My “Spoil Me Silly” jewellery Haul


Hey everyone,

The other day I went to the mall to do household shopping. I always happen to get distracted by something or the other when doing household shopping and end up buying things that I dont need but want ..and completely forget about what I went to the mall for.

I came across this cute little stall at Inorbit Mall ,Malad,Mumbai.I was drawn by the display and saw they had good stuff at reasonable prices.Have a look

I bought three sets of bangles and two pairs of earrings.


Spoil Me Silly jewellery Haul_multicolor bangle


These bangles can be worn with anything and everything ! All sets priced at Rs 300.


Spoil Me Silly jewellery Haul_Black gold bangle

Spoil Me Silly jewellery Haul_Gold bangle


These earrings caught my eye as they had an Indo Western look. Priced at rs 800. They are extremely lightweight.


Spoil Me Silly jewellery Haul_Circular jhumka


Now we come to my favourite and the most unique pair of earrings that I got.Priced at rs 250 (i think or maybe 350) sorry i completely forgot the price!


Spoil Me Silly jewellery Haul_Parrot earring


I have the visiting card of the lady who runs the stall. Mumbai-ites can check it out!


Spoil Me Silly jewellery Haul_Visiting card


Happy Weekend everyone !


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