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Hello everyone!

On my recent vacation, I visited the Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. I lived in Gurgaon for 3 months in 2010 and have loved the place ever since. Especially, Ambience. It was one of those places that I liked immediately. Bangaloreans know of the malls here but believe me, there’s no other that I have seen that has the length or the breadth of size & services/products in Bangalore as the Ambience.

I was in hurry to meet some of my office colleagues for a ‘sizzling’ lunch @ Kobe when my smartly put together all black outfit’s sandals gave away. I had to stop at Catwalk for another pair of pumps. I saw this store ‘Trendy Baubles’ in a blur as I hurried towards Catwalk. But once noted on a girl’s mind, is a seal isn’t it? After a sumptuous lunch, I strolled back to this place for a relaxed look over and had a tinnie-minnie haul 🙂  As usual!!!

This place is situated in a open rotunda if you take the escalator after Debenhams/MAC store. I think most people miss it mostly for the location but it is one those that has a lot of potential. I totally liked the pieces they offer. Right from ear rings, toe rings to neck pieces, mobile charms, bag charms, brooches etc. They are mostly contemporary in design but some of the pieces conform to some traditional ideas. I totally loved their hair accessories collection, the earrings were all different. The SAs were totally good and didn’t bother with pesky suggestions. They gave me ample space to shop/look at my own pace but they sprang when I’d chosen the piece. A very attendant one immediately placed it in a basket. I chose 2 earrings for myself in brown & gold+pearl and one set for my sis which had a banana & watermelon shape to them. Watermelon is currently being juiced L

I also picked a couple of hair accessories, I have worn them now and they are absolutely amazing. They are not too loud (except the pink bow one). Handle them with care though.

All my purchases were packed in individual envelopes (I had 7 pieces in all, 7 envelopes) and put into a linen cover. It is great for gifting too, you really don’t have to worry about repacking it. Here are the pieces I picked:-

1. Golden round Pearl drop
2. Banana & watermelon shaped (watermelon not in picture)
3. Pear drop – honey colored hair pin
4. Pear drop – white colored hair twins
5. Brown marble – swirl ear ring
6. Pink bow shaped hair elastic
7. White butterfly hair twins



butterfly earrings+indian earrings+pearls earrings


Pearl drop – honey colored hair pin3

butterfly earrings5+butterfly clips

pearl earrings 1+earrings hauls

pearl drop hair pin+Pearl hair pin


Pear drop – white colored hair twins4


Pink bow shaped hair elastic



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  1. you totally have a face that can carry off cute stuff. :-)) .good purchase. these dainty looking earrings are so perfect for work and the wooden ones on casual..


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