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I received my nyx giveaway prize just last week. Anamika had told me that she had couriered them. So when the courier boy came, I was total nut case. I had to open it quick, yet to take care that I don’t break anything. It would have been such a pain if the package managed to reach safely till my door step and breaks in my hands. So after this pull, push, tear I finally made a big hole in the strong packaging. Just a brief detour here, Anamika, awesome packaging. My brother said “whoa…. Looks like a hand grenade. What’s the big deal with you guys? Such sturdy packaging for cosmetics?????? ”. Don’t you worry ladies? I gave him the “look”. Anyways he didn’t say anything further cos he also wanted to see what I got. These were the goodies inside. I also got a surprise…… nail paint from faces. Thanks Anamika. It’s a beautiful, dark metallic brown types shade with shimmer. Being a nail paint freak, this made me go ga ga .

NYX product reviews

Now coming to each of the products.

Nyx liquid liner in gold is a beautiful gold shade. This came at the right time as I was thinking about getting a gold liner.

Nyx jumbo pencil in bronze is metallic shade with little shimmer.


NYX liquid eyeliner in gold and NYX jumbo pencil in copper swatches

Nyx girly lip gloss is a sheer pink tint. This barely shows up on my lips so I’ll be experimenting with layering on other shades and lipsticks.

nyx lip gloss in strawberry



nyx strawberry lip gloss on my lips

I had asked Anamika if she could exchange the Nyx eye shadow trio with something else as I don’t use eye shadows much, having small teeny eyes. I stick to eyeliners and kajals. She being such a doll sent me sleek pout polish. It’s a yummy orange tinted balm.


Sleek pout polish Sleek Pout Polish reviews orange



sleek pout polish carribean swatches



sleek pout polish orange carribean

So I am busy reveling in the loot. These are my kitties looking at the package in my hand. They must have been thinking “why is she so excited? Is there milk in it? Or might be a rat for us? Oohhh… forget it lets lick ourselves and sleep”


cat pictures


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  1. awww..this is such a cute post Ashu! and i can totally testify to A’s packaging skills! she shud start training on packaging skills!

    and the cats r tooooo cute!

  2. Def Ana.. 🙂
    Btw I bought most of whats was on my wish list (gel eyeliner, ponds tinted moisturiser, loreal color roche lippie, naked brown lip gloss from maybeline)!!! Yayyyyy
    Now I need to hunt for a tips and toes shop 🙂 Thanks again babe :-* :hugright:


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