My Skin And Hair Care Regime While Swimming


As I am at my parents place there is a closed swimming pool nearby and I have been going for swimming since the day I have come here.


Few years back we use to swim in the evening and if possible in wee hours of morning so that we could be away from sun as much as possible. I remember using sunscreen but I never used any thing on my hair. One girl who had flawless skin use to come every day but when we all started looking like coal plated with dry hair she was still looking more or less the same. One day in the changing room I asked her what she does to her skin and she told me without showing any tantrums. This was really great on her part and her tips helped me a lot. It is not that I don’t get tanned but yes my skin and my hair still remain better as compared to what it used to be when we use to swim regularly.

Here goes some tips which she shared with me and I am sharing it with you.

Staying for long time in water rips off the thin layer of oil which our skin has. Therefore applying moisturizer replenishing skin care lotion after long hours in the pool is very important.
After swimming I feel quiet hungry but before eating something I buy a litre of bottle and finish it off before attacking the food. One needs to be hydrated throughout the day especially when you are swimming.
Choosing the right sunscreen too make a lot of difference when inside as well as outside the water. Sunscreen not only prevents or sooth the dry skin but also protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation present in the sunlight.
If you are fair skinned then you need higher SPF so pay close attention to the labels .Do not leave any area of your body when you apply sunscreen. Do not forget earlobes and your feet’s too. Try look for sunscreen and moisturiser which are water proof. They are especially made for swimmers. Some of the good quality sunscreen and moisturizer are made from natural extract that protects the skin and moisturize it at the same time.
 One of my friend who to develop skin rashes and it use to become itchy too. Though by putting moisturizer again the itchiness lessens up but if the problem still not solves out then one should immediately consult a doctor.

Take a shower (which includes your hair too) before entering into the pool. Most of us do not forget this but if you do then please DO NOT.

For hair which turns sometimes greenish too because of lot of swimming there is a great tip. Just apply lot of conditioner on your hair before entering into the pool. Wear a plastic cap and then wear your swim cap. You are done. Your hair won’t be dry and greenish by this.

Do take hot oil treatment regularly and apply curd and lemon mixture on your whole body .Let the mixture dry up and then rinse a bit. This will help in removing tan.

We all enjoy swimming but hate the tan so follow above tips enjoy swimming 🙂

I use blossom kocher sun screen .Do you have any recommendation?

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    whats up and thank u so much for your sweet comments..

    SPF 50 for your type of skin is great…


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