My sweet friend Rupa with her cats


I love pets and when  Rupa sent her cats pics I was liiikkke awwwwww!!! I want themmm…!!!

Check out Rupa and her cutest cats !!!!

cute cats

Lucky you Rupa!!!!


  1. yeah, they are babies (though you wouldn't guess that if you saw the huge amounts they eat, they are ALWAYS hungry) the one on top is their mom.

  2. You know what …i had a pet…Pluto ..he was a pom…he died this year…he lived for a good 16 years!! May god bless his soul….i still miss him :-'(

    Love you Pluto

  3. Ohh…i can totally understand Anu…..pets are familly memebers..i was so used to sayng "bye Pluto" when i leave home…even now i do….i have a tear as i am writing this…Oh my god…


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