My much awaited MAC Haul


Hi All,

I’d been craving a visit to MAC since eons it seems. After A’s blog sale, Taps haul and posts from Shweta, I was delirious with the need to shop for MAC. By now, most of you would know  (from my whining) that I stay really far away from the store which makes it impossible to go there..So last weekend, with some emotional blackmailing and full on senti-giri, I managed to convince my husband to take me to MAC.. and BOY!!!! It was like entering Candyland.. And in my usual style, I got carried away and got loads of stuff I’d been craving for..


mac haul


So this haul is essence dedicated to Shwe & Taps… I blame you both!!!!! 😉 😉


latest mac haul

Here goes..


My first pick was the Face & Body foundation which I’d been wanting since November last year 🙂 I got it in C2.. Just for reference I’m an NC/NW 25-30..

mac face & body foundation


On my last trip to MAC, I’d picked up samples of the Pro Longwear concealor. I finally settled on NC30 and picked it up…Will review it soon…


mac prolongwear concealor


The Face & Body collection also features Pro-Sculpting creams and one look at them and I went crazy! I’d wanted a cream formula for contouring for the longest time after seeing it here but there’s no Indian brand available and the moment I saw this I pounced 🙂


mac naturally defined+mac copper beech


I bought 2 shades…Copper Beech (for sculpting) & Naturally Defined (for highlighting). Here’s a closer look..


mac pro sculpting cream


And being the avid blush lover that I am, how could I walk out without picking up my beloved blushes??

I first picked a refill of Melba which is a permanent line blush.


mac melba blush


I also picked a Cremeblend Blush in Tea Petal that I’d been eyeing for a while…


mac tea petal blush


And finally I picked Stubborn which is a Pro Longwear blush and part of the Office Hours Collection..I absolutely don’t have a blush like this and it was crying out to me to buy it  🙂


mac blush in stubbornmac stubborn blush


I was on my way to bill all this when I remembered the one MAC brush I’d wanted since long…I think it was the 165…I spoke to the MUA (Richard as always) and he suggested I pick the 138 instead. For me, his word tends to be gospel and I picked it up without a 2nd look. So here I present my 1st (and last) MAC Brush..


mac 138 brush


Hope you enjoyed a peak into my haul…Taps has reviewed the Face & Body Foundation here and I’ll be reviewing the rest once I use them for a bit 🙂


Have you used any of these products? Any feedback?


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  1. I am looking daggers at you through my laptop screen :ghost: :yinyang: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller: :hammer: :hammer: :hammer: :hammer: :guns: :guns: :guns:

  2. OMG what a haul! :inlove: :heart: :heart: my gosh, my haul encouraged you to buy these now your haul post encouraging me to buy more :p melba blush looks soooo cute! :chic: I willl get next time when i visit mac, tht mac brush looks gr888, do review their prr longwear concealer, me want it.! :yes: Thanks for dedicating this post to me and shweta ! 😀

    • Taps, I think it’s all mutual..I haul, u want, u haul n I want..Hihi…m loving every single in this haul ya..I researched like crazy!

  3. Ooops im gonna go hide hehhehe … Tht was one super crazy haul! Btw zee .. Im going to lush tomm or day after .. ! And i love love love ur office hrs blush! I end up using face n body almost everyday now after my initial resistance to it .. Btw zee next time if u see a girl called chezreen say shweta rana said hi .. Shes my ex colleague who works in pune mac

  4. OMG!! :yippee: Girl, you rock! :lipstick: Now this is what I call a real haul! Await reviews of all these!!

    Now tell us something. Was this a valentine gift from hubby darling?? 😉 If yes, I know what to do to mine :rock-n-roll:

  5. Oohhh I think I just died and went to MAC Heaven O:-) What a haul Zee 😀 I am very much looking forward to Tea petal blush review

  6. 😥 😥 😥 😥 wn ever i ask my hubby to take me to MAC store..he says he had some other work …after seeing this haul…i vl force him to take me to MAc… 😉

  7. zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. nahiiiiiiiiiiii. OMG OMG. I will go broke now!
    BTW stubborn is a beautifuuuuulllll shade only that blending is a bit :-(( but i get compliments all the time i use it….

    • Isn’t it? I luv how gorgeous the shade is…as of now I don’t find it hard t blend at all..I actually find the formula much softer than the normal ones.. 🙂 which brush d u use?

  8. So many 😯 altogether 😯 .Hey Bhagwan :pray: :pray: :worship: Mujhe bachao :beatup: Everything is so droolworthy…… :inlove: :inlove: :drool: :drool:
    What was the bill Zara ?:-) ?:-) :-/ :-/


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