My Nail Art Tools & Accessory Haul


By Rekha,

Hi Friends,
This is the first Haul which  I am sharing with you all and I am so glad to share the products I got from Bornprettystore. πŸ™‚

nail art tools

You all might have heard of CRACKLE Nail Paint.Crackle nail paints are most popular these days and I ordered them  from Bornprettystore & believe me I find it quite nice in quality.I had ordered “white color crackle nail paint in it  as it is most neutral which I could opt for.There is a good variety of colours available in crackle nail paint there and they are of same price.

I got it of $4.91 which is quite reasonable for such a lovely nail paint


CRACKLE Nail Paint

This is the white crackled nail paint which I got.Sorry for the hazy pictures they have been taken from my mobile phone πŸ˜›


White color cracking Nail paint India


I have tried a nail art with it which you can see below.

Nail Art with cracking nail paints


Cracking nail paint naila art

If you are a nail paint lover then don’t miss trying crackled nail paints πŸ™‚


I also wanted to share my recent summer skin care product purchases:)

skin care products in summer


Hope you liked my haul πŸ™‚


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    • Guys now i know a store which is Indian store and sell nail art stuff in much lesser price..loosing package will also not be a problem..will give u detail in few days :).

      many born pretty store packets have been lost in midway this is why i have stopped recommending it πŸ™

      • Oh wow!! thats awesome..jaldi jaldi bataana..wud luv t try it out..ive started doing basic wale nail art…tday one of the faculty asked to see my nails once more since he’d seen them from afar..he asked me whether we cud get nail polish like that only with dots over it! haha!! u hav no idea how i controlled my laguhter…and when i tried explaining about nail art tools, his eyebrows shot up and slowly i cud see his eyes glazing over..hehe..i thought of u soooo much…this was just an hour back.. πŸ™‚

  1. Heyyy! nice haul..u like Oriflame stuff too??

    I luv NPs..and wud luv to own a couple of OPIs..sigh..wo din kab ayega..

    • I like some of their stuff too..especially concealors πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ i’ve just started using their night cream far so gud πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ cwhich r ur fav oriflame products?

  2. hmmmm
    I was staring at the last picture of this post
    so sorry that I paid little attention to ur nail art.
    nice nails rekha :laugh:

    lotus detan scrub
    orflame fairness lotion
    oriflame milka nd honey soap
    vicco turmeric cram
    lotus sun screen gel
    oriflame foot cream
    cetaphil cleanser
    lakme sunscreen
    oriflame aloe vera face wash..
    everryouht gold orange peel off
    dont know rest of the 4 products..
    nice haul rekha
    I wish everyomne should come up with their summer products collection
    what say friends !!! 😎

      • Thank You !!!
        the other four are I think oriflame sewdish spa series and aloe vera gel Is it right πŸ˜•
        I really like to stare at others haul. so is the case when I go to a restaurant ,I usually look through the corner of my eyes whats on the other table πŸ™„
        ha ha
        I know its bad
        but still cant control O:-)

  3. Nice and super Haul Rekha..I bought Dior addict technocolor red just now. went for lunch at station and there is beauty shop there πŸ™ my hubby is going to kill me today.


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