My Oriflame Haul


By Meenu

Hi Friends :D!

How are you doing? I am quite happy these days (touchwood :P). Today I am here with my recent Oriflame Haul. A few days back, the February online flyer of oriflame was released. In the online flyer, they keep heavy discounts on few selected products. So taking advantage of the opportunity I ordered more than my usual stuff from the catalogue. Here’s my recent haul from Oriflame ( I am already in love with few of these 😉 ) –

Oriflame product

Things what I got:

Ultra rich Body Milk (for extra dry skin) : MRP- INR 498/- for 400 ml
Cleansing sponge: MRP- INR 69/-

Moisture concentrate SPF 15: MRP- Something about 400-500 for 100 ml but I got it for INR 238/- from flyer 😀
Milk & Honey Gold creamy soap bar: MRP- INR 49/-
Pure color Perfect powder (Light/Medium): MRP- 149/- but on introductory discount in Feb, its INR 125/- for 20 g
2 Vision V* eye catching eye liners (Smokey eyes and Green glaze): MRP is around INR 150/- (I don’t remember exactly) but I got it for INR 50/- for 1.4 g from flyer 🙂

Coming to these one by one:

Ultra Rich Body Milk: This one is for the “extra” dry skin ;). Actually this needs a separate review, so… later!

Cleansing Sponge:

After reading the review of Faces cleansing sponge on Wiseshe, I kept an eye on this thing and when I got to know that oriflame also has a cleansing sponge, I ordered it. In addition to doing all the wonderful work mentioned on the “cleansing sponge review”, I liked the way it becomes hard on drying and regains its softness and shape when wet (which initially I got scared of 😛 but when I read about this nature of it on its cover and I was *phew*). At least this way, it will be protected from developing any fungal or bacterial growth. I tried to capture the hardness of the sponge when dried in 2nd and 3rd pic below but I don’t know if you could get the idea. Anyways the 1st pic is when it was wet (and expanded 🙂 …) while 2nd and 3rd are hardened (dried) form.

Oriflame sponge

Oriflame sponge review

Moisture concentrate:

I was looking for a face cream for my dry skin and when I saw this Moisture concentrate SPF 15 on the flyer (weird name huh?) with that much discount, I grabbed it immediately. And I must say this cream is nice. The smell is pleasant and the texture is somewhat like our own ponds cold cream (of course its lighter than ponds). Initially when you apply it you feel heaviness of the cream but it got absorbed with little rubbing :).

Oriflame product review blog

Milk & Honey Gold creamy Soap bar:

This baby doesn’t need any introduction, the sale and all time demand of the soap speaks for itself (though has already been reviewed on Wiseshe).

Pure Color Perfect Powder and Eye catching eyeliners:

I haven’t used them for more than 1-2 times till now, so will do a separate review some other day after spending more time with the products. But as far as the prices of these two are concerned, I don’t think I would have much to complain. But then again, only time will tell :P.

Overall I am satisfied with my purchases. Now you know why am I so happy 😀 :D. Have a great day and I will go back to enjoy my shopping. See ya!

Meenu is an oriflame consultantant and if you want to buy anything from Oriflame you can drop me a mail at [email protected].


  1. nice haul, i’v like the Moisture concentrate it’s a good product
    but it would be nice if it’s in a pump form than container, it gets contaminated easily if you know what i mean.

  2. Nice haul Meenu…and 50 bucks for eye pencils is like…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…i want them…lemme go through the online catalogue and see if there is something i can get…


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