My Pigmentation Problem & Number Of Failed Products Used


My Pigmentation Problem & Number Of Failed Products Used


This is a post that chronicles my personal experience with anti-pigmentation products. I’ve not used high-end ones but whatever I’ve used, I’m sharing here. I have super oily skin which is prone to acne. As a teen I had a forehead full of acne and some pimples on my cheeks as well. I tried everything but to no avail. Slowly the pimples reduced with age but my tan-prone skin started getting tanned. I have pigmentation on my temples and on the area around my mouth. I also have a few pimple marks that keep coming and going. Let me add that 2-3 pimple marks have become permanent.

I’ll attribute this condition to my ignorance. I cannot remember since when, I’ve this pigmentation on my face. My ignorance was certainly not a bliss and now I feel terrible. Sometimes I feel so down that Mr. Husband keeps asking me to see a very well-known dermatologist in my city. But seriously, I do not have much faith in skin-experts. But you know what I keep checking out products available in the market that claim to remove pigmentation.

I’ve tried some face creams and face packs and I do not remember all what I’ve tried. For sharing my experience on the journey to depigmentation, I had to exercise my brain-cells a lot. Here are some products that I tried and what they did-

L’Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Pearl Perfect Night Cream

anti pigmentation cream india

I bought this cream a few years ago as it claimed to make skin radiant and even. The cream was quite light and didn’t make my skin greasy. This cream did nothing for my pigmentation but the twist in the tail is that I was not regular with it. I’ve heard many good things about this one and can give it the benefit of doubt.

Pond’s White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Cream


ponds cream

Another cream suitable for my greasy skin but again ineffective in treating my dark spots. I used it regularly but could not see any difference in my skin. I still have that tub with me but not using it.

Lakme Perfect Radiance 4-Week Intense Whitening Capsules Treatment


anti pigmentation cream experience

The much hyped capsules from lakme were brought by me very excitedly. I read a few reviews and found out that the serum is light and has pure vitamin C. These babies were used for 4 weeks without even a single skip but 🙁 They brightened my skin instantly and made it smooth for a short time. But in the long run these did nothing on my pigmentation and even made my cheek area somewhat scaly.

Organic Harvest Anti Pigmentation Cream



Most of you must have read my review of this dud. It should have shown at least a teeny-tiny bit of difference in 30 usages spanning 15 days but unfortunately it didn’t.

VLCC Fair Skin Saffron Massage Gel



This mild gel blended easily in my skin but other than that I could not find even a single good thing about this. This gel claims to even out skin and make it ‘fair’. I used it daily in the morning till the jar got over and again without any visible results.

These are the products that I can remember easily. Besides these I also tried a few face packs from Nature’s essence, everyuth, Himalaya and VLCC but couldn’t see any noticeable difference. Currently two face packs are lying unopened in my stash- Dhatri and Patanjali Kanti Lep. Hope to try them soon.

But girls! I’ve not lost hope and have made a list of creams to try. Some of my to-buy products are- Fab India Vitamin E De-Pigmentation Cream, Vichy Biomed anti pigmentation range (suggested by Mitra), Shahnaz Husain Shawhite Pigmentation Lotion.

I also want to be a little less lazy so that I can play with home remedies.

While writing this I ordered Fab India cream as I couldn’t find the one by Vichy. Hope Fab India makes my skin fab :))

Please suggest some products that may work.

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  1. Am too getting the fab India one this week! have pimple blemishes which are not ready to fade away! 🙁

    I can;t remember the name right now but I did use a night cream from Oriflame when I was like 18 yrs old and had to face a skin burn ( applied neat dettol & slept for an hour ) on my right cheek. That cream did a lot in improving my skin pigmentation..but I can’t swear as I took medical help immediately after that..!

    Have you tried any cream with Kojic Acid as an active ingredient..It helped me a lot back then!

  2. I would honestly say that a dermatologist knows best. Cosmetic products usually treat only very minor problems. I am super pale, have extremely sensitive and acne-prone skin. I tried a few products, but it was only after I went to a dermatologist that I got my skin issues under control. I know it’s scary, but my doctors have always suggested very good medicinal products that have worked on me.

  3. I have used the FI depigmentation cream…it didnot work for me back then..hopefully they have changed their formula now. And guess whats the best thats working in these monsoons for my acne skin, the very old ‘Vicco’ in the night times ! after spending tons of money on different creams(high end and budget) i found Vicco to be working wonders for now.

  4. I was facing with pigmentation issues too, now my skin is much better and recovered from frckles with time, things tht worked for me: mostly ayurvedic ubtans mixed with curd, orange peel pack, intake of vitamin c limecee, and yes thr is a pack jarakadi lep from iraya, tht worked really well for me, fabindia didnt work for me at all, n ya i massage my skin with aloe vera juice, it does wonders too ! 🙂

  5. if you are in Mumbai there is one very famous Doc … shall inbox you his details if possible just try his face packs 😀
    even am suffering from pigmentation and will see him next month
    i hope some cream works for us oily skin 🙁 🙁 🙁

  6. Maitri- in my preg i had the worst acne ever -and tht left my skin pigmented n spotty- ana will agree there! I suggest that u dont do a trial n error thingy here but go see a derm! Also – depiwhite cream – smells damn awful but works – n retinobased. Stuff works as well but u need ur correct dose otherwise things can go really wrong-

    • thanks Shweta! Now everybody is convincing me for a derm and i hv refused hubbs so many times ki agar ab bola to he will know ki smbdy else has convncd me and incessant teasing will start 😛

  7. I can write a whole pothi on pigmentation.. Hv suffered from last 3 years.. In my opinion, no cream will ever give you any decent result and home remedies will take looooot of time..
    For me, the thing which has worked and is still working is acid peels.. I have moved on little harsh peels and my skin has never looked better..
    I may be spotless sooon.. 😉

    • i m also thinking of glycolic acid facials. My sis has good skin but still went for peels to get glow on her sagai but i cudnt see much difference. Hopefully my erring skin responds

  8. hey….y dnt u try kojie san soap,,,even i was having dark spots and dull skin but since i started using this soap,i am amazed to see the the first week of its usage,i saw dramatic difference on my face,,after using it for 15 days,my kin has improved alot. and dnt forget to be regular wtih sunscreen.

  9. I was in the US in 2007 when I got a bad skin rash all over the chin .. My complexion is wheatish-fair and the rash left a huge and a bad mark on the chin (infact one guy in the US declined marriage coz of the rash mark – today I’m glad he did )… This is what I did … it took almost 2 years for the mark to be invisible … and today after 6-7 years no one can say I had a mark … Since I was in the US till 2008, I couldn’t do much about it then as all treatments were very expensive … Once i returned to India I did all this

    1) Kaya – got glycolic peels once in 2-3 months .. Kaya says once a month – but I got it once in 2-3 months … for almost 2 years .. I get them even now but once in 6 months or so.
    2) Vit E capsules – I swear by them .. pop a capsule apply straight on the entire face … over a period of time .. it will soften the skin and fade the pigmentation .. I still do this in winters
    3) Now, once in 2-3 weeks .. I use honey, lemon and curd all over the face .. apply the mixture and leave it for 10 mins .. the put then sugar in the left over mixture and scrub a little

    • how much do peels from kaya cost?

      which vitamin e capsule did u buy? are these available over the counter.
      also, has anyone tried aziderm cream or meladerm creams??

  10. Are you a sure about the actual problem here..because I had the same issue what ever I tried didn’t work for me..then later I knew it was an internal issue meaning my hormonal imbalance. Once I corrected that..the marks started to fade away with mysore sandal soap in combination with bio oil…make sure your estrogen thyroid and other hormones are up to par…then the creams will work for sure…I am currently using garnier complete white and it’s working really well…

  11. Maitri Im using the FI de-pigmentation cream, its heavy so I apply it before sleeping on & off, I haven’t used it since 10-15 days, will apply it today… Does any1 know good dermo in Thane? I want to go for glycolic peel.. Not pricey.. Affordable & effective ones,plz reply

  12. I too am suffering from pigmentation around mouth and nothing has worked for me other than glycolic acid…try Glyco A its 12% glycolic acid and works for pigmentation, spots, acne..if 12% is too strong for you..there is 6% one also..apart from that glycolic and lactic acid peels work well on pigmentation and spots

  13. hi ,
    shweta u mentioned using vitamini e pills and glycoloic acid peels. how much do these cost?
    Also , can i get the vitamin e capsules without prescription from a doctor?


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