Nail Art Design – Black and Silver Nail Art With Pictures


By Prerna, Simple Black and Silver Nail Art Design

Nail art design in black and silver

So its nail art study time  :sweat: you know nail art is something which is rarely unknown to any girl. It is very very popular in fhoren shoren,(3-D nail arts and all) and spreading like anything here in India. If you go to a professional for a nail art, it will cost you 500 bucks or even more depending on the design. So why not learn some simple designs for casual / daily wear..:)

Nail art tools for nail art design

So for this nail art you will need a black nail paint, a silver nail paint, a base/top coat, remover + cotton as usual and a zero/bindi/old eyeliner brush.

Step 1) Remove all traces of nail paint from your nails and apply a base coat. When it dries completely , apply another coat for extra shine.

simple naila art design


Step 2) Then apply silver nail paint on the tip of your nails like shown in the picture.


simple nail art design in silver


Step 3) Now with the help of a zero brush or any old eyeliner brush make diagonal arrows above the silver part.

Step 4) apply the transparent top coat again for more shine & Tada!!!


nail art design in silver and black


Your nail art is ready in simple 4 steps πŸ™‚

Well, instead of the black arrows you can also draw different lines or design but I wanted to do this nail art on both of my hands so opted an easier design so that I can draw it from my left hand too πŸ™‚



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