My Mini Birthday Haul


birthday haul

Happy Birthday To Me.. Happy Birthday To Me …Happy Birthday toooo…….. Okay I need to STOP! Lol.. I am still nostalgic and in my birthday mood 😛 😛 . It was 11:55pm on 6th of August 2012 and there was someone outside my house ringing the doorbell. My mom dad sister was just ready to hit the bed and was too shocked at the doorbell as very rare it happens that someone comes to our place after 10pm. My sister all excited and started screaming and shouting it’s a cakeeeeeee..its a cake… I was like “At this hour”??? Which cake company wala is this I sooo wanna know! :O And I opened the door and there was this guy holding a cake from Monginis,he gave me a paper to do the signature and said its for “Ali” . I immediately knew who was the sender, its only my family, my childhood friends and my sweet little cute boy friend who knows my nickname is “Ali” :p  And before I could actually get settled with the cake and go and tell him Thank u.. the clock struck 12:00 and he himself gave me a call and started singing “Happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to u.. happy birthday My dear Baby.. happy birthday to u.” 😀 😀 Hahhaha.. I said thanx a ton for the cake …how did u manage to get the cake at 11 55pm ?? And he was like “Mere aadmi charo taraf faile hue hai”…lmao! He and his filmy dialogue’s I tell U 😛 ,..n I was like tell Me naa… N there he goes Again.. “Arree baby.. Settingggggggg!! ;-)” Till the end he never told me the secret of His setting. 😛

Coming  to My mini birthday Haul, I got 2 dresses and 2 shoes and 2 tees when I went for my Birthday shopping. And How can I not share what I got this time with u girls?? I cant sleep , my conscience will prick me If I do that anytime..Its a SIN u know and the Angel in me told me to review ASAP 😛  So lets begin 😀

yellow dress

A Yellow dress from Rumours, Bandra. I have loads of grey,black and white dresses and this time I wanted something bright and fun. I saw this yellow tube dress and the fit of this dress then anything else made me fall in love with it. It looks good in the pictures I believe, but when I wear it looks simply Fantabulous. I love the fit, I love the color and I love the design.  This looks very beautiful and sexy with the right accessories and shoes. It brings out the “Diva” in a girl next door personality. Some people think its too bright to wear but believe me when u wear it, u will look Sunshine sweet and classy.

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birthday celebration

While I was trying like 6-7 dresses in the trial room, I liked 4 dresses lolz.. now of coz I cannot buy 4 dresses so I settled buying 2 of them which I felt are good enough to take home and would look great. This casual yellow dress is funky , fun and one of those Priyanka Chopra casual dress kinds. I love the neckline of this dress. What u see in the picture is the back of the dress which is very interesting and definitely sexy and chic. Just tie a French braid and take ur ponytail ahead and show off your back and there you go sexy lady 😉 <3 Let me bring it to your notice that I can also wear it and team it with my denim jeans , I simply fold the dress from below and make it Tee size and since its fitting to me it doesn’t come out or look untidy but just luks like a nice sexy top 😀

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haul bairthday

Chic dress checked ..So chic dress without chic shoes. Not happening! :/ So hunt for the shoes begins and ends on this sexy animal print stilletos. I got this as soon as I saw this 😀 Looked no further and wanted there and then. I was longing for an animal print stuff from a very long time and what better than an animal print shoes 😀 I went to the store, tried it on me, walked a little, perfect and walkable, bought it and there it goes in my bag. When I came home, tried it with my dresses and I was like BINGO! Great choice.. Ric 😉 😛

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birthday shopping

I always end up buying something I never thought I l will. I already got one pair and now you would think why I got this??? Lolz… Nothing.. “aive hi” LOL 😛 I liked it and thought this will look good on kurtis and Indian Punjabi suits as well as casuals too hence I convinced myself to get it. My mom really liked this one and now she wants one exactly the same for herself 😀 My mom always want things which I like I don’t know why?? And she doesn’t like her own stuff much after seeing mine .. 😛 I think I made a wise decision of getting this because I like to wear heels as they make me look tall and make my small butt look Big 😛 😀



And lastly my cute little tees 😀 I was running out of casual tees lately. As I was hoarding a lot of chic tops in my wardrobe and few formals too. I realised Oh god! No cute tees.. what will I wear if I have to go anywhere local or just might have to catch up a friend for a coffee at the nearby CCD and MC D. I definitely cant wear those chic tops and go. I need to feel comfortable and hence to satisfy my comfort zone these cute little tops are my best picks for the month. If you would live near my house, u would know how many such cute tops I have as I wear them very often like daily until I have to go somewhere out . Such tees are my comfort zone, I simply wear my denim jeans or courdroy black and other colourful pants and team it with this tees 🙂

I think I am the best person to suit the song “I AM NOT A GIRL, NOT YET A WOMAN” from BRITNEY SPEARS.  My sense of fashion is somewhere in between, I am a girl sometimes and sometimes a lady and hey “variety is the spice of life” Isnt it???  Age doesn’t matter its all in the mind. I believe one should wear and do things as per their liking and comfortness. And never think that stuff would make you look gawdy , if you think u can carry it, go rock it girl! You don’t need someone else to tell u what to wear.. your smart enough to know what will look great on you!

Happy Shopping girlies! 😀

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    • Hehehe..Kill me bhumikaa for not taking a single pic on my bday.. mera cam dhokebaaz niklaaa .. i forgot to charge it n i went to lonavla jlt ..can u imagine! :heh: :giggle:

  1. Lucky girl !!
    my one – third also wont fit into the yellow dress…really Ric….its super sexy dress….Put up ur pic wearing it na….

  2. Awesome collection ric…!! :-)) :-)) That yellow one is super chic ..
    Wanna c u wearing that. aur woh bhi jaldi ..jaldi…:P 😉


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