My Top Must-See Sights In Paris


Any travel guide or travel website can give you a list of all the tourist attractions in Paris. But having been there several times, I want to share with you all my favourite places in Paris, the ones I visit again and again.

 My top must-see sights in Paris are:

1.The Eiffel Tower – This iconic monument features on the top of my list for two reasons – the spectacular view from the top and the romantic glass of champagne my husband and I shared once we reached the top!


The must-see sights of Paris+eiffel1

The must-see sights of Paris+view1


The must-see sights of Paris+view2


The must-see sights of Paris+champagneeiffel


2. The Arc de Triomphe – I love it because it reminds me of our good old India Gate! It is also a monument to soldiers who fought for their country and seeing it always makes me a little emotional.




3. The Notre Dame – I have never gone into this church, but it is absolutely stunning from the outside. Every time I go to Paris, I make sure that I walk by the river Seine and feast my eyes on it.







4. The Mona Lisa – Frankly, I’m not a museum person. Even when standing in one of the most famous museums in the world (the Louvre), all I did was think of how crowded it is and how much I had to walk in there! But seeing the Mona Lisa was worth the crowds and the walking and climbing.




Apart from these sights, I always make sure I visit the village of Montmartre. It is on a hill in the north of Paris and has a quaint, old time feel to it! While all of Montmartre is gorgeous, here are my two favourite places to visit there.

1. The wall of love – This wall is covered in the words ‘I love you’ in almost every language in the world, including Braille and sign language. Much to my delight, many Indian languages are included – Bangla, Tamil, Hindi and many more I’m sure I didn’t recognise!


The must-see sights of Paris+walloflove


The must-see sights of Paris+walloflovecloseup


2. The Basilica de Sacr̩ Coeur РThis is another spectacular church, right on top of the hill of Montmartre.

The must-see sights of Paris+basilica


The must-see sights of Paris+basilica1


And there you have it – the best of Paris from my eyes! Have you ever been there? What are the places you love visiting there or dream of visiting someday? Let me know in the comments!


Have you been to Paris ? What are the must – see sights there for you ?


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  1. Unfortunately I’ve never been here..but I remember my dad going there for work once n he came bak wid loadsa choccie a and was my first perfume ever 🙂

  2. Good one Ki….. :yes: . I hv visited most of these gems of Paris bt cudn’t see Monalisa as we had less time & were more interested in Egypt section of Louvre. I hvnt seen The Wall of Love :-(( & Basilica. I loved Seine river cruise at night the most :drunk: & recommend it highly to nyone visiting Paris!! :inlove:

  3. Hey You forgot palace of versailles ,Its soooooo huge and the gardens are soo amazing .i feel its must see for evryone who visits Paris !1 🙂

  4. Nice article. I been Paris three times and the sites which you stated above that I also like.
    However, just want to add another one sites which is Pont Des Arts.
    This bridge really recommended to visit when you in Paris


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