My Skin And Hair Care Regime In Winters



As a compulsive shopaholic I keep looking for products which can make my skin better and blemish free. My skin is oily and acne prone and on top of that I have this urge to keep trying something different. I don’t stick to one product for a long time which has, in a way, helped me because with experimentation I came to know of many many new products which I would have never even thought of trying.

Without diverging further from the topic let me share with you ladies my skin care routine for oily skin as this has been asked to me number of times.

 skin care regime for oily skin

Before I start let me tell you that  this is my winter skin care routine and as I am in Hyderabad where there are hardly any winters (compared to Delhi i.e.).

In Morning :-

1. I start by washing my face with forest essential facial ubtan Multani Mitti(have not reviewed it till now but you can see the price and pics here ).I am using it like a  face wash, after washing my face  I apply  a thin coat of the pack . Without mixing anything I  just apply the powder on my wet face and then wait for 2 minute or so (invest in making tea for myself and hubby) and then wash it off. After washing I use Fab India vitamin E skin toner and apply Olay India natural white skin fairness cream.

Skin care rotuine before and after shower

2. I massage my skin before taking shower about three times in a week with fab india almond oil.Though I am not much impressed with this oil but I want to complete it asap so that I can try something else.

I use Fab India avocado body wash and Lakme fruit blast strawberry face wash these days while taking shower and use Lotus herbal apri scrub (fresh apricot scrub ) as a body scrub. I scrub my face some 2-3 times a week with Fab India pomegranate scrub though I seriously want to use it every single day  :chic:

I am using St Ives Vitamin E moisturizer as a body moisturizer  and  olay sun block. Now I am relaising that I have too much to review now 😀

I don’t use a particular  shampoo and conditioner and presently  I am using Biotique Bio walnut bark fresh lift body building shampoo and Fab India protein conditioner.I am using loreal expert shine hair serum after shampooing and wash my hair 3-4 times a week.

With in week I do take out time to use hair packs which are a must for me otherwise split ends are a big problem. I use DIY face packs according to my skin requirement. If it has broken out then may be a neem pack or baba ramdev kanti lep  acne pack . For blemishes I had been using tea tree oil which hardly helped me though so nowdays I  am depending more on forrest essential ubtan..

I wont’ sleep with make up and if I am too tired then use baby wipes or wet wipes.I am using manning wet wipes nowadays .If I have little time and energy left in me then I wash my face and apply olay india white fairness night cream and if i feel my skin needs extra moisutrization then forrest essential virgin sesame oil as well.

Whenever I get time I use deep cleansing method as this is something which has helped to a great extrent in reducing my skin pores.

For my hands I use Fab India hand lemon intensive hand cream.Once in 10 days I use  Forrest essential manicure also which I am completely in love with .

For feets I scrub them with body scrub and then apply any cream which I come across and  I love to pamper them with a pedicure every month or so.

This completes my present skin and hair care routine which is pretty much working for me and is not breaking me out frequently.

Will you share your current skin and hair care routine with me and let me know what is working for your skin nowadays and what not ??

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  1. I also try n spend more on skin care products in comparison to makeup stuffs.
    For a healthy skin WE should strictly follow a skin care routine irrespective of how much lazy we r…
    Nice tips Anu….
    My recent post It is raining in winters

  2. Good morning Prerana….though i splurge in both of them but skin care is always a priority 🙂

    how i s weekend going??

  3. Good Morning….Happy Sinday morning…!!!!

    Mine is pretty much the same as yours…minus the oil massaging thingie…and i use multani based facepacks twice a week once a week my acne treatment face pack from Hollywood style…..scrubbing face alternate day…for body, my natural loofah pretty much does the job of a good scrub on a daily basis…!!!I use Krak radiant foot moisturiser. For hands its the same Jergens body lotion that i use for the body after bath. and while at home i keep slathering up my arms with Baba Ramdev's aloe gel..and twice a week i give my face a gel pack treatment(its less time consuming hence)

    Face wash night(i work night shifts)- use Hollywood style acne wash, then Tea Tree Toner, then my sebamed moisturiser(derm reco) or derma dew caloe lotion(derm reco again).

    Face wash (before bed)- Neutrogena Acne wash, then Neem-Tulsi Toner, then use my Burt's Bees tea tree blemish stick..after 5 mins its Fab -Ind Vit-E cream..use some vaseline on foot and SLEEEEP….

    Once a week i use my derm recomended Tronin cream(tretinoin) before sleep…it acts as an anti ageing and keeps acne in check….and ya when i have acne i use clindamycin before bed time

  4. awww Anju..I thought u r out of town and celebrating some where….hope u r not well now..and to make good for the worst new year u have whole year ahead with you:)

  5. I loved readin yoru skin care regime Mitra..aree these products available in hyderabad and if yes then where pease??

    i want clindamycin and Burt's bees tea tree blemish stick…..

  6. Clindamycin-PHosphate gel is an OTC medicine and this is the first thing that derms recomend when ANYBODY goes to to ANY derma for acne…everything else has been reviewed here on Wiseshe dear…but ofcourse by you…the multani mitti packs are from Banjara's and Holly is from Kathiawar. Jergens also from Kathiawar. Burt's is something we need to get from US/Canada…have asked my friens to get me 4-5 sticks this time around…will pass on one whenever i get it….

    and i missed my lip care…i use bio fruit while going to office and top it with whatever gloss/lipstisk i'm wearing. For night times i use Neutrogena lip balm. Sunscreen i use Fab India ones.

  7. Anu and one thing i have NEVER done in my life is sleep without cleaning up my face…no matter how dead tired i am…..even if i cant walk i drag myslf and clean up…PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE na

  8. can u tell me why my comments are not showing up? i replied this comment of yours 2times but again when i'm returning to this page from other pages, my comments are not present!!!!

  9. aaall of them are in hyd…most f them from Kathiawar and others from Medical shops…and quite a few from Wise she recos 🙂

    My comments are diappearing !!

  10. Very nice post. I think all of us have our own routines which is very important for the skin. While I do the CTM thing as well, my bath routine is based on my mood for the day 🙂 if im feeling fun and fresh I will use the satsuma shower gel and body butter, if im feeling slightly sober, will use the coca body shower cream and body butter.

    What perfume I use for the day also depends on my mood in the morning 🙂 – DKNY BE delicious green apple for a fun day and davidoff cool water for a regular day 🙂

    Loved reading ur skin and hair care regime.
    It's cold out here in Delhi so i don't feel like applying any face pack.

  12. Well my Holy Grails are

    1. For Shower Gels – The body shop – mostly Satsuma and Passion fruit Shower gels
    2. Body Butters – The Body shop body butters
    3.Night Cream – Nivea (Also Evion cream – the cream version of the vitamin e capsules)
    4. Regular moisturiser – Nivea
    5. Lip Balm – Nivea
    6. Under Eye Cream – Clinique all about eyes
    7. perfumes – DKNY Be Delicious Green Apple and Davidoff Cool Water

    For the rest of the stuff, I'm still experimenting 🙂

  13. sounds like a nice list to me:)

    and ohh even i am fond of perfumes but i have never shared my collection here..will do that sometime:)

    How was new year Rupa?

  14. we get ALL of these in hyd, except the entire range of St.Ives and Burt's bees…

    you can get clindamycin phosphate gel from any chemist

  15. Hey Mitra – evion is in all medical shops – including Apollo medical stores. Just say – Evion cream – the biger tube costs about 100 bucks. I used to mix the vitamin e capsules with cream and put on the face – this is like already mixed. It smells a bit like the capsules- so that may be putting off – but its super rick and very moisturizing. Be careful though if you have oily skin.

  16. Anamika new year was a wash out for me 🙁 . I am still down with cold and fever and this time sinusitis also. Your blog keeps me sane and cheerful

  17. aww..u know this year so many girls were not well on new year….

    yaa one more least u r home and mom is there to take care of you 🙂

  18. rupa vitamine capsules it self is so mositurizing for me …wit this u add cream also gawd u dry skin people just drink creams 😀


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