My Summer Skincare & Makeup Routine – Madhubhani



My Summer Skincare & Makeup Routine – Madhubhani

So…The summers are already here (Whyyyyy…??) I am not really a summer girl and prefer chilly winter over sweaty summer any day. The few things that attract me about summers are cute dresses, shorts and flip flops, that’s it.

The place where I have to stay for studies crosses 45 degrees in the summers and I feel like sitting inside the bathroom under the shower till the summer ends. When in hostel I don’t really follow any regular routine, but when at home, I do follow them pretty religiously.

So in today’s article I’ll be going to share my everyday makeup and skincare routine for the summers…


summer skincare and makeup


Skin care

  • Cleansing: I start my day with cleansing the face in the morning with besan and milk powder mixed in 2:1 ratio. Besan is high in protein, mildly exfoliates the skin and also helps in deep cleansing the skin. While milk powder is rich in lactic acid and helps in hydrating the skin. Make a paste of the two and apply on face gently massaging in circular motion and rinse. This is my favorite cleansing product all 265 days of the year.
  • Toning: Then a toner to close pores. I prefer homemade chilled rose water.


natural rose water


  • Moisturizing: I have normal skin in summers, so in summer mornings I don’t use any other moisturizer other than my sunscreen. Sunscreen is a must for me throughout the year. I love Lotus Herbals’ sunscreen in SPF 50.
  • The days when I don’t have to go out, I love using a mix of grape seed oil mixed with lavender and rosemary oil on moist skin. It is pretty light and gets absorbed into my skin super quickly.
  • After I return home, I make sure to remove every traces of my makeup. I use Johnson’s baby oil and Johnson’s baby no tears shampoo in equal quantity to remove my makeup.
  • Then I clean and tone my face like just like in the morning, using my favorite cleanser and toner.
  • I apply an under eye cream/gel and lightly massage. Clinique eye cream and Aroma magic under eye gel are my favorites.

Clinique All About Eyes Under Eye Cream Review Package+under eye circles


  • As skin moisturizer, I again prefer my after bath oil, i.e. the grape seed oil mixed with drops of lavender and rosemary oil.
  • For lips, my all time favorite Boroline.
  • For hands and feet, I apply generous amount of baby lotion from Chicco and go to sleep.


Now my makeup, like always depends on my mood more than the season. But in summers, I generally don’t wear much makeup other that kohl, without which I feel “naked” and look sick.

If I have to do makeup,

  • For lips, it again depends totally on my mood and also the eye makeup. I go for peachy pinks or nudes mainly, but sometimes I also enjoy wearing the fun summery shades.
  • I start by applying a bb cream or my foundation mixed with moisturizer.
  • I generally do soft smoky eyes for night outs and for mornings I just apply a thin stroke of kohl on lower lash line or a subtle cat liner.


summer eyemakeup


  • I finish off by a swirl of the most natural looking blushes I have.

That’s it, my summer routines.

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What is your skin care & makeup routine for this summer?

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  1. Do u have a troubleshooting face pack for skin problems like acne and post acne marks. U hve such flawless skin.


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