My Mini Birthday Haul!


My Mini Birthday Haul!

Birthdays are always special for all of us … right????? As far as I am concerned, I am always super-duper excited about my birthday. Similar was the case this time. I really wish I could celebrate my birthday every week, ohhh if this is too much then at least I should be given a chance to celebrate them every month. The gifts, surprises, wishes and then most importantly you get to rule the world for one day 😛 Everybody takes every word of you for that special day !!!!

How can I not shop for this special day of mine, of course I need to look like a princess on my ruling day. Two cute dresses, two pair of sexy shoes and two comfort tees were part of my birthday haul.

And how can I miss that my friends and boyfriend made the day even more special by sending me a cute surprise cake in midnight, you all can imagine how this must have felt.


So now after showing you all the birthday cake let me show you my entire mini haul 
Let me begin with my most favorite pick from my haul. I have a lot of attires in the shades of grey, black and white. My wardrobe was getting so monotonous, and so giving this monotony a break I actually made up mind to get myself a vibrant colored dress this time….

And yayyyy I succeeded. The moment I saw this beautiful yellow tube dress, I grabbed it and the fit of this dress is yet another reason to make me fall in love with this little yellow cutie. Some may find it a little too bright, but it gives me that sweet sunshine, classy feel. Makes me feel like a Diva.


The next from my haul is a nice casual dress; I can describe it like a priyanka chopra kind of dress. Initially I took some 6-7 dresses to try on but then

I cannot buy all, so I settled with two dresses and I am quite happy with my selection.
Getting back to this dress, I simply adore the neckline of this dress and it has got a very interesting back too. I must say the back… Ooh lala la … it is so sexy.


I have shown the back in the picture. Just tie a French braid or a simple ponytail, flaunt your back, and voila you just made the most out of this dress. The Other way how I like to wear this dress is by folding it up from the bottom and making it a top… since the dress is perfectly fitted, the folds don’t roll back down, and with denims I flaunt it as a sexy top.

Only dresses and no shoes make the whole shopping dull and incomplete. So my hunt for a nice pair of shoe begins. The moment my eyes got the sight of these sexy animal print stilettos, there was no looking further or any second thoughts in my mind. After all I have been longing for an animal print stuff since a long time. I tried them; they were nice and comfortable to walk in.


There is always a time when I end up buying stuff which I thought I would not buy. Same was the story here with these wedges. Well as you all know this was not a planned purchase. But these cuties were so fulfilling that I bought them. I can use them with kurtis, suits and can pair them with casual clothing.


Since I was running out of my casual tees I bought these comfort tees for myself.


These tees are apt for some casual hopping here and there. Of course I would never want to dress myself with those chic tops and go to purchase myself a Maggie, so these tees will take the charge there.


I hope you girls like my haul; shower your love in the comments below. Love you all.

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