Nail art design – Simple nail art design for short nails(Nail art tutorial)


Hello my friends:)

I did a simple nail art design with blue , white and green nail paint. I wore this design when I went for my badminton classes 😀

It is a very simple nail art therefore doesn’t need much of explanation still I  clicked some pics before leaving for the classes so that I can share it with you guys.

To start with it I applied a transparent base coat and after it dried down applied white nail paint on my nails.I used Chambor white nail paint for this.

short nail art

Step2 – Applied blue nail paint in the middle as shown in the pics.If you want you can leave some space in the middle when you apply white nail paint .Please ignore my cuticles I am not taking good care of my nails nowadays 🙁

simple nail art design

Step3 – Now applied green nail paint in the corner with a thin brush .

nail art for short nails

Step4 – Sealed all the nail paint by applying a transparent nail paint as a top coat.I use Maybelline colorma transparent top coat.

Nail art in blue and white

and I am done with my sporty looking nail art :D.This is going to wise she nail art gallery


  1. this chef is bored of kitchen now 😛

    adivaah other day i tried the namak parah and then they did come out that tasty….i don know what went wrong..they were not that crispy..:(

  2. Nice artwork ! You should get a matching short tennis skirt in white with blue and green stripes on the side. Will look smashing 😉


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