My Secret Strategies ,Techniques & Tactics To Get More Followers And Traffic(Beauty & Fashion Niche)


My Secret Strategies ,Techniques & Tactics To Get More Followers And Traffic(Beauty & Fashion Niche)

Hi Everyone! Today in my weekly post I thought of writing about my top strategies which worked for me to drive traffic to my blog and how I got followers which have been with me since a decade. During these 9 years things have sometimes worked fabulously for me and sometimes they fell apart but what kept me driving was the traffic which never stopped coming and followers which kept increasing. So here I have shared My Secret Strategies ,Techniques & Tactics To Get More Followers And Traffic(Beauty & Fashion Niche).

Also, things changes so rapidly here that it is difficult to keep pace with constant algorithm and for bloggers it is difficult to keep switching on the platforms. For example five years ago it was just the blog stats which mattered and mostly advertisers would talk about that only but now its more about Insta blogging. Companies are interested in Instagram followers more than Facebook following and just two years back Facebook was the most preferred promotion medium for them. So medium of preference keeps changing and as a influencer one needs to focus on the medium which drives them most revenue.

increasing insagram and youtube following

Secret Strategy to Get More Followers for the blog :-

1. Consistency is the biggest factor when one is blogging. We all are passionate about beauty and fashion but we can’t write as and when our mood is. One needs to be consistent in writing. People should know that when they will open your blog there will be something new. I have sometimes made mistake in this journey. I have published such monotonous article that even if readers will think of opening the blog they might prefer sleeping only than reading :-p

So better plan something which will really interest your reader as having religious following or I should say returning followers is important. 🙂

2. WordPress- Things just changed overnight for me when I moved from free blogging service platform to WordPress. My traffic doubled and tripled in 2010. It was a game changer for me. Those who are not in tech and their boyfriend or husband can’t help them in this, they can always opt for freelancers to get tech-help!

Nowadays you will find lot of people giving services in this field. You can go for or which provides excellent service in this area. I initially took my husband to develop the WordPress site as i didn’t want to put much resource into something which I wasn’t even sure if it will work but now I take outside help only and don’t involve him into it .

3. Writing keyword focus article is important. What do you think which post will drive more traffic to your blog? Post on how I stopped hair fall or Lakme/Maybelline Pretty pink lipstick review ? Definitely stopping hair fall because that’s the bigger search. So writing keyword focused article is pretty important and should be genuine too. It shouldn’t be that they read and try your recommendation and then come to the conclusion that you just cook stories.

My blog till date gives me the maximum revenue and this is what is amazing about google ad-sense. Once you start getting it  regularly there is no looking back 🙂

There are people who are earning as good as $10000 a month just alone from ad-sense!! WOW! I am not even near to that kind of money but who knows 😉 Then I will probably get a beach house in Goa and do gardening there and send my grand kids organic vegetables from lol 😛

Secret Strategy to Get More Followers on Facebook:-

My Facebook page

Facebook algorithms change almost everyday and I have seen that there are so many awesome bloggers who I follow but I hardly get to see them in my feed. Damn! You Facebook! So the secret to get the followers and engagement through Facebook is to do what Facebook says. Whenever Facebook rolls out a new feature take an advantage of it and make use of it as soon as possible. To promote its feature Facebook will definitely put you in others feed. I have tried this with polls, videos, videos with links, videos without links , only pic, funny pic etc. etc. and it has worked for me! 🙂

increase facebook followers

Secret Strategy to Get More Followers on YouTube:-

My youtube channel 

In YouTube also your consistency matters. More you do your videos more followers you get but the secret thing which works the most is your title. One definitely needs to spend good amount of time on their title and take full advantage of meta tags. Also, people love to see shoots in various locations. I don’t know why but that just increases follower-ship. Try and let me know if you have experienced the same.

gain youtubers followers

Secret Strategy to Get More Followers on Instagram:-

My instagram page

Instagram has been a tough nut to crack for me for the reason that when it was introduced I missed the race. I was busy in changing nappies 😛 and was focusing more on my youtube channel. Now I have started taking it little more seriously and realized that time which you post matters. Generally in India evening time works. Also, follow others and create a good friendly circle around you. This way you will have more communication in your comments which kind of push your post up and people see your feed more 🙂

how to get more instagram followers

Whatever I have written above is not even half of what I have experienced. Each platform has so many things to talk about and to share. I have experienced that there is no fixed rules for things. Sometimes such amazing Instagrammers /Youtubers/Bloggers have less following compared to many. Some where luck also matters. 🙂

How has been your experience like ? Where do you think you are stuck the most ? Let me know in the comment section 🙂



What are your My Secret Strategies ,Techniques & Tactics To Get More Followers And Traffic(Beauty & Fashion Niche)?



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