My Sunday Beauty regime

Hi beauties!!!!
How is Sunday treating you and of course today is friendship day too, I hope you have called all your lovely friends who are near and far to you.A simple call does make a lot of difference.
Today I pampered my self with lot many things .Of course it has to be started with food.I made some cutlets whose recipe I am going to share with you later.
While I was cooking food I planned out what I am going to do with my skin and hair today.Gave my hair hot oil treatment with olive oil and sesame oil.With this I also did deep cleansing of my face and then did the toner face pack and finally applied multani mitti(fuller’s earth face pack) .While this face pack is getting dry I thought of sharing my beauty regime with you people and now when I have become totally eccentric I clicked my face pack pic too with the pack.:D

                                             I think I can be next Egyptian Mummyyyy.:D

After this post I am going to use dry brush and take bath followed by my make up.Will go out and enjoy:)
How is your Sunday going and did you pamper your self today?
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  1. Dear Anamika,Wishing you a very happy friendship day. I am blessed to have a friend like you, who drops in most mornings to leave lovely comments and who make most of my days. Thanks for being there.Lots of loveShiva

  2. Hi Rentu,aaahhhhhh u making fun of me…wont pic the real pic of mine husband did that toooo:Dhe said yur real face is on wiseshe now:((

  3. I too try to use a face pack every sunday. Last few weekends, I have become a little lazy and have been skipping it. But I will try to make up for it by using it tonight 🙂

  4. yup Tanz…I too become lazy but thanks to wiseshe my beauty regime remains on it toes:D..I cant thing of pampering this much during weekdays..some by end of the day I do not have any energy left in me:P

  5. hey dear, you look pretty to me any which ways, you are blessed with beautiful wide eyes, and i actually just end up seeing the eyes….


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