My Tattoo Experience in India+ Tattoo Q&A Answered Video


My Tattoo Experience in India+ Tattoo Q&A Answered Video

As you may have guessed from the post title, I got a tattoo!! Yippiiieee!!! I got inked early last month in September and now that its all healed and over a month has gone by I thought to do a post+ video on my experience. I had alotta queries about tattoos before I got it done and have been asked similar questions by pals so this seemed to be the perfect platform to answer all the queries.
I will explain the steps to you in details and you can check the pics for an idea.
I got a tattoo along with a pal and we contacted the artist who comes home and does it. All he requests is for the design to be shared with him so he can prepare the stencil and get it. So i simply sent him the design and on the appointed day he came home with the stencils and the equipment required.
getting tattoo done
1. As you can see, the stencil was used to transfer the design on the area I wanted the tattoo. If you feel the design is crooked or anythin it can be wiped of and re-placed.
tattoo experience
2. Mangesh (the tattoo artist) then proceeded to show us the sealed needle which would be used. The needle was opened right in front of us and the machinery was all spic n span so that took care of our hygiene concerns. He then popped in the needle, arranged the color and proceeded to draw the outline of the tattoo.
With respect to the pain, it hardly hurt. It felt like waxing and after the 1st minute, the area kinda went numb. So there wasn’t much paij involved. However, my tattoo was situated mostly on muscle which is why I guess it didnt hurt. Had it been done over a bone area then I guess it would hav hurt.
experience of tattooing
3. Once the outline was done we had a small break.
how to get a tattoo done
4. He then proceeded to fill in the outline. This did take a long time. Again..not painful..but very time consuming. You may choose to take a few power breaks to just stretch and walk around.
bird tatoo design
5. I loved how the phoenix looked filled in..loomed kinda larger than life. But we needed some color to animate it. I wanted purple but Mangesh suggested red since it stays vibrant for way longer. So we proceeded to get the color filled in.
My Tattoo Experience
6. Again this is a time consuming process. I kinda wanted to sleep off here but ended up whatsapping and surfing to keep myself occupied.
arm tattoo
7. And with that the tattoo was done and as you can see I was one happy camper. After 3.5hrs of sitting in one place, and a numb rear end it felt soooo good to stand up and see my pretty tattoo!

Post-Tattoo Care.

Mangesh advised the use of the SS Sulfa  ointment every 3hrs for 2 weeks.
skin cream
He also advised the use of his Moiste Cream which is an Aloe based cream with Wheatgerm oil & Vit E to keep the area moisturised
moisturizer skin
After a week the tattoo started peeling. It wasnt a pretty sight but it didn’t hurt. I applied the cream whenever the area seemed too dry and itchy.
And yes, I did not scratch the area at all so I did not have any issue with infection or scabs. In about 2.5weeks my tattoo was all healed.

What will others think/say?

I know many people for what others opinions do matter. In my case, I had wanted this tattoo since ages and I was confident about it so I don’t really mind what others have to say. People who are closest to me understand the sentiment behind this tattoo and respect that..and even if they dont they choose to respect my decision so its all cool πŸ˜‰
Most of you may have some more questions about tattooing so pls do watch the video where I have explained in detail. If you have any additional queries do let me know.

Stay Wise..Stay Beautiful!

Have you got yourself a tattoo?

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  1. My hubby has both of our names merged into one and done on his hand before we gt hitched. I had planned to get the same one too on my shoulder pretty soon. <3 Btw that is a beautiful design. u r one brave lady, Zara! πŸ™‚

  2. Such a detailed post.. Luv it Zara.. πŸ™‚ i wanted to have a tattoo in my late twenties but could nt.. Now its gone too low in d priorities πŸ˜‰

  3. I loved the design, its fab, I wont be able to do it :p The thought of pain scares me, n i have a habit of getting bored with stuff, so not getting inked till yet, one thing i must say zara u n anamika look really cute and adorable in ur videos, much more than ur pics πŸ™‚

    • thanx so much taps… so sweet of u t say so…

      waise i am d same..i get bored superfast..which is y i mentioned in my vid also that it was a very well thot of thing..not spur of the moment..if it had bin a spur of the moment thing m sure even i wud hav regretted it after a few days…

  4. Hey Zara
    You are indeed very brave to get this done… and i absolutely adored your tattoo… I hv been thinking of it for ages. But the pain and the boredom keep me off! I keep enjoying the love with temporary designs πŸ™‚
    Loved your’s though…

    • haha! dats d best thing abt temporary tatts…can hav a diff design everytime πŸ˜‰ no scope of boredom na?

      thanx for liking it!

  5. you are one brave woman, Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and the video it has given me enough courage to get one done πŸ™‚


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