My Shaving Experience : Gillette Venus #30 Day Shaving Challenge


My Shaving Experience Gillette Venus

Hello Beauties Today I am here to share My Shaving Experience Gillette Venus Shaving kit as you must be aware that I took part in the #30 Day Shaving Challenge by Gillette Venus!Well, the period of 30 days is going to end up soon so I thought of sharing some of my best experiences with shaving!

Gillete razor women hair removal

First of all, shaving with this kit is one of the easiest ways of hair removal I have come across! It is fuss free unlike waxing which is particularly not too good for sensitive skin as the hot wax tends to burn the skin and leave it red! Shaving is comparatively a lot easier than that and also comes with a no pain tag! I mean you have to use it in the shower or anytime during the day without any issues! Just use the shaving foam that comes with the kit and not any creamy conditioner or anything as that may leave the skin damaged! The shaving razor is extremely safe for sensitive skin and doesn’t leave any cuts at all if you use the right products and cartridges!

gillette venus quick shaving experience

Shaving should be done where you have ample amount of light and. Never rush things while shaving! Always use the razor in the direction of hair hair growth for the best results. Use only the shaving foam to make the hair turn soft and get them removed super easily!

Gillete hair removal cream

A common query arises as to what to use after shaving! Well, after you have a thorough rinse after shaving, applying an astringent would be the best. Then one can follow up with the regular body lotion or body butter depending upon the climate!

Gillette Venus #30 Day Shaving Challenge

A lot of people think hair removal creams score over shaving as it is easier to use but actually the case is opposite, The hair removal creams are actually loaded with a lot of chemicals which cannot be used on all the parts of the body and may leave skin allergies due to the high composition of chemicals in it! These depilatory creams tend to have a burning effect on sensitive skin and so it is not at all recommended to use it on sensitive skin! Moreover, hair removal creams are not very easy to use and cause a mess or applying and then removing hair after few minutes which is quite and eeeky process!

gillette women products smooth underarms

Shaving is often misunderstood for having too many harmful effects on the skin like dryness but actually these are just a bunch of myths prevailing! Actually, I have come across it to be a really easy, painless, quick and convenient way of removing hair at any point of time or any place and you don’t have to plan your schedule in advance or visit a salon and wait for a long time to remove hair! It is so easy that you can practically do it before bathing and come out to be hair free in a matter of few minutes!

gillette venus shaving 7th day experience

My Shaving Experience

I shave every alternate day and sometimes when I am too busy during the week, I shave twice a week! Shaving never resulted in any ingrown hair conditions, or hard hair regrowth during the 30days of shaving challenge and now I am thinking to completely adopt it as my cult favorite hair removal method!

I hope you find the info useful and convincing to try shaving at least once and then see the miraculous results! 🙂

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