My Recent Hair Color Experience


My Recent Hair Color Experience

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are enjoying the sunny winter afternoons just like me. I am here to share my recent hair color experience with you all.

recent hair color

I hope you remember I got my hair color changed to dark brown a few months ago and I literally showed the step by step procedure to color your hair at home! You may checkout the hair color experience below-

Hair color with Loreal Paris  

Well, I got bored of the dark brown hair color and so I thought of changing it to a little little brown shade with only highlights and not changing the entire hair color.

I have been really fond of coloring my hair since a long time and I have tried so many colors and highlights so far. I do mange to care for my colored locks and so I don’t fear to change my hair color quite often.

I just wanted to show what changes I did to my hair color. i didn’t want very loud hair color and wanted something which was trendy and also apt as per my look and appearance. Also a hair color subsequently changes the entire look of a person so I wanted a color that goes well with most of the looks I am fond of.

I basically got my mane highlighted with strands of hair. I have mostly seen this type of hair color on Deepika Padukone and Bipasha Basu in many of their looks.


new hair color

You already remember last time I colored my hair it was very dark brown and looked almost black. I badly wanted to change the color as it was a really long time since I colored my hair.
Another interesting thing is that my natural hair color is very close to the hair color I got recently but it looks so different on me and I really love my look these days.
I have said this a lot many times that hair color tends to change the whole appearance drastically in a beautiful way!
ell, I am all excited to try out different hairstyles with this hair color. I will also share few tips regarding the roper care of colored hair so that the effects of hair coloring are minimized and one can easily give a try to hair coloring as often as they like.
hair color highlights
I got a few streaks of hair highlighted with color and didn’t change the whole hair color. The highlights itself costed me around 5000 bucks! I wonder what would have been the cost if I had opted to change the whole hair color! :-p
I hope you like my new look and the hair color highlights.

Have you tried coloring Your hair?-

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  1. @Navneet – thanks u colour yur hair ?

    @Swathi – thanks ..i also did the post to show my locks :being truly honest: heheeheh

  2. You are looking really gr8, but did highlights cost u 5000? thts too much here loreal inoa application charge 3000 maximum for complete global application


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