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Leather satchel bags are in vogue these days and I am loving this trend. A bag that actually has space for all my stuff and is easy to carry?! Yes please! After doing some research online, I decided to buy a satchel from Scaramanga which is an online shop that sells gorgeous handmade leather satchels, messenger bags and handbags.

There are a lot of different shapes and sizes available and I picked the Small Wide Satchel bag. It cost 83 pounds including shipping (from the UK) and its dimensions are 13″x10.5″x4″ and it has a 54” adjustable strap. There are two finishes to choose from, ‘Vintage Distressed’ and ‘Polished Tan’ and I chose the second option for a more classic look.


My Scaramanga satchel+Messenger Bags +Fashionable Satchels


The pros of Scaramanga satchel:-

1. It has plenty of pockets and compartments – there is one spacious main compartment, 2 inside pockets and 1 zip pocket on the front of the bag, plus a small front pocket.

2. It can hold a lot of stuff – When I was going to college, I would carry 3-4 A4 sized registers, plus a textbook, my wallet, my keys and my phone and the bag fit them all without looking bulky.

3. It has a cute lining – This is a bit superficial of me, but this bag has a teal coloured canvas lining which I love.

4. It is sturdy – The leather is durable and has survived lots of falling down and getting wet. .

5. It has a versatile colour and finish – The ‘Polished Tan’ finish and the tan colour go with all my outfits. Plus, unlike other coloured/printed satchels this bag will not become outdated over time.

6. It is the perfect size – I wanted a bag that was big enough for all my stuff, but I didn’t want it to be overwhelming for my short height. Thankfully, this one is perfect for my body proportions.

6. It gets softer and slouchier with time – Initially the bag was a little stiff, but the more I use it, the more it becomes pliable and more adapted to my body.


The cons of Scaramanga satchel:-

1. It is costly – 83 pounds is a lot, even though the bag is worth it!

2. It is not for those who want a structured bag since it gets softer and slouchier the more you use it.

3. It can only be purchased online, so there is no way to see it before buying.


When I posted my Longchamp bag, a lot of people wanted to see me carrying it, so I decided to post a picture of me carrying this satchel:

My Scaramanga satchel+How to Carry off Satchel Bags Fashionabily


What do you think of  Scaramanga bag ? Do you own a satchel? Let me know in the comments!


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