My Mumbai Haul – MAC, LUSH, NYX & Body Shop


Hi All,

Last week my husband went for an official trip to Mumbai and due to my office and my son’s school we were not able to accompany him.  I have never been to Mumbai and was really disappointed:(. Then I thought  of giving my husband the shopping list and shop sitting at home and haul products from brands which are not available in my city.

I gave him the list and he added some surprise gifts from his side and got me all the superb things.


Mumbai haul surprise gifts

He got me 3 sets of  bangles as I love wearing such fancy bangles:


Mumbai haul fancy bangles


From MAC I got MAC Cleanse off oil and a lipstick in Costa Chic


Mumbai haul Mac products


From Inglot he got me a Freedom System Lipstick in shade number 01 and an empty palette for 5 lipsticks


Mumbai haul Inglot freedom system lipstick 1

Mumbai haul Inglot pallete


From TBS I got a big tub of Strawberry Body Butter and Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion. I have finished 2 tubes of Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion so thought of trying this one. Also got 2 sachets of Coconut oil for free


Mumbai haul TBS products


From LUSH I got Ultimate shine shampoo bar with a bar tin and big tub of Mask of Magnaminty.


Mumbai haul Lush products


The above were the ones which I had listed and here comes the surprise items which he added:

A Jordana Blush – Touch of Pink and a Brow powder Duo


Mumbai haul jordana products


3 nail polishes from Maybelline Colorama and 3 eye pencils in Brown, Green and Purple from NYX:


Mumbai haul Eye pencils and Nail Paints

A bright yellow colored hand bag and 3 cute clutches:

Mumbai haul Hand bag and Clutches


And, last but not the least , a gift sent by my friend – 7 products from a brand named Essence which is quiet popular in Germany:


Mumbai haul Essence products


The products which have not been reviewed here will be done very soon. So lots of work for me now.

Hope you all liked my Haul or you may say gifts 😉

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  1. Shrieeeeeeeek!! 😯 Amazing, awesome, super-duper haul Nav :yippee: Love absolutely everything u got :inlove: So sweet of ur hubby to get u surprise gifts :cute:

  2. navs ur haul is wow!i use ultimate shine and i love it ! cudnt review it as i threw the outer covering away.. u review for us..!and mask of magaminty is a winner all they way thru!and u got cleanse off oil!!! wow

  3. :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: navsss me cuming for daka daling in ur house :devil: wht a haul gal..awesome goodies :yippee: :yippee:

  4. Wow!!! Ur hubby is so sweet! Mine to I doubt wud hav gone n bought so much not extra suff on his own…lovely Hal nav….n pls tell ur hubs to give tuition t other hubs like mine 😉

      • Actually this is the 1st time, he did this, even i was surprised .
        I gave him the list but never thought he would really go n shop for exclusively. U know though he had the list but after reaching the shop he use to make me talk with the SA’s and then order my stuff. But ya those surprise items were his choice.
        Too sweet of my sweet hubby :blush:

  5. woooahhhhh 😯 Did your hub get all this???? OMG m in utter shock 😛 may be I should show this to my guy 😐 he’ll learn something :evilgrin: he calls lipstick ‘that piece of color’ lmao :rotfl:

  6. You have got the best husband in the world. My guy gives me his card n sets a deadline for me to shop. In the mean while he sips his favourite coffee in coffee day


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