Nail Art Brushes In India/Nail Art Brushes Review


Few weeks back I told you about a new nail art website in India which is having free home delivery and you will not have to wait for months like Born pretty stores  for your package:duh:

Website name is nailsand beauty which right now has two nail art brushes set.This brush set name is Nape 01 and it cost Rs 370.There are many other things available there such as nail art jewellery, Deco kits, nail stickers etc which you might find interesting

These brushes came in cardboard packaging  and there was no damage to any of the nail art brush.

Nail Art Brushes

If you are a nail art lover like me  then you are going to enjoy these a lot .There are five brushes and one dotting tool .

  • Nail Art Brush Set In India Packaging – They come in a plastic wrap and can be stores easily in it albeit I like to store them in a makeup bag.
  • Bristles – Bristles are brwonish brige in colour which contrast with their royal  purple colour  handles.Bristles are sturdy and I have washed them some 5 times still they are in shape.They pick up the right amount of the nail paint and are quite easy to use.
  • Handle – All the tools have long handles which are easy to hold and use


Nail Art Brushes Set

How To Use Nail Art Brushes

When I first got these nail art brushes most of them look alike but slowly while doing the nail art I realize how each can be used.

  •  Flat Brush – This I used to make flowers .There are two types of flat brushes in this and one needs them as per the size of the flower .

Nail Art brush - Angular Brush

 Long thin brush  – Useful for making strokes or if you want long and straight lines.

Nail Art Striper Brush review

  •  Thin and detailed brush – It helps in filling up any border designs like a flower or a leaf.

Marbler dotting tool nail art

  • Dotting tool– This is for small dots and it works beautifully more than my nail art tools 😛

Nail art Marble dotting tool

  • Thin and detailed brush – This brush bristles are little longer than the above one.

Nail Art Angular brush in India

  •  Flat Brush – This one is smaller than the above flat brush .Its so easy to make hearts with this one I will show you in my upcoming posts 🙂

Nail art brushes review

Only thing which I really missed in this  set was a fan brush in this which has so many multiple uses otherwise its a great set with decent pricing .


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Product sent by company for consideration but it has not affected my review and neither I have been paid for it.





    • i am also very clumsy Laksh..i just started a month back…but ive realised that as u practice the more fluid ur strokes become..ul love it..u can unleash all ur creativeness on ur nails! :king:

      • He he he! “u can unleash all ur creativeness on ur nails” thats so cute Zara, feel like going to back to when I was a kid, when I would’ve been happy painting rainbows on my nails 😀

        Ana, I cant wait to see you nail arts, will give me confidence to try it out! :-))

        • well for me its kinda the same..i remember when i was in skool and used t paint my nail sin diff designs with color pencils dipped in water.. :)so now i make all designs dil kholke 🙂

  1. waoww… nice one
    i lub purple
    but a stupid question :p isnt it difficult to dip these brushes into nail paint? 😛 😛

  2. fan brush u asked…basically what u can do is put 3-4 colours together and press your fan brush on it and with the help of fan brush one can create rainbows and many other things..i hope i am able to explain wisely.

  3. I have tried nail designs with normal brush (Zero no.) and that works fine too for delicate designs…Each basically costs around Rs.5-10. For fan brush: one can use a Flat brush, and use 2 colors. It works well. Also what I find useful is instead of using nail polish to make designs, I use normal acrylic tube paints, of which I have one set of 12 colors that I mix and match to make free hand designs on nail. For dotting tool, tooth pick works fine, but if you need big dots then you need one of those larger dotting tools. Though I admit I was doing fine with a tooth pick, I couldnt resist and did buy a set of dotting tools on ebay. :shy:

  4. arre!! how did i miss this post!! ?:-) 😕
    i dont have any such brushes! 😛 i only use my paint brushes!! hehe! i need to get em fast fast 😀 😀


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