My trip to 1MG Mall & Inglot Haul


What happens when a self-confessed shopaholic discovers some gems in her city? Especially ones that she had been lusting after in other cities?? A HAUL happens…that’s what!! With Infy’s mini hike…a mini-haul happened last weekend and here’s a dekko ..

This is very interesting for Bangaloreans …Have you been to the 1 MG Mall, Trinity Circle? For the road-sense challenged, go straight on MG road, towards Kids Kemp (remember?) and this is opposite Taj Vivanta, The Park hotels. You actually can’t miss it!! Even as you turn you can see Vero Moda, Promod, Haagen-Daz etc. That should tell you what to expect; but to us beauty bloggers, what is inside is more important! For starters, there’s Clinique, Aldo, EL, MAC, TBS and then you have this totally huge M&S, Kirmak, Promod, Vero Moda etc.

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1MG Mall_Locationmap

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Going by my memory (which is not much, seriously) here’s how it is laid out. It could be a little jumbled, but essentially all the stores I have mentioned J

  1. Ground Floor:
    1. Outside : FabIndia, Promod, Vero Moda, ALDO, Haagen Daz, iStore (yet to be opened), Jack & Jones, Parcos
    2. Inside : MAC, EL, TBS, Clinique, Hidesign, Holliinglot store+ bangalore+ 1mg mall
    3. First/Mezzanine Floor:
      1. Qup & Inglot (enter from Promod),
      2. Ayesha, Hallmark, Da Milano, Global Desi, Nike
    4. 2nd Floor: M&S, Karmik, AND, Catwalk, Puma, Clarks
    5. 3rd Floor: Cha Bar, The Golden Bean, Bombay Store, Oxford Bookstore
    6. 4th Floor: Food Hall – the BEST food-shopping arena I have seen. Beats Gourmet Westside too.

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aldo+ bangalore+ 1mg mall

I was so EXCITED to see Inglot & Aldo. I jumped and everyone in my car (5 pairs of eyes who simple don’t understand why) gave me a “are you out of your mind”) look. And I just dashed out..

Here are my purchases, hope you like it..

  1. Central – not from 1MG Mall, but including it for show-off purposes Rs 1095bangalore haul
  1. Aldo – nothing, but will do soon
  2. Qup – this awesome bag that’s gonna look super hot on most of my golden/brown hued dresses J – Rs 1600 on sale

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Qup bag

  1. Catwalk – this totally adorable pink footwear with a purple bow!!! Rs 1095catwalk shoes
  2. Inglot – have fun!!!
    1. Sleeks Cream Lip paint – 91 Rs 550
    2. Nail polish – 167 – a light pink one Rs 490
    3. Nail polish – 987 – a mint green one…that I can’t wait to try Rs 490
    4. A mini sachet of under makeup base – free

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MAC – not included in the picture, they were a gift to my aunt

  1. MAC Mineralize pressed powder NC 40 Rs 2100
  2. MAC Moisturiser for dry skin Rs 2000

M&S – some essentials *grins*

If you are like me (read: lazy & not into fitness, won’t go to the gym but has to lose wight) but have those damn overweight kilos, don’t hesitate to follow this!! I love this workout although it kills me by the end of it!!

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  1. :clap: wow wow what a explanation……
    Thank you Vaishu :-* :hug-makeup:
    I hope these workouts helps me to reduce my hip size which i hate i hate :reallyangry: :reallyangry:

  2. Wow Vaishnavi, that’s a wonderful purchase! You spent a huge amount for it!!!! I loved both the footwears and would love to steal from you those! Give me your address 😛

  3. in love with your haul vaishnavi… nd the catwalks are so cute… pink bow :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
    i loved ur inglot purchases… 🙂 nd yes i am ditto like you.. not exercise.. not gym.. but would like to do these steps.. hope i reduce my belly fat…

    • thanks Supri..I had a cousin called Supriya and we always called her tat!!! purple bow and pink sandals – they are like the best combi ever!!!!

      i have to lose from EVERYWHERE!!! thats why i started all this!!!

  4. paapi .. nanna bittu hogi majaa madi bandidhiya !!!! :weep: (trans: you left me, enjoyed and came back !! you paapi / dusht) 😀

    I like ur haul Vaish !! Me total footwear freak !! And i love the catwalk wala !! pretty perky sandals !!! :-))
    me eyeing freedom system stuff for my b’day IF i dont already spend everything in Ricky’s store !!! 😀

    Waise When the hell did they give you hike ?? me raising serv.central now only .. WTF !!! 😯

  5. Vaish…Inglot se only Np and lip paint?? what about thier much famous freedom palettes ?? Now go back and get a few and review them 😀

    Both of those footwear are adorable.. :yes:

    • 🙂 thanks Mits!!! I have my eyes on a couple of blushes & lippies from Inglot…going back for it next month!!! This month…I have hauled a lot of clothes…my wallet cant take anymore!!!

  6. OMG!!! can i tell u i love u vaishnavi 😀 :hug-makeup: ..hahah..yay! i never found inglot in blore!! im sooooo happyyyyyy ..huhuhhahahah :tap-dance: :tap-dance:


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