yur wedges..awesome taste u r going to love putting on makeup more ..

    • Yes yes …A! Me toh full too planning to mix n match n dance n rock everything! :yippee: :dance-left-right: :chic: :lipstick: :tap-dance: :rock-n-roll:

  2. :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: rickk muje woh tube top aur moon chappal meko dedo thakuri… :devil: ricckyy itni shoppingggggggggg :hammer: loved everything u got :hug-makeup: :-*

  3. Loved the haul ric! Super shopping!

    I love the tube and the moon wale slippers best! These 2 r so damn cute and I can imagine usin them lookin all adorable!

  4. wohaaaa gal… now i can totally understand ur FB status…. awesome haul.. i like tht tube top most.. totally hit… and u got wedges just for 400…. bargain gal.. u r booked for me whenever i cm mumbai… nd drooling over purple star moon slippers.. shoooo cute :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

    • hehehehe thankieeeeeeees Dimpal!!

      Khaas tumhare liye I posted my haul! U were so xcited naa.. Now u knw why m sooooooo broke?? :weep: 😛

      But i LOVE Everything I got..dieing to wear them..ab tak i never even wore a single stuff! 😀 :yippee: :dance-left-right:

      N haa me all BOOK SHOOK 4 u.. wen u cum to Mumbai.. sirf naam le lenaa mera.. log ghar tak pahochaa denge! 😉 😛 :dance-left-right: :yippee: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :-*

  5. WHt all awesome pics! My gosh, wonderful! Loved those colorful jeans, so perfect for this season! Those foot wears and tube tops are awesome! :inlove: :shutmouth: :yes:

  6. Ricky……… Super WOW haul. ab yeh bataa yeh sa kahaan se kharida. jab mein mumbai aaongi yeh sab kharidoongi.


      Mere kapde mumbai mein sirf BANDRA se hi aate hai..i don like anywhere else kaa shopping.. :-)) :yes:

  7. OMG OMG..i so love the colored jeans!! m planning to buy one since a very long time now..from where did u buy those? loved the tops n those floral print sandals are awesome! m too want them 😀

    • Pari..from bandra linking road n hill road!

      u shud come here once for shopping! its heaven here for us!! 😀 :yes: :hug-makeup:

    • Lol… Kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssss?? Kiss ko jeans mein du?? Kaise mein wedges de du??
      Yeh bhi hai ..woh bhi hai.. woh bhi hai……….Haiiiiiiiiiiii haayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! kissss!!! :-* :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :yippee:

  8. OMG.. so much shopping in a day!!! that sure left u broke!!! i loveeeee the bag.. :yippee: :yippee: .. its elegant n hot.. 😎 . how much did u pay for it??

  9. Ohh my god! Those wedges Ric! I Want. 😀 Kahan se liya? n the sun n moon wala chappal is so cute. :giggle: U know ever since i got skin fit jeans m also stuck wid them 😛 Only wear those.the other fits i have are lying unused since so long.

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