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I was looking for a good fairness cream on eBay is then when I spotted this cream. I bought it for rs 377 though the actual price is 699.Actually, there are two strengths available the normal nafia cream and the 3x formula. I had purchased the 3x formula. When I purchased the product I only went by the seller’s description and was clueless that this product was actually famous. Once I received the product I Googled reviews about the product but didn’t find anything positive. Instead, I found their website which made me roll with laughter..yes! there are super funny user instructions on the if you use two fingers to spread the product on the face instead of 1 ..then the product may not work. After seeing their low profile website I decided not to use the product. Then I heard about this cream from one of my Hyderabad friends who had bought this product about a week ago and was using it and waiting to see results. Since the cream didn’t harm her skin I decided to give it a try.


What  Product claims and instructions

  • It claims to whiten skin from dark to fair in just 7 days. On the eBay listing it was mentioned that with normal nafia cream one could lighten up to 8 shades and with the 3x formula one could lighten up to 24shades!
  • Well ..the product weighs about 30gms and a pack will last you a month if applied daily for a month
  • The product claims to be free of mercuric oxides and also it is approved by BFAD Philippines
  • When in active phase you are not supposed to use any other creams or bleach your face.
  • During maintenance phase sunscreen is must


Key whitening ingredients were mulberry extract, kesar and liquorice

Nafia fairness cream reviews Key whitening ingredients were mulberry extract,kesar and liquorice

How  Nafia Fairness cream supposed to be used

Wash your face and pat dry. Take a small amount of cream and dot all over your face. Spread it evenly and apply like a face mask. Don’t massage. leave it on for 6-10Hrs and wash your face with your regular face wash/soap. It is best used at nights.

As per the company, there are two phases in using this is the active phase wherein you will have to regularly apply this cream at night for 15-30 days and then comes the maintenance phase where you could just use the product for about 1 or 2 times a week.

 The cream is thick in consistency and has a mild fragrance

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My experience with Nafia Magic Fairness Cream

Let me come to the point straight

I used this product religiously for a month and found it had removed my tan and made me 1-2 shades lighter. Though I was not much noticeably fairer my skin seemed to be smooth and clean. My face looked brighter than before(may be due to the removal of tan). Though nobody commented on how light I have turned!

It did no wonders on by black spots or under eye or even did not lighten my relatively darker forehead. I used it every night without fail and washed it the following morning. I usually sleep with it on my face.

I have a dry skin but the cream made my skin oily the following morning ..especially on the t-zone.

The cream comes in a jar and each jar lasts only a month.but at the price 377 on eBay ..I think it will be no issues.

What I liked about Nafia Magic Fairness Cream

  • Lightens skin about 1-2 shades(at least it did for me)
  • Removes tanning
  • Pocket friendly
  • Free from mercury and hydroquinone
  • Contains mulberry extracts and liquorice which are potential whitening agents
  • Makes your skin brighter and smoother
  • Did not break me out

What I did not like about Nafia Magic Fairness Cream

  • Tub packaging
  • Very funny and scary website which drives the potential buyers away
  • Comes in a tub..a little unhygienic
  • Availability..I have not seen this product in any beauty outlets.but you can always buy it from eBay!
  • Have to be used every day in the active/intensive phase
  • The whitening effect is reversible if you don’t apply it at least once a week in maintenance phase
  • Does not reduce/dull the black spots and does no wonders for dark circles
  • Oily skinned beauties may find their face very oily the following morning after usage of the cream

Overall verdict: I think this is a pretty decent cream..considering it at least makes you a few shades lighter compared to expensive ineffective whitening creams. I would definitely repurchase the cream

Ratings – 3.5/5

Learn how to make fairness gel at home here

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  1. sad that the effects are not lasting if we stop using this… 🙁

    ive seen this on ebay too and was wondering wot this was all about..hehe..the website comment made me laugh so much!

  2. Hi,
    I need your help. As my wedding is coming I decided to go for ashmeen munjal for makeup, I recently saw 2 engagement and 1 bridal makeup there done by senior artists.Personally I found the make ups very artificial and cakey, when i asked the senior artist why is it so cakey she said that after some time it will sink into the skin and will not look cakey. I was wondering if it can happen, i mean i have seen few brides at ambica pillai and few other parlours but I did not find their makeup cakey. Please advice me as I have zero knowledge about makeup products.

    • Hey Palak, My sister had a similar experience… her engagement the artist applied a bit too much of everything and she said it will sink in your skin blah blah but no such thing happened. She ended up looking like that the whole evening.I don’t know why some of them feel you need to use huge quantities to make it last a night but it is not at all true. Just make sure you use the products which suit your skin or are suitable for your skin concerns like excessive oily skin or too much facial sweating and do have a trial session to see what looks best on you. Don’t take it for granted that the make up artist will know in just one attempt what will look good on you because not all of them are that good.

      • Thanks a lot Emm for your suggestion. I am really very confused I personally did not like the look, as I am not a makeup person I don’t know what look to ask for. Do you have any other makeup artist in mind who can do the job decently.

  3. Hey Palak, these days you can go for a mock makeup session at the salons. So if you can afford it go ahead and ask the MUA to do a trial. And if you like it then you can get it done on your D-Day. Congratulations in advance.

  4. For a second i thot i was looking at a cream named after me! 😛 (It’s just 1 letter short after all :laugh: ) Nice review. But i really do feel many other creams can give u the same results without having to use 1 finger n sleep with a mask all night 😀

    • nafia cream has made my hands n legs n face 5 sahdes lighter. applied religiously over a period of 6 months. all the exposed areas r lighter. even my feet. n i feel gr88 now. sad it idnt work for sum. but maybe it variess

    • Rohit: there are certain things u need to do for using this cream
      you should not expose ur skin to sunlight while using this cream
      this is the main thing you need to do.. try this nafia 3x product cost 700. Thats very good. It gives changes in 7 days. Am using it for 1 yr. i had really good results

  5. pls dont use kashmeer moonshine..its full of hydroquinone and steroids… the side effects come only after one year.very deleterious!

  6. Hi All,
    Here is my experience.
    I bought Nafia fairness cream(3x) in ebay. I started using it immediately. I followed every single instruction. I even used only one finger to apply the cream 🙂
    I have to say that i was amazed by the result,it made my skin bright and soft.I bought another one and used that one too. But then i noticed that after few days it has hit the wall and i wasn’t able to see any improvement. I got the Nafia customer care person in gtalk and told him that the cream worked well for me but now i am not seeing any difference. He said that it might be because my skin is resistant to change and i should buy the cream betnovate from local drug store and use it for 14 days and then continue with nafia.
    I bought betnovate and used it for 14 days. It made my skin smooth and shiny. But after that i was able to see horrible changes in my skin.
    I usually have a smooth skin and never had pimples. Though my complexion is dark, i had a very good skin. But after using Betnovate and starting Nafia again, i saw that my skin started to get damaged. I got pimples and marks all over my face. My skin became very rough. I was horrified and contacted that cust care person again. He said that my skin must have become very sensitive and he will send normal nafia cream for free so that it will make my skin soft and smooth. He sent it and i used it. But nothing happened.
    I told him about this, and he asked me to send a pic of my skin and the doctor will get back to me. I sent the pic and never heard from them.
    Now my skin has become more dark and it is rough and i have pimples and marks all over.
    I have stopped using Nafia but my skin is not getting improved.
    So girls, please please dont use this cream and get you skin damaged.

  7. Hai friend why wasting your time goto heig class product
    Kashmeer Moon shine fairness cream nosaid effects call to them 9743255163 just in rs350 32GM don’t belie they ar jallas to good results product if you need more dorsal 9743255163 just in rs350 32GM I m

  8. Hi I’m sana 19yrs old i use to be fair before but when i started of goin college i lost my fairness. My face became dull now. i want to get fairer like before. so friends can u pls tell me is naifa cream really works? Pls gv me any suggestions who used ds product? bcz ds cream rate was actually reasonable..

  9. Hi.! My name is Jon Paul , To tell frankly that i was very rich dark in complexion, I started using this product for the last one year now my am looking fair and good all my tanning got completely removed. Excellent product and i would recommend to all.

  10. I’m 19
    I have black spot and very oily in skin.. What to do for remove that tell me plz.. What type of serum and cream I want to use it.. Plz tell me plz…..


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