My Recent Jaipur Jewellery Haul


My Recent Jaipur Jewellery Haul

Hello beautiful ladies,

As you all must already know that how much I adore collecting accessories and leave no chances of getting stuff for me. I recently got some beautiful jewellery in my collection.

Actually one of my relatives recently happened to visit the beautiful pink city, Jaipur and I just grabbed this awesome opportunity and asked my relative to get me some jewellery from there. Jaipur is not just a cultural heritage, delicacies, bhandej & lehariya but is also very popular for its unique jewellery and mojris. I have always fascinated the jaipur jewellery and when it is antique, I like it even more.

I think I should now stop talking and simply show you the beautiful jewellery set.

Have a look.

The Haul

Jaipur Jewellery Haul

This jaipur jewellery includes of a beaded antique jewellery set and a pair of stone earrings. The jewellery set consists of a ring, necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings.

Beaded Jewellery Set

This set costed me INR 7500. It is a beautiful turquoise- ruby beaded antique silver set. This set is a gorgeous blend of tradition and antique designing. The intricate silver designs make a great pair with the small-big sized beads. I am glad that I found a complete set which includes of a statement ring, necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings.

Beaded Bracelet

If you see the ring you will love how unique do the uneven cut beads look. The silver designs maintain a good balance and does make it look overly chunky. The bracelet too is a wisely designed with. The leaflet shaped stones of the same color of the beads does a decent job in giving it a good elongated look. Without the leaflet shaped stones I cannot imagine the bracelet to look this gorgeous.

The earrings are too amazingly beautiful. I am surely going to wear them a lot. Probably you will see me wearing it in my videos soon.

Beaded Antique Necklace

The necklace was a first sight love for me. The moment I saw it, I knew I have done the best thing by asking my relative to get me jewellery from Jaipur. I really like wearing such antique pieces and when something is this beautiful, who on earth would love to wear it.

Jewellery Pouch

I really feel that my INR 7500 were well spent and there is nothing that I do not like about this set.  Not just as a set, but I will also wear these pieces separately. Along with the set I was given red satin jewellery pouch which stores the jewellery set securely. The pouch too is decent.

Stone Earrings

Stone Earrings

The stone earrings are a gift to me by my relative, so I have no clue about its price.

The earrings too look beautiful to me. They are simple, light in weight and can be worn casually without making me feel odd about wearing something heavy on a casual outing.

So this was all about my latest additions to my jewellery collection. I hope you people liked them. I see myself in the near future with an endless collection of jewellery. You see I am not only a makeup freak but I am also crazy about accessories.

P.S. Just to keep our readers informed, this jewellery is basically Nepali jewellery and is popular in Jaipur as well. These jewellery use Lac for setting in stones and beads, and due to this these are also made in Jaipur as Rajasthan is well known for its Lac jewellery. For readers who might be interested in these kind of jewelleries, these jewelleries are referred as Nepali jewellery.

With what looks will you like me to sport this jewellery?

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