My New Earring & Necklace Stand


It’s quite a pain when you come back home all tired and don’t have the energy to store ring in its particular box, earring in some other and necklace somewhere else. How about storing all things at a particular place without much of opening and closing hassle.

I chanced upon this earring storage stand on ebay which took ages to reach me. Now that I have it, I feel why I didn’t have it before. One just have to hang around things on it and forget about what you kept where.Also its not as big as it looks like in the picture below.Just big enough to be stored  on the your dressing table.

The first row which you see here has 20-21 hooks on it.One can store long  necklaces or rings on it.Below it you can store your  earrings.

earring stand ebay storage ideas

That’s my earring stand with all the things on it. It looks pretty standing near the dressing table and on the right top most corner I kept my brooch  just to make it look little more interesting.

earring and necklace storage

I mostly like to wear long earrings there they over lap the down row.To avoid overlapping, one can store the earrings in the second row at the back.I haven’t shown this in the picture.I can not store much of my jewellery in it and this is the reason I  keep on changing jewellery weekly or as per my mood.

Earring and necklace stand storage ideas

Moving ahead  there is an detailed post done by Zee here where she has given some tips and methods to store jewellery.She has also shown some ways of how she stores her jewellery.

how to store jewellery idea

Another post is done by Nafisa for  storing jewellery while travelling.

Travel Jewelry Organizer_earrings in pouch+earring holder

Do let us know any other way of storing jewellery or any other online place where we can get to see some interesting jewellery holder 🙂

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  1. so cute..n awesome collection u have ana :inlove: hehe dis is sumthing i wont get tempted to buy..i am no accessories person 😛

  2. hi..Ana..the holder is very useful and cute..Where to buy it..Also your jwellery collection is superb :yes: :star: :heart:

  3. I used to think I had one of the biggest earrings collection amongst all people I know ;p . But after seeing all the above pictures am really impressed !

    Really pretty jewellery anamika and a wonderful way to keep it , zara’s pieces also look so pretty .

    I keep mine in a large jewellery box passed on by my mother to me , and since it is full now , I keep my others segregated in a number of plastic boxes lined with cotton double layer , 2 cookie boxes in the same way and I keep my pendants wrapped in tissue!

  4. I have been storing jewellery in plastic and cookie boxes as well..But i need something which is handy and it will last me a week.I can then wrap them up again and put them to rest for a week or so.

    Why don’t you show us your collection some time.It will be lot of fun 🙂

  5. I love the big hoops btw , I got a few of them in huge bargains , my mom says they are african tribal hoops , hehehe!!

  6. i love these kinds of posts….drooling..must say a treat for the eyes..sitting from office and reading without wrking 😛 :laugh:

  7. Ana , if moderation allows, i can give you a link to buy a jewellary organizer 🙂 I bought one for my mom and sent it to my home town. It can be hung in the wardrobe like any other hanger.

    • Oh yes! it won’t be a good idea but thing is i have nothing interesting to change also …and what I have you already have 😛

    • Zee..if you get bigger than these and put it on the wall then chances of your maid and her family enjoying them are quite high.

  8. nice collection :-)) and tat holder is good too, will keep accessories handy :yes: me not much into accessories 😐 but still i like to collect a few statement pieces 😀

  9. wow so pretty, i want something like this but just for earrings! N no i dont something i can display on d dresser coz tht will b an invitation for my toddlr to toss it arnd! :(:( i need something tht can b safely hidden inside d cupboard! :p


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