My USA Diwali Haul :)


Post By Sahana, 

Hi gals! The last 3 months that I was in USA I drooled over the cosmetics only in Pharmacy stores (CVS) or other household items stores (Walmart, Winn Dixie etc) as I had no time to actually check out malls and had been preoccupied with settling in and knowing the places.

Today finally decided to check out one of the well known malls here and ended up in Oaks mall where I got a lot of goodies 🙂 I got them all as my hubby’s Diwali gift to me 🙂

Here are the pictures of my haul and I will start reviewing them soon!

US A haul

The eye brow kit is a amazingly pigmented one with 2 brushes (one for brushing the eyebrows into position and the other to effectively apply the colour ). I was confused between 2 kits as they had different colours and dear hubby said to buy them both. He he. The cost of each of them was $4.

The main reason for getting the brow kit was now I have started shaping my brow myself with a eyebrow shaper/trimmer which I got for $7 (saves me spending $12 everytime I need to get my threading done plus no need to wait for a parlour appointment, take time out to travel to the parlour etc).

  EYE BROW KIT   Next comes the Sephora lip gloss set which has 6 delicious shades! Each one more amazing than the other all for $5.   Sephora lip gloss     I also got 3 retractable eye liners (greyish black, jet black and brown) for a total of $10 as I can use them for my daily wear(most of my favourite eyeliners are blue, purple, green, teal, etc which I can’t wear to my work/study place ).   3 retractable eye liners     I got 15 hair accessories (crocodile clips) for $2 and Loreal color riche tinted lip balm for $5.67.   15 hair accessories (crocodile clips)     There were much more temptations but I went for the ones which I was sure would suit me. The SA told me “It is great to have someone so full of smiles in our store” and grabbed a fistful of sample products and put it into my products bag :)I saw later on that they were 2 packets of age defying serum, 2 packets of sunscreen, one foundation primer and one awesome rose perfume sample. I also got a free member ship card and 19 points on it for my purchase and I saw other women getting make up kits and stuff as gift for their minor points!! I am going to be a regular at this shop I guess. 😛   pink lip gloss   Do check out the haul and I will start with the reviews soon!   You might like reading these also:-



  1. wow awesome haul.. :rock-n-roll:
    please review the eyebrow trimmer.. been wanting to buy one for ages..i am tired of threading… 😕

  2. The name of the perfume is Michael Kors GOLD rose edition gals! I don’t know if it is a well known one or being newly introduced. Yes will surely show the eyebrow trimmer and its working as well as the lipgloss review will put on first ok 🙂 i was waiting for day time so that can click clear pics 🙂 and since its daytime here now will start with that work …

  3. Show-stopping. Like a chunky cocktail ring, Michael Kors Gold The New Rose Edition eau de parfum makes a statement. Luminous pink pepper with a deeply voluptuous bouquet of tuberose and a whisper of a creamy sandalwood. Radiant Glamour. Undeniably feminine. Experience the newest fragrance from Michael Kors with the Gold Rose Edition Perfume collection.

  4. Hey that was a very useful article for me. Ever since I came to the US, I see cosmetics on sale or lesser prices but have always been unsure about them. will get soon. I’d love to see reviews of all them too.

    And you bet about the samples we get here. I recently got a small pouch full of samples from Target. 🙂

    • Thats super cool Jazz! Its safer to get the cheaper and on sale cosmetics from major and well known stores. That way there is no chance of getting stuck with inferior quality goods 🙂

      Ya the samples are simply superb na 🙂 This perfume is heavenly and lingers for hours (almost the whole day) with a half drop application 🙂

  5. just mailed Ana the lip palette review on both the e mail ids. I am really sorry for the delay. Had got caught up with the weekend activities and duties so couldn’t mail it earlier!
    Hope everyone had a great weekend. WISHING EVERYONE ON WISE SHE A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS DIWALI!!!!!!! 🙂

      • super cool Ana! Here is all an individual diwali 🙂 hubby and me not too much of festival celebraters so we are ok with it. all our frnds are sleeping off their weekend and having fun with eat outs!
        Hubby and me have more fun cooking up recipes and experimenting in our kitchen! hey i tagged u in a photo of ours which has got rajma masala recipe ok as I had read sometime back that u were looking for it!
        My frnds are crazy abt my rajma masala (completely home made masala recipe) so decided to share it with u 🙂


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